Ahmad Bradshaw has been running on a split hoof and it could crack wide open at any moment.  Do you think this means he’ll get more work? Me neither.  I can’t say he’ll get less work, but Jacobs has been running better than earlier in the season and they’ll want to be careful with Bradshaw.  If I had to make a wild guess, uh, prognostication, I’d say Jacobs is the one to own. He could get hurt at anytime, which would then end up getting Bradshaw hurt, and then we’ll all be scrounging around for Danny Ware; which, if you have room you could start scrounging now.

Calvin Johnson: We finally may get to see our old pal Megatron back on the field this Sunday.  Nothing is for sure, and I’ve heard good and bad things about his status.  He’s a game time decision, but if he goes you have to get him in there.  A gimpy Megatron against the Rams is like a one testicled Lance Armstrong against my cousin in, well, just about any sport.  He’s 6.

Andre Johnson: Kubiak pronounced AJ ready to go and AJ also said they’d have to amputate his leg to keep him out of the game. I bet Ronnie Lott would have played without his leg, come on AJ, suck it up! He’s facing a decent Buffalo secondary, but nobody puts AJ in a corner, unless of course they’ve amputated his legs and arms and needed to prop him up somewhere.

Reggie Wayne: He returned to practice and looks like he’ll go.  The march of the dinged up stud receivers continues and as long as they are marching around like that maybe they’re feeling ok.  As long as he goes, Wayne is a must start against a middle of the pack San Francisco pass defense.

Brian Westbrook: He has yet to be cleared to practice and I’m typing this Friday night.  Do you think he’ll play? Why they haven’t ruled him out is silly, yeah, I said silly.  He won’t play.  There, that’s your inside scoop from years and years of not being a complete idiot.  Get McCoy into your lineups.

Percy Harvin: It looks like migraines are kicking his ass again.  He should be able to go just based on the last time he had the problem and missed a Thursday practice.  He’s always worth a WR #3 start because he could break one at any time.  And if you have him in a return yardage league, well, you know.

Larry Johnson: It’s looking more and more likely that Johnson might have played his last game for the Chiefs.  We’ve beaten you over the head to pick up Jamaal Charles for a while now, and that was a good decision on our part, but now those of you in cavernously deep leagues should think about Kolby Smith.  Well, don’t just think about him, think about picking him up. He will probably get 5-10 looks a game and who knows what from there.

Mario Manningham: He injured his shoulder in practice on Friday, but then said he would play.  You can’t believe him, especially with Hakeem Nicks breathing down his neck like your mom while she administers a drug test bought from Walgreens.  Um, ma, I’m trying to pee here! Manningham has had some trouble hanging onto the ball and Eli don’t play that, even with the ham-phenated one. If you need him just be sure to check his status.

Matthew Stafford: It looks like he’ll play, and he has a great matchup as long as Megatron goes, but I’d be wary of him.  I’m guessing his knee is a bit fragile and we could see Culpepper at some point. Well, some of us might see him , since the game will be blacked out in Detroit. Huh, the Lions and Rams game didn’t sell out? Shocking!

Beanie Wells: The Carolina run defense is barely putting up a fight week in and week out, but their pass defense is tops in the league. So what is a pass happy team like Arizona suppose to do?  If they are smart, they’ll run it.  Wells looked good against the Giants who are a better run defense than Carolina. This could be Beanie’s breakout game.  If you have him, you have to start him.

Alex Smith: If Smith can keep from a total meltdown against a tough Indy pass defense I think he will be a good pickup. He looked great against Houston, but I need to see a tougher test before I get on the bandwagon or any kind of wagon for that matter.

Lee Evans: I had given up on him, like I had given up on TO, but Evans, not TO, is playing himself back into my fantasy football heart.  Fitzpatrick has done one thing and that is show that Evans still has skill while TO is just too old.  Romo was carrying TO and could still be if he had just shut his cake hole. But I digress, Evans is worth a start against Houston.

Cowboys Defense: They are finally coming around.  I thought they’d do it a little earlier, but hey, better late than never. Seattle doesn’t travel well and their offensive line is decimated.  Hasselbeck will have a lot of trouble staying upright in Big D.

  1. Steve says:

    OK – assuming no Westy, who do you like for the flex:

    Avery, Crayton, Julius J, or Royal?

    What a choice!

  2. hideousmutants says:

    How confident are you in Boldin this week? I’m thinking of starting White & Colston, esp. given that Boldin is going against the Panther’s pass D. Sidney Rice is also an option.

    Grabbed Chargers D because they’re going against the Raiders but feel like Packers (my main D) could actually put up some points if Favre is pressing, esp. given the atmosphere at Lambeau. thoughts?

  3. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Steve: I like Avery, then Julius. Unless it’s non-PPR. In that case flip these two around.

  4. Drew

    Drew says:

    @hideousmutants: I agree with you about sitting Boldin in favor of White & Colston. I love Boldin to make a comeback but not this week.

    Stick with the Chargers defense because of the matchup.

  5. david says:

    Who do you like for a flex spot:

    McCoy, Bell, or TJ Houz?

  6. B.J. says:

    Hey Doc I was offered his Brandon Jacobs and John Carlson for my Matt Forte and Brent Celek. Forte has been awful and the Bears O Line stinks. It’s a 12 team yahoo non pp. All TDs are 6 pts, 1 pt for 10 yards rush/rec 1 pt for 50 yds passing. Start QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 Flex, 1 Te, Def and K

    my team: QB- Schaub, Fave
    RB- Forte, CJ, Bradshaw, M. Bell, DMC
    WR- R. White, Boldin, Ochocinco, A. Bryant, James Jones
    Te- Celek, Keller
    D- CHI, DEN
    K- Folk

    his team: QB- Rodgers, Hass
    RB- Jacobs, T. Jones , Hightower, F. Jones, L. McCoy,
    WR- G. Jennings, H. Ward, R. Williams, M. Wallace, D. Avery, M. Floyd
    Te- Carlson, Finley
    D- PIT
    K- Longwell

    I like Jacobs a lot but he’s still got his bye week 10 where I will already be down Schaub. I also don’t feel I need Carlson and would rather have some WR depth. So my question is take it or counter?

  7. Doc

    Doc says:

    @david: McCoy

    @B.J.: I would counter. Especially after Forte gets Cleveland.

  8. hideousmutants says:

    Your post and all the replies have me interested in Brandon Jacobs. I’ve got Sidney Rice 5th on my depth chart (behind Colston, Boldin, Roddy, Ocho) and Jacbob’s owner is desperate for a WR. Rice is higher ranked in our league (15th) than Jacobs (22nd). Seem like a good trade, my Rice for his Jacobs?

  9. nater1 says:

    Quick hit: D.Avery or L.Evans for this week?
    Avery in dome against weak Lions
    Evans getting good press
    What to do?

  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @nater1: I love Avery’s matchup, but I am a little worried about him getting dinged up like he has the last 2 games. I’d start Evans.

  11. nater1 says:

    Awesome! Thanks, Doc!
    How about this:
    TO or Evans?

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @nater1: Still Evans

  13. nater1 says:

    Thanks again, Doc!! Evans is in the lineup.
    OK, last question, I promise :) I suffer from paralysis by analysis:
    S.Smith (NYG) or Avery
    S.Smith (NYG): not doing well lately and against Eagles D (although he should get one-on-one coverage this week with the way the Eagles run their D)
    Avery: has the good matchup as we know
    I know the general rule is start the better player over matchup (Smith in this case) but what’s your prescription, Doc? :)

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @nater1: I like Smith in what could be a shootout.

  15. nater1 says:

    Thanks so much, Doc!! Love this website and all of your writing styles…helpful with a dose of humor. Keep it up!

  16. wakeNbake says:

    Whats up fellas. I have a trade question.

    So i got offered Westy for MB3. I want to do it based on Westys past years of production but they havent been using him alot this year and they throw the ball a ton. Before he got hurt he did look good tho in the last game he played. Both are injury risks in my eyes…. MB3 injury worries me a lil more cuz its his legs. MB3 still gets all the goal line carries and despite Choice running well he got zero carries last week so MB3 is still the guy in DAL. DAL is also very good running the ball and have the easier schedule in my eyes compared to Eagles. To me Westy has more upside but more risk attached as well.

    BTW im in a 2qb,3wr,2rb,1te,1flex, 0.5 PPR league. Thanks!

  17. denzik says:

    @Doc: doc,drew recomended owens over massaquoi for this week and i agreed,do [email protected]nater1: I AGREE,great site,thanks guys

  18. hideousmutants says:

    Which RB would you start (two) out of these four (non-ppr):

    MJD, Slaton, Turner, Beanie

    I’m going with MJD and Slaton unless I hear a big opinion otherwise. Pocket Herc makes me nervous against Tenn but you can’t not start him. Going the razzball way of always starting my best regardless of matchup has worked so far!

  19. Calogero says:

    Garrard (@Ten) or Cutler (CLE)?

    Breaston (CAR) or Massaquoi (@Chi)?

  20. Jim Parkey says:

    Doc, in the event C. Johnson does not play, I need to start either A. Collie, B. Edwards or Mason. I also need to drop one of these three today to make room to add a QB.

    I like Collie tomorrow but don’t want to drop Edwards or Mason. I bet you have a better answer than me!

    Tx, and great work on this site.

  21. jamiesonmj says:

    pick 2: SJax, Ronnie, or Slaton? currently Im with SJax and Ronnie but Slaton has a good matchup too

  22. Drew

    Drew says:

    @hideousmutants: yes, MJD & Slaton

    @Calogero: Cutler, Breaston

    @Jim Parkey: Calvin will play (start Mason if he doesn’t). Lose Collie.

    @jamiesonmj: SJax & Ronnie (how did you get all 3 of those guys on the same team?)

  23. wakeNbake says:

    what did you think about my trade question above?

  24. jamiesonmj says:

    @Drew: its a 10-teamer. SJax was my 1st rounder, Slaton my 2nd, and Ronnie my 4th.

  25. jamiesonmj says:

    Also, do you deem it wise to offer up roddy for megatron with white producing so well and CJ a bit banged up?

  26. wakeNbake says:

    @jamiesonmj: Your trading a WR1 for a WR1… you might as well keep the healthier one. Just my opinion.

  27. Drew

    Drew says:

    @wakeNbake: how are you doing in the standings? Regardless of Westbrook’s injury issues it would be tough for me to turn that down. Barber has his own lingering injury issues and his ceiling isn’t nearly as high as Westbrooks. If you are deep at running back and/or at the top of the standings in your league I would pull the trigger and hope the upside works out for you.

    @jamiesonmj: that is a DIRTY first 3 rounds. Damn!

  28. Scott says:

    Non PPR league flex spot: Sid Rice, Sims-Walker, or Beanie? Thanks.

  29. wakeNbake says:

    @Drew: yeh im in 2nd place and I was thinking the same thing. Im also pretty deep at RB with Rice,Barber,Lynch,Felix Jones and Reggie Bush. Thanks.

  30. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Scott: Sims-Walker

  31. danimal35 says:

    I just traded Mendenhall and Felix Jones for Colston…and I’m psyched!!

    My WR had been a bit rag-tag with Percy, D. Mason, and a combo of Collie, Ginn (dropped now) and Avery

    I still have AP, Ronnie B, and Slaton in my 3 RB spots with Donnie B, Caddy and Beanie on the bench…if Beanie breaks out as my #4 I will be freakin’ lovin’ it.

    So with Colston, Percy, Mason, Collie and Avery…which 3 do I start??? PPR and return yardage league

    I also have Flacco and Carson Palmer and there is a team with the Hass as his starter and a Sanchez-Cassel backup duo…he needs a QB like no other and he has some solid WRs (Vinny Jackson, Welker, Andre Johnson, Miles Austin and Devin Hester)

    I offered him Flacco and Mason for Jackson with no reply yet…Is there another combo you might try??…given Carson’s fantasy playoff sched, I feel more confident in him for the rest of the year.


    Oh and I had an idea for a post…playoff defenses…who to target before the trade deadline?

  32. Marvin N. says:

    I confused again fellas….i’m stuck with who to start at RB

    CJ/Grant/Hightower or CJ/Grant/Wells or CJ/Hightower/Wells

    With Carolina having good D against the pass, how will that effect Hightower? Will Grant do anything worth mentioning against the Vikes? Will Wells, run over Carolina since passing will be tougher?


  33. Drew

    Drew says:

    @danimal35: Colston, Percy, Avery

    -hang on to Palmer. Keep offering him trades along the lines of what you’re doing now.

    -I did a Playoffs article a few weeks ago. I was thinking about doing that again. For now you can use the “search” box to find that article.

    @Marvin N.: I feel we went through this recently. CJ, Grant, Hightower. The Cardinals are still going to throw the football but starting Wells rather than Hightower isn’t a bad play either.

  34. Marvin N. says:

    @Drew…thanks man. I’m playing the first place team in my league and with a 3-4 record, I gotta get this win. The advice is appreciated.

  35. Clodbuster says:

    Who are the best plays for this week? Rank these four please–PPR

    Gore, Lynch, McCoy, Beanie, Vernon Davis

  36. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Clodbuster: I like Gore, Lynch, Beanie, McCoy, VD

  37. danimal35 says:

    @Drew: thanks…i wonder how i missed that article…i am a religious razzball junkie…both football and baseball…check it almost every day…love the format, the advice, and the warm fuzzies…thanks again

  38. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    A gimpy Weggie Wayne or Hester?

  39. charlie says:

    i’ve got to choose two for today:

    andre johnson, steve breaston, kevin walter, devin hester.

    right now i am leaning toward the first two, i mean andre is a beast and breaston will get some love as fitz and boldin will be heavily watched by a good d, right?

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