The toughest position in sports. The most cerebral athletes in the game. And the most valuable assets in dynasty fantasy football. Well, for the super-flex leagues, at least.

See, one big difference in the dynasty game and the redraft options are the deeper possibilities available when roster are expanded from 13 to 25. Yep, one of the most dynamic pieces of dynasty football is the deeper bench. The dynasty game is all about assets, and utilizing sets when they’re at their peak value. And in order to better make advantage of the roster rolodex many leagues create a super-flex position, where QBs can slot into the utility role. Sure, you could call it a 2-QB league, but that’s not what it is. In many instances you’ll sway towards another RB during BYE weeks, or the WR on a three-week hot streak over the nominal QB. Which brings me to the point of their elevated value.

There are only 32 of them playing each week (essentially), whereas with other positions you can see triple that. Now, the super-flex leagues obviously raise the QB value to its highest echelon, but even in a more standard version only the select few are held in the highest regard. The shelf life of quarterbacks is quite long (ahem, see: Tom Brady), but if you take a closer look there’s an infusion of youth at the position. So much so that savvy vets like Tony Romo and, most recently, Jay Cutler, ave been relegated to the press box, trading in their chin straps for some chin concealer. Youth matters here, but only when it’s married with a great offense and some strong arm talent. Jared Goff may be an immature young 20-Something, but without more weapons around him he’s just the dude that should be handing off to Todd Gurley.

It’s time for the bedrock of the dynasty roster…the Top 50 Dynasty Quarterbacks!

Since we’re approaching the dynasty draft season, now’s the time for some RANKINGS! Overall ranks, positional ranks and, in the previous article, rookie ranks will hopefully give you all the ammunition needed to compete not just this year, but for years and years. You’ve heard, “If you build it, they will come.” And what’s the “they” in our context? Belts. Belts on belts on belts. (Or trophies. Or money. Whatever. Just freaking win). So…here’s how you ‘build’ your team.

Note: I’ll touch on strategy after the ranks come out, but as a general marker I try to view dynasty football value through a three-year window.

Top 50 Dynasty Quarterbacks

 Rank Name Team Position
1 Aaron Rodgers GB QB
2 Cam Newton CAR QB
3 Russell Wilson SEA QB
4 Andrew Luck IND QB
5 Jameis Winston TB QB
6 Matt Ryan ATL QB
7 Marcus Mariota TEN QB
8 Derek Carr OAK QB
9 Dak Prescott DAL QB
10 Matthew Stafford DET QB
11 Kirk Cousins WAS QB
12 Deshaun Watson HOU QB
13 Tom Brady NE QB
14 Drew Brees NO QB
15 Carson Wentz PHI QB
16 Andy Dalton CIN QB
17 Tyrod Taylor BUF QB
18 Blake Bortles JAC QB
19 Ben Roethlisberger PIT QB
20 Ryan Tannehill MIA QB
21 Philip Rivers LAC QB
22 Eli Manning NYG QB
23 Joe Flacco BAL QB
24 Jimmy Garoppolo NE QB
25 Jared Goff LAR QB
26 Patrick Mahomes KC QB
27 Mitch Trubisky CHI QB
28 Alex Smith KC QB
29 Trevor Siemian DEN QB
30 Paxton Lynch DEN QB
31 Teddy Bridgewater MIN QB
32 DeShone Kizer CLE QB
33 Mike Glennon CHI QB
34 Sam Bradford MIN QB
35 Davis Webb NYG QB
36 Carson Palmer ARI QB
37 Colin Kaepernick SF QB
38 Cody Kessler CLE QB
39 AJ McCarron CIN QB
40 Nathan Peterman BUF QB

A few notes from the Ranks:

  • The top 8 could essentially be broken into two different tiers, but how you interchange them can switch a lot. I still prefer Cam Newton to Russell Wilson, but that gap’s incredibly close given Cam’s injuries and the floor he showed that actually exists in his game last year. With any of those 8 (really top 6), you’re set up perfectly.
  • And slotted at #12 is the first rookie QB. I’m clearly bullish on Watson. Up at the top I mentioned the three year window in how I evaluate rankings, but when there’s 18 years of difference between Watson and Brady or Brees, I have to put him one above. He’ll win that starting job in Houston soon, and has some solid weapons around him to develop into a good QB option. His floor is obviously catastrophic, but the ceiling is seemingly higher than Dalton, Tyrod or Tannehill. That’s the tier under him that probably wings similar value, but the intrigue of Watson is enough (given his makeup, character, big-game ability and situation) to move him ahead of the others.
  • On that note, when drafting a QB, picking one up or trading for one, your QB should match the season of your team. If you’re in a complete rebuild owning Tom Brady doesn’t hold as much value as the potential wild card of Watson, Mahomet, Goff, etc. Would I trade Brady or Brees straight up for the non-Watson names? Nope, but they’re worth targeting with some assets added. If you’re in win-now mode…sacrifice the future of the young options for the lock of the savvy vets. Don’t fully revert to redraft ranks, but they’ll hold more worth, obviously, if you’re going for gold.
  • Carson Wentz and Andy Dalton could both flirt with the Top 10, in my opinion. Dalton’s already proven he can post a Top 10 season, and Wentz was impressive in his rookie campaign with essentially nothing to support him in the offense. Both added big time weapons in the offseason, and could run their respective offenses well enough to be better consistent options than even guys like Matt Stafford, Kirk Cousins, and Dak Prescott in some streaks.
  • I know I threw some awful shade at him up top, but if you want a big-time buy low option go find Jared Goff. He was brutal last year, and the comparison to Wentz and Dak did him zero favors, but he’ll ever the season the clear starter, has a new regime running the team, and top 5 RB in his backfield and isn’t afraid to throw it 40 times per game. The investment’s there from the Rams, and I doubt they move off him at any point this season. His price tag’s likely dirt cheap comparative to what he can provide. Great target this offseason.

Have thoughts on the rankings? Questions about other players? Well…


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  1. JakeTPE says:

    Thanks for the ranks, [email protected]!

    Been rolling Rivers the last few seasons in a 16-team limited keeper (keep 8) but drafted Ryan as a backup last year and thinking to keep Ryan > Rivers because of age primarily.

    But how do we evaluate Ryan and last season? A career year to be sure, and he’s probably bound to regress some with new coordinator and associated changes in Atlanta. Heck, he’ll have a harder schedule this year as well and there’s the Super Bowl hangover (see: Cam (most recently)).

    Do you think Ryan continues to establish himself amongst the top tier of QBs or 2016 was an outlier and he slips back to mid-teens? Thanks!

    • Saints says:

      In that kind of league with only 8 keepers (1 assume its a 1 QB League) I wouldnt keep Rivers. I would even consider dropping Ryan as well and try to get one of those in the draft again.

      • @Saints: Totally agree. Given his age and the depth of QBs Rivers isn’t worth the keep.

      • JakeTPE says:

        @Saints: Thanks for the feedback. Yeah we start 1 QB but in a deeper league it helps to have a guy who is above average at the position, which I’m hoping Ryan is. Or I guess I’d like to shore up that position rather than scramble in the early non-keeper rounds of our draft. Thanks again!

    • @JakeTPE: Absolutely you take Ryan over Rivers. Yes, that was probably Ryan’s ceiling, and with Shanahan gone as OC there’s bound to be a slight step back, but he’s strong enough and smart enough to still un this offense to prolific levels given the weapons he has around him. He’s schedule last year was incredibly difficult, as well, so I don’t count much of that into the projection for this year.

      He’ll remind in the Top 10 for the next 3-5 years in my estimation.

      • JakeTPE says:

        @[email protected]: Brilliant, thanks! Hopefully there will be some shootouts in the NFC South this season.

  2. Saints says:

    I think you rank Bortles waaaaay to high. I’m not a big believer and bortles and think this could be his last year with the Jags if he isnt turning it around this year. His stats last year wer inflated a lot by “garbage time stats” if hes playing like this again he wont start next year with a “better rookie QB class” coming up.
    Otherwise i like Derek Carr a little bit better than you (around 5 or 6).
    The rest seems pretty good. But its always a question (like you mentioned above) in dynasty how you value age.

    • @Saints: Haha, unfortunately his stats have been garbage time inflated for a while. I think his situation in Jacksonville is much better than last year, though, and the balance behind him will take some pressure off. Do I think he creeps back into Top 10 territory? Nope, but for right now I’d prefer him over those below. They invested heavily in him, and it will be telling how his future looks with a solid run game to partner with a really intriguing defense and great weapons outside.

      As for Carr, I think his season was inflated last year due to their wins rather than his fantasy production. I’m hopeful he takes another step forward this year, and he clearly has awesome weapons around him, but he may not be the juggernaut option like those above him. 8-10 are easily interchangeable to me, and you could argue Cousins into that tier, as well.

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