DraftKings is back baby!  And we’re one week closer to that HUGE WEEK 17 MILLIONAIRE FINALE, and while I’m still struggling in my attempts to win my ticket on the cheap, I’m slowly improving.  Last week I was 234/862 and with another 233 players worth of improvement, a ticket is mine!  I’m sticking with the $2 Fantasy Millionaire Qualifier to try and win the Ticket with just a few peanuts.  That said, I’m feeling better about my roster than any other week, so I might branch out into some other contests for a nice payday.  Bring it in the Millionaire Qualifier, Razzball Nation!

Because we can’t create long-term memories like Leonard in Memento, let’s link up last week’s picks:

QB – Nick Foles  17-26  298 Yds  0 TD  0 INTs  47 Rush Yds  1 TD (22.62 Pts)

RB – Andre Brown  66 Rush Yds  3 Rec 27 Yds (12.3 Pts)

WR – Pierre Garcon 6 Rec  68 Yds  9 Rush Yds  (13.7 Yds)

FLEX – Kris Durham  3 Rec  42 Yds  (7.2 Pts)

TOTAL: 55.82  (previous weeks’ totals: 63.8, 75.26, 56.96, 51.34, 42.48, 49.3, 73.38, 24.4, 70.24)

Well, not exactly one of the better weeks for my article picks, but I had Calvin Johnson on my squad and a nice value FLEX from Jarrett Boykin to have a solid showing of 130.42 overall.  Bad picks of Andre Ellington and taking a deep shot with Tyler Eifert did me in.  Unleash Eifert!  Give em the Eifert Tower!  Here’s who I like for week 12 in DraftKings action:

QB – Peyton Manning ($9,700) – Under 10K, say whaaaa?? After being my QB buy at $11,000 several weeks, Manning has a extraordinary discount this Sunday, and is the same price as Matthew Stafford.  This is an easy buy this week.  The Broncos are going at New England, a huge showdown that should see a lot of fireworks, and there’s no chance of rain at this point.  He got through the whole Chiefs game with no issues with the ankle, and should be primed for another big game.

RB – Zac Stacy ($6,200) – His stock may have cooled off just a tad since he’s coming out of the bye, but the Bears run defense is an utter joke right now.  I mean, how bad do you have to be to let Ray Rice torch you this year!  It’s at home, the game should dictate another huge workload, easy RB buy.

WR – Calvin Johnson ($10,000) – Like Peyton being a must-buy for me a lot of weeks despite the budget, Megatron is in the same boat.  And in that boat there are so many boat loads of points racking up every week that I don’t care if I have a few $3,000 DraftKings minimum-priced guys in there – I want the big 30-burger.

FLEX – Chris Ogbonnaya ($3,500) – What the hey?!  Chris Ogbonnaya?  Ogbobetcha!  As I mentioned on this week’s Podcast, I was shocked (and that was genuine shock because I didn’t see it before!) that Ogbonnaya had 12 targets last week.  Twelve!  Even crazier, it’s his second 12-target game this season!  With DraftKings a PPR, plus the Browns coaching staff saying they wanted him more involved and he delivered strongly with 8 rushes for 69 and 6 catches for 30 last week, I think another solid workload is coming against a very shaky Steelers D.  It’s less a steel curtain and more a Jane Curtain.


Shoot your DraftKings questions below or tweet me @jbgilpin.  Good luck this week!

  1. Megan says:

    I’ve been much trouble with WRs this season. I’m in a Yahoo, 10 team, standard points league. I have the following options for my 2 WRs this week:
    Already on roster – Amendola, Welker, T. Williams, Boldin, & K. Wright
    Free Agent – Stills
    Who should I start? Should I drop one of them to stream Stills this week?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Megan: Nah, I like all those guys more than stills. I’d probably go Williams and Welker, if Welker is cleared to play

      • Megan says:

        @JB Gilpin: So no Amendola? The only reason I bring up Stills is based on an articles I read on NumberFire talking about streaming WRs based on the. Opponents they are facing. They recommended Stills against the crappy Falcons defense on receivers. It would be like a one week pick up , and then stream another WR next week . Do you agree with their strategies?

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Megan: Nah not in non-PPR. I’m just not a big Stills believer even in the good matchup. You have good receivers I don’t think you need to stream

  2. Pacochu says:

    Had another terrible week last week and finished out of the money in everything.

    My lineup for this week. I’m not messing with it unless something wacky happens. I’m in teh $2 game along with a few others to try to get some money back.

    Lacy, Jennings
    Vincent Jackson, Dexter McCluster
    Jordan Cameron
    Andre Johnson

    Big Money! Big Money! Stop!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Pacochu: I got:

      Ogbonnaya, Stacy
      Megatron, J. Wright (gamble!)

      Like it!

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