Chris Godwin could only watch hopelessly last week as Mike Evans gave Jameis Winston some of his family’s secret man meat and then went on to catch 3 touchdowns. After the game, having seen the way to Winston’s heart, Godwin immediately went to work on a wurst recipe of his own. We’ll never know exactly how it went down when Godwin presented his juicy wiener to Jameis in the locker room early Monday morning. What we do know is, Chris Godwin reclaimed his position atop Winston’s best friends list receiving 14 targets against the Rams which he turned into 12 catches for 172 yards and his 3rd and 4th touchdowns. What will Mike Evans (4 catches for 89 yards and his 4th touchdown) put in his quarterbacks’ mouth next week to regain the favor of Jameis Winston (28/41 for 385 yards and 4 touchdowns)? Stay tuned! Anyway, MB covered yesterday’s early games but here’s what else I saw in the late games for fantasy football:

Larry Fitzgerald – 5 catches for 47 yards as he passed Tony Gonzalez as number two on the all-time career receptions list with 1,326. Now only Jerry has more catches than Larry.

C.J. Prosise – 3 carries for 4 yards and his 1st touchdown as Chris Carson (22 carries for 104 yards, 4 catches for 41 yards) owners cried vulture.

Will Dissly – 7 catches for 57 yards and his 4th touchdown. This is my 4th consecutive post with a mention of Dissly. Just give me your password and I’ll pick him up for you.

Chase Daniel – 22/30 for 195 yards and his 1st touchdown in relief of Mitchell Trubisky who left with a shoulder injury. Let the quarterback controversy begin in Chicago!

David Montgomery – 21 carries for 53 yards, 3 catches for 14 yards. Monty dominated the Bears backfield touches for a second straight week. The buy low window may still be cracked since 53 yards is blech, but saavy owners will recognize it was against a tough Vikings run defense. Still might be worth reaching your paw thru that buy low crack and see what you can dig out.

Tarik Cohen – 5 carries for 11 yards, 2 catches for 7 yards and his 1st touchdown. Full Monty touches aren’t great for Cohen’s fantasy value.

Dalvin Cook – 14 carries for 35 yards, 6 catches for 35 yards and his 5th touchdown. Cook salvaged dinner with a late touchdown. The Bears defense cleaned their plate in this one.

Gardner Minshew – 19/33 for 213 yards and his 6th and 7th touchdowns. It took a few tries but Uncle Rico was finally able to throw it over the mountain in Denver. The legend grows.

Leonard Fournette – 29 carries for 225 yards, 2 catches for 20 yards. Leo owners felt like they were on the sinking Titanic with Fournette coming into this week. 245 all purpose yards should calm the panic. Fournette’s an RB1 until his yearly injury. 

Ryquell Armstead – 8 carries for 42 yards, 1 catch for 7 yards and his 1st touchdown. Speaking of Fournette’s yearly injury, Armstead will be a must-add once it comes. If you have a deep bench then stash him now.

D.J. Chark – 4 catches for 44 yards. Charknado was finally grounded in this one but he did have a 20 yard touchdown called back due to a holding penalty. Look for a week 5 bounce back.

James O’Shaughnessy – 1 catch for 18 yards and his 2nd touchdown. Oh Shag Hennessy? Is Oh Shag Hennessy present?

Courtland Sutton – 6 catches for 62 yards and his 1st and 2nd touchdowns. Even more impressive, he caught those two touchdowns from Joe Flacco (22/38 for 303 yards and 3 touchdowns)!

Noah Fant – 2 catches for 31 yards and his 1st career touchdown. And likely the first of many. A lot of folks had Fant ahead of fellow Iowa teammate T.J. Hockenson in this year’s tight end class.

Peyton Barber – 9 carries for 19 yards and his 2nd touchdown. The 2.1 yards per carry is less exciting than a visit to Peyton Scissorhands Barber Shop. Which is actually pretty exciting since you never know when you might lose an ear.

Ronald Jones – 19 carries for 70 yards, 1 catch for 12 yards and his 1st touchdown. Ronald McDonald Jones might be starting to separate himself from the other clowns in this backfield.

Cameron Brate – 3 catches for 36 yards and his 1st touchdown. Still happy I drafted O.J. Simpson instead of O.J. Howard (3 catches for 33 yards), he’s straight murdering my opponents.

Jared Goff – 45/68 for 517 yards and his 5th and 6th touchdowns. Rudy told you to draft Jared Goff instead of his lotion loving brother, Jergen Goff.

Todd Gurley – 5 carries for 16 yards, 7 catches for 54 yards and his 2nd and 3rd touchdowns. You read that right, 5 carries! Malcolm Brown (5 carries for 14 yards) only got 5 carries as well so this was mostly a product of game script but one of your league mates sees the two touchdowns and wants to give you a first rounder for Gurley, I’d sell faster than you can say McVay. The ToddFather’s workload will continue to be limited.

Cooper Kupp – 9 catches for 121 yards and his 3rd touchdown. The Pigskinonator had Kupp as it’s #2 ranked wide receiver this week, projecting him for 7 catches, 98 yards and 0.70 touchdowns. You were 0.30 touchdowns off, stupid robot!

Gerald Everett – 4 catches for 44 yards and his 1st touchdown. Feel free to start Gerald Everett in games where Jared Goff throws for 500+ yards.

Ezekiel Elliott –  18 carries for 35 yards, 6 catches for 30 yards and his 3rd touchdown. Sunday Night Football wasn’t friendly to fantasy points this week unless you own Will Lutz (4 field goals). Ban kickers. 

Alvin Kamara – 17 carries for 69 yards. Nice. Kamara also chipped in 3 catches for 20 yards. Nicer days are ahead. 



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  1. CMUTIMMAH says:

    Had an 18 point lead and Lutz vs Elliot and Dak last night.

    Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning.

    So far this year, my fantasy football defense has been impressive. Not my defense/special teams, but instead my imaginary defense that stops good players from posting monster games.

    Unfortunately, these things typically regress back to the mean, and when you are fortunate early, you usually get burned late, which is the “worserest” time to get burned.

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Haha nice!

    • goodfold2 says:

      it’s better when you see yourself lose or win since you saw it happen. my experience anyway

  2. Snacks Zillion says:

    DT, in a scotch laden Baseball championship celebration over my adult frat boy brother in law Brett who sucks at life and hates dogs, I may have executed a questionable trade in another football league. Its a keeper league, 12 teams and I moved Hopkins and Shady for OBJ and Kittle. I lost Henry so have been streaming tight ends and am loaded at rb so losing Shady not a big deal. You think Kittle picks it up at all moving forward?

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      I think it’s a great time to buy Kittle, big fan of that deal for you. And nice work beating your brother in law!

      • Snacks Zillion says:

        Thanks DT!

        • Donkey Teeth

          Donkey Teeth says:

          Anytime, Snacks!

  3. Keeks says:

    Whats up DT,

    Full PPR league, in dire need of my 2nd win. Standard roster setup.

    Provided Marlon Mack is healthy and can slot into my 2nd RB spot I need to choose 2 out of:

    Alshon Jeffrey, Golden Tate, Joe Mixon, John Brown, Mecole, or ronald Jones.

    Right now I have Alshon and Mixon in. Tate is tempting just unsure what to expect. Which 2 would you go with?

    Thanks dude!

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Yo Keeks!

      Mixon and Alshon are the two I’d want this week as well. Let’s see how Jones and Tate connect in their first game together.

      No problem!

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