Are you into rap? If so, then I’m sure you’re already familiar with Cole Beasley’s prowess on the mic:

What you might not know is that Beasley has been begging his buddy Josh Allen to record a single together, as a duo. After Allen went 32/40 for 375 yards with 6 carries for 11 yards and 4 passing touchdowns on Monday night, while dishing Cole Beasley 9 receptions for 130 yards and his 4th touchdown, the two white boys celebrated by finally recording their future hit single: Allen & Beasley Get It Done Easily. Look out for that jam on iTunes and Spotify shortly. As for their fantasy outlook as you move into the playoffs, Allen remains a must-start even against the tough Steeler defense next week and Beasley is a boom or bust WR3. Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday for fantasy football:


Antonio Gibson – 2 carries for 14 yards before leaving in the first quarter with an injury. I thought there was hope for Gibson to come back when I saw Mr. Miyagi working on his leg on the sideline. But it was actually a toe injury and Miyagi doesn’t do feet. Gibson will likely miss some time with turf toe, making J.D. McKissic (5 carries for 8 yards, 10 catches for 70 yards) an intriguing play in PPR leagues and Peyton Barber (14 carries for 23 yards and his 3rd touchdown) an unappealing desperation play in standard leagues.

Terry McLaurin – 2 catches for 14 yards. Two catches? Alex Smith (31/46 for 296 yards and 1 touchdown) drove his F1 straight into a ditch while giving Cam Sims (5 catches for 92 yards) three more targets than Terry. Get the breathalyzer out, that QB must be drunk.

Logan Thomas – 9 catches for 98 yards and his 5th touchdown. The best quarterback on the team can also catch passes. The big man has really come into his own the past few weeks and that’s consecutive games where he’s found the end zone. If you need an upside tight end for your playoff run, Thomas is worth a look.

Benny Snell – 8 carries for 5 yards, 2 catches for 5 yards. We had high hopes for Benny with James Conner (COVID) out this week. But wait, what’s that Snell? It’s the dump Benny Snell just took on your fantasy playoff hopes. Conner may not be back next week since he was high risk for COVID-19 as a cancer survivor, but it’s hard to be too excited about starting Snell after this performance.

Diontae Johnson – 8 catches for 71 yards and his 5th touchdown. I’ve said it since pre-corona: Diontae has the biggest Johnson in Pittsburgh. Actually, Chase Claypool (2 catches for 38 yards) may now have a bigger Johnson, but the talented rookie somehow saw only four targets which was the same number that James Washington (2 catches for 80 yards and his ) received.

Juju Smith-Schuster – 7 catches for 28 yards. JJSS has been a big ole bust which I predicted in my Juju Smith-Schuster Dynasty Outlook back in January. Sure, he’s lucked into six touchdowns but he’s also been held under 40 yards in each of the last 3 games and under 50 yards seven times this year. Yuck.



Devin Singletary – 18 carries for 61 yards, 3 catches for 22 yards. My man Zack Moss (3 carries for 9 yards, 1 catch for 5 yards) saw a lot of bench after losing a fumbling on their own goal line in the first quarter. What’s that I see in Moss’s backyard? It’s a big dog house and the rookie has made a nice bed in it. Singletary took advantage of the opportunity and could be a decent start in weeks 15 and 16 if he can prove himself against the stout Steeler run D next week.

Stefon Diggs – 10 catches for 92 yards. I’d Diggs it more if he could find the end zone a few more times, but it’s hard to complain about 90 receptions and 1,037 yards through 12 games. He’s on pace for 120 receptions and 1,380 yards, both career highs by a wide margin.

Raheem Mostert – 9 carries for 42 yards, 1 catch for 1 yard. Mostert came out blazing on the first drive and then it felt like we hardly saw him the rest of the game. I never understand when teams fail to get the ball in the hands of their most explosive players–I’m looking at you Doug Pederson. On the goal line it seems Jeff Wilson Jr. (7 carries for 47 yards, 2 catches for 12 yards) is the preferred option, but he was also stuffed every time he got it down there so this situation might be fluid.

Deebo Samuel – 6 catches for 73 yards. It’s a decent follow up to Deebo’s 11 catch performance in last week’s return, especially considering he faced off against elite corner Tre’Davious White in this game. I have Samuel penciled in as a back end WR2 for the fantasy playoffs.

Brandon Aiyuk – 5 catches for 95 yards and his 6th touchdown. I have to admit, I vastly underestimated the talent of Aiyuk coming into this season. This is three straight games that he’s found the end zone and four of the last five. And he’s doing it with Nick Mullens (26/39 for 316 yards, 3 touchdowns and 2 interceptions) at QB, who I’m pretty sure I saw play in the ’92 Barcelona Olympics.

Jordan Reed – 3 catches for 32 yards and his 3rd touchdown. He’s never a terrible streaming option while George Kittle (foot) is sidelined. Speaking of Kittle, he seems to think he’ll play again before the end of the season. I’m doubtful that we see him prior to week 17, but regardless, he’s definitely worth a stash.



  1. JC says:

    Ha! 8 Mile Beasley.

    Have a bye this week yay. But as my roster below suggests, WR and Def are challenges in Wee 15.

    Cook, Monty, Gaskin
    Julio, Galloday (fingers crossed)
    Pack (Car), Bears (Min), 49ers (Dal)
    Bench: Gallman, JT, Boyd, Shepard,

    1. WW has Bills (at Den), Pats (at Mia) Eagles (at Ariz).
    Pack has been the best lately. Bears for all their hype not so good. 49ers looked lost vs Allen last night. I can carry two Defenses out of these six. Who are they?

    2. If Galloday remains out, I have Boyd v Pitt which is a NO and Shepard v Clev which is shaky with McCoy if he is the QB. So likely I would have to hope to get one of these guys off the wire. Please rank all four as I am in the middle of the claim pack having goofed taking Booker last week with my #1.

    Beasley at Den (boom or bust is right)
    Coutee at Indy (just torched them)
    Hilton v Hous
    Patrick v Bills

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      1. Packers and Bills
      2. Hilton, Beasley, Patrick, Coutee

      I’d also hold Booker until we know more about Jacobs status. Keep him away from your opponents if possible…

      • JC says:

        Good to be on the same page as I agree on the defenses and have kept Booker. So my plan will be to drop The Bears and Niners and pick up The Bills and a WR. I have Golladay in my OUT slot so I hope they don’t put a Questionable tag on him. If they do, I would have to forego a WR add or drop either Boyd or Shepard for one. Fun times!

        • Donkey Teeth

          Donkey Teeth says:

          If you’re on Yahoo and you put your claim in while the player is still tagged as ‘out’ then it doesn’t matter if they change it to questionable after you have the claim placed. Nice little loophole to be aware of.

          • Mantis Tobaggan MD says:

            yeah it tends to go on usually till tues mornings at around 8ish, with these weeks of tues games it’ll often in some cases go to wed morning
            best to get ahead of your claims (even if you go back later and put in the right FAAB number or order them), basically anybody that you see do well in week x (or just got job from injury or whatever other reason) input the claims before the tues morning (or wed) of week x + 1. you can always retract them later before the claims go through.

            • Mantis Tobaggan MD says:

              the only issue is a lot of the waiver articles (not just here, FP too and probably other spots) often don’t come out till at earliest tues morning, so you have to usually input these before that stuff (always can retract though or reorder)

          • JC says:

            ESPN who seem to automatically put guys on Q

            • Mantis Tobaggan MD says:

              they might stick the Q slightly earlier than yahoo in some instances, but i’ve seen some guys take about as long. but even more reason at espn to input claims earlier then. i’ve for sure seen yahoo do just stupid shit like have mixon go from “out” then tues morning “Q” then later tues “out” and such. optimally nobody would be ruled anything BUT out till there is actual news indicating a guy WILL play after NOT having played (i.e. they don’t stick their opinions in on it till there’s actually a likely answer and the status quo is what actually DID happen till then) but not likely we’re getting that any time soon.

              • Mantis Tobaggan MD says:

                here’s another weird yahoo one: just now i dropped CHI and WAS D’s for LAR and IND. reagor/a.brown/t.patrick also, so only those 5 the byes came off just now, but not anybody else. this means those claims were input early (probably before monday morning) and yahoo didn’t move their waiver times yet, but sometime monday did move them (it’s like they realized by mon morning that since there was a tues game they’d move back their waivers, but not till then). i guarantee other owners are gonna get pissed about this, but the owners that got those 5 didn’t do anything wrong, just input claims before the site adjusted, which is on the site.

                • Mantis Tobaggan MD says:

                  sorry, not off byes, off waivers. those 5 went off in one of my leagues this morning, but all other non TB/CAR (off byes) players are on waivers still now for tomorrow.

  2. Mantis Tobaggan MD says:

    wentz owning spots question time.

    1. 14 team keep 2 (these QB’s not involved, i have aj brown in near last round and parker in last round that are easy keeps). have tannehill/wentz. drop wentz for which of: hurts, dalton, mullens, a.smith, darnold

    2. 12 team super flex. already have aj green to drop but i had been putting in claims for t.johnson or higgins (see rotoworld’s blurb about him being the best “hollywood” nicknamed WR in the league, trolling BAL’s this year bad offense), wondering if better off putting a QB ahead of that or dropping a 2nd player for QB. keep 4 league, gone into this year with wentz as one of them (not now)
    QB (1): bridge/wentz/newton
    RB (2): AAron (K), gaskin, l.bell, duke jo, scott, gore, gio b
    WR (3): d.adams (K), thielen (will probably make the last keeper), patrick, AB, perriman (a candidate to be dropped for higgins)
    TE (1): kelce (K), goedert
    2 regular flexes
    1 super flex
    DEF (1): GB
    IR (3): p-will

    prioritize dropping green like this: glennon (last starter out there, hurts owned), t.johnson, higgins? or these others: c.hansen, cephus

    3. drop anybody else for any of the others?

    4. for another spot, backup to ben, have mullens. drop for any of: glennon, darnold, hurts?

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      1. I’d try Hurts, I’m always a sucker for the unknown upside
      2. Meh on Glennon. I’d stick with your Johnson/Higgins order
      3. Can probably lose Gore too, don’t you think?
      4. I’d try Hurts again over Mullens

      • Mantis Tobaggan MD says:

        in 3. if/when gore is back he’s the 3rd best RB to start (fournette’s volume is shit, gio b has twice now hit his floor of less than 30 yards rush/less than 3 catches for i think under 20 both games with finley/b.allen, duke jo back to backup and did very little as starter, l.bell lucked into starter job for a week that nobody saw coming and did less then gore does usually etc). pretty clear gase is trying to lose and gore’s actually done well last 2 games he finished without perine in there (regardless what rotoworld says about him firing g.williams for making the worst play call possible to lose last week)

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