Stop the presses! I have made an update to my rankings. In my former life, where I was a mere consumer of fantasy football information, I used to wonder (sometimes aloud) “Why would a person need to update rankings when no games have been played?” It seemed like a logical question at the time. But […]

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The receiver position will be deep in 2022, and it only gets better as this year’s draft class looks solid and will offer at least seven immediate starters, but also has quality depth throughout the class. I recommend taking one of the players from the top six to ensure you have an elite and reliable playmaker at the position. After A.J. Brown they all have blemishes, but they also have upside. Pocket your top six stud and you will feel better about chances with the rest. I wouldn’t mind starting a draft with Deebo Samuel (6) and waiting until Michael Pittman Jr. (23) to get your second wideout. The position has studs and depth to offer. Let’s begin our breakdown with the top 40.

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The position that has undergone the most upheaval in fantasy football is running back. I have watched the RB position go from 25 three-down RBs to 15 three-down backs, and now we’re down to what, five? Using your first two fantasy draft picks on RBs is no longer an automatic gambit. Whether we call it a “timeshare,” “committee,” or “split” backfield, more RBs are getting involved. With this development in mind, I employ a scattershot approach to the position. Use the net and leave the pole at home when fishing for runningbacks. I will attempt to accommodate my recommended approach by providing a list of 120 runningbacks by rank. Let us begin with the top 40. If you’re curious about descriptions for the first 17 runningbacks, check out these articles ( Top 10 for 2022Top 25 2022Top 40 2022).

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We have finally reached the end of the slow burn that was the 2021 NFL season, the longest in history, but I am stoked for the playoffs. With the regular season in the books, It’s an opportune time to finish up the top 40. I will be putting out player ranking by position in the weeks to come. Players ranked 26-40 offer a great collection of talent, and a few of these stars will reach the top 25 next season, so this is a good group to get to know.

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Another pandemic plagued week in the NFL forced over 170 players to the COVID-19 list, and it has me thinking about the talent margin between starters, backups, and practice squad players. Houston Texans running back, Rex Burkhead (one of my favorites) ran for a career-high 149 yards and two touchdowns. Pretty good day for a 31-year-old veteran on the worst rushing offense in the league. Which begs the question, what if Rex had gotten an opportunity at a younger age? What if Rex Burkhead had been the starting running back for the Bengals at age 24?

While watching Rex take advantage of his opportunity, I see an advertisement for the Kurt Warner biopic American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story. Warner only got his opportunity after an injury to Trent Green. Trent was not exactly Wally Pipp. Green would eventually follow former Rams Head Coach Dick Vermeil to Kansas City and had a nice run with the Chiefs. What if Trent Green hadn’t gotten injured? Would there be an American Underdog story to tell? I implore you to be flexible when preparing your rankings. Prepare yourself for wild fluctuations in value and adjust accordingly. Situation and opportunity are the two most important factors to consider in fantasy football, and those factors are often in flux.

If you missed it last week, here is the top 10 for 2022 fantasy football dynasty leagues.

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Ranking players for Dynasty Leagues is a dubious endeavor. Dynasty rankings differ vastly from the typical redraft dreck. It’s an inexact science, as the ranker must account for projected longevity and situation. Predicting a player’s future circumstance can be a fool’s errand. You can look to contract length, but NFL contracts are not guaranteed, which doesn’t account for trades. Guessing where a player will go in free agency is just as imprecise. Who knows which team a player signs with two to three years from now? I elected to focus attention on longevity, as I believe it to be a more stable metric to project.

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I’m not sure what the record is for lowest word count in a published article at Razzball, but I get I can beat it. Here goes:

“Buy Javonte Williams. Sell Melvin Gordon.” – Kirksey

      – 30 – 

There really is no other way to spin what we saw on Sunday night for the Broncos. Javonte is the new sports car finally unleashed on the highway while Melvin Gordon is the old family mule, limping around in the back of the barn, waiting out the end of its days. 

Of course you want to buy Javonte Williams, especially like a game on Sunday, but the price tag now may be ultra prohibitive, especially in dynasty formats. I saw a lot of hot takes on Monday saying Javonte Williams is the new RB2 in dynasty behind only Jonathan Taylor. “Easy to refute,” I thought. But then I thought, and thought, and thought some more. Maybe Najee Harris. Maybe De’Andre Swift. Maybe Antonio Gibson. But it’s not as crazy as it sounds.


And Javonte has 101 fewer carries that Jonathan Taylor. Plunder the 401K, sell the Bitcoin, just do whatever it takes to buy Javonte Williams. 

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The Fantasy Football playoffs are fast-approaching. These next few waiver weeks are critical. Some managers have likely lost interest, but that doesn’t mean throw out $1 bids. It’s a good idea to investigate the fab of the other contending teams and adjust accordingly. Guessing another manager’s bids can be a fool’s errand, but you never know what you might learn along the way. If you want a player, pay up to get them. There is no use hoarding a huge fab budget; December is buying time.

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Welcome to Week 10, ladies and gentlemen. 

We’ve reached a real impasse here over the halfway mark of the NFL season. Major stars are down, breakout players are rolling, and Mike White is a starting quarterback in the NFL. The draft wouldn’t be further behind us and our expectations have been subverted every step of the way. This is where winners are made and losers are born. 

Tuesday’s gone with the wind. And we’re coming up hard on Sunday morning. 

Anyway! The teams on bye this week are the Bears, Giants, Bengals, and Texans. See ya next week!

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