Like always, this week entailed some shock, some disappointments, and some anger and confusion. I’d like to reach out to anyone who played Jamaal Charles on Sunday. I was one of them, and it sucks. However, there’s nothing you can do. Injuries happen, and you cannot prevent them. I get it. Fantasy sports is exciting stuff. I go bananas over season-long fantasy football, so I can understand how people go bananas over DFS. It’s serious fun. I even have played DFS Golf, MLB, NASCAR, MMA, and NHL, trying to win more money than I have ever made in my entire life. And you do the same. So where do I come in? I want people to listen to me, to play that player at that position, and to walk away 25,000 times richer than they already are. I really do. However, certain people don’t (and that’s okay), certain people do, and then someone like Sam Bradford throws three interceptions. What I don’t want people to do is to consider putting food on the table for their kids, or to deposit an extra $10 to try, and fail at winning $25K because they are certain that Owen Daniels will have a great game against the defense that allows the most fantasy points to TE’s. I want people to enjoy doing this, and most importantly, have fun. Fantasy Football should be an escape from any drama that is occurring in one’s life. Have fun. Enjoy the smack talk, the late nights, the waiver wire, messing with your lineup at 5:00 AM on Sunday before you turn on NFL GameDay morning. Enjoy it. Let’s review Week 4, shall we?

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Week 4 Review

As I sat at a desk at the Hyatt Regency Dallas airport Saturday Night, a thought hit me. Holy mother of god I can’t believe it is 11:00 pm. My second thought? Oh my lord, Texas really just did beat Oklahoma. My third thought? Will anyone meet up with my at AT&T to discuss our shared love of Carson Palmer? Unfortunately not, but that’s okay, we can still be friends. You wanted to hang out with Tehol, didn’t you? Yeah, I understand.

This Week’s Tip of the Cap goes to Steelers DE Cam Heyward, who was fined approx. $5,787 for displaying personal message on his eye black. The message? “Iron Head”. The message was a tribute to his father Craig “Ironhead” Heyward, who spent 11 years in the NFL as a fullback, most notably with New Orleans and Atlanta. Heyward died of bone cancer at the age of 39, when Cam was only 17. Unfortunately, the NFL fined him, which I believe should not have happened, however I do want to say this: Do you Cam, just do you.

Devonta Freeman, HB ATL (29.20 pts) – That slick, thoughtful, polite, gentle son of a $&#(%^!!!. Well, my DFS bust of the week had a great game. In hindsight, I would have still listed him as a bust, especially in GPP. Why? On paper, the Washington rush defense was fantastic, but the opposite happened. Julio Jones didn’t impress, and now they say he could be somewhat hurt. Monitor it.

Willie Snead, WR NO (17.00 pts) – I am doing the happy dance! Huzzah! Long live Zach! Long live Willie Snead! He is impressive, I tell you, and as a WR3, a GPP punt play, and my sleeper of the week? You will definitely take 17 fantasy points, especially because he did better than Julio. Hooray! Snead should continue to produce as long as he is healthy and continue to get those snaps. Huzzah!

Todd Gurley, HB STL (15.00 pts) – Say what?!?! 30 rushing attempts? What the?!?!? Yup, and I don’t want to say I told you so, however I did know that Jeff Fisher will continue to pound the ball to Gurley, however, I thought it would be around 15-20, not 30. Continue to play him as long as he is cheap and the volume is good.

Owen Daniels, TE DEN (0.00 pts) – Yuck. Ughh. Bleackkk. Ugly. Pure ugliness. Terrible. Tragic. Woe is me. Wow, I can’t believe that juicy of a matchup, and he does boo. Literally boo. Oy vey, I’m becoming a bitter, old, angry man.

Thank god that’s over. One more hurrah for Willie Snead. HURRAH!


Week 5 Preview

Games You Already Knew About Because Tehol Beddict Is Better At Fantasy Than I Am: Week 5 entails TNF between the Falcons and Saints, eight early games, three afternoon games, and the normal Monday and Sunday Night games that feature the Pats, Colts, New York Football Giants, and the Eagles. Teams On Bye: DAL, OAK, STL, TB.


Tom Brady, NE ($9,000) – The 2015 New England Patriots is the “We Hate Everyone, Screw You Haters” New England Patriots. And this should be music to your ears, because a mad Tom Brady is a DFS winning machine Tom Brady. And we love some of that. Here’s what you should expect: Brady will be the highest-owned QB this week, between either 25-30% owned. However, this does not mean you should fade him at all, especially in GPPs. Yes, most of the field will have him, however you should too, because a 40-point fantasy QB should be on your roster this Sunday, and that is Mr. Brady. I love you Carson Pal-Tom Brady.

Teddy Bridgewater, MIN ($6,600) – Yes, when I talked about him a couple of weeks ago, he stunk. Badly. However, this time he has a sub-7k price, and he is facing the worst defense against QB’s. The Chiefs give up an average of 21.8 fantasy points per game to QB’s. Who were some of the QB’s that faced KC? Brian Hoyer/Ryan Mallett, and Jay Cutler. If they can do it, so can Theodore.

BUST ALERT! Andrew Luck, IND ($8,600) – Please don’t play him. Please please please please and some more please. (Please blog, may I have some more? Yuk Yuk Yuk) Luck comes in with a QBR for Weeks 1-3 of 63.6, 52.8 and 82.6. If those numbers don’t make you throw up, the fact that he is priced so high should. The Patriots’ defense should play really well, like they have all year, and shut Luck down. Pair that with the fueling hatred due to #DeflateGate, and you’ve got a smack-down by the Patriots.

Running Backs

Matt Forte, CHI ($8,400) – This price is very tasty. Forte has the upside every single week, as much as Le’Veon Bell, or Jamaal Charles (RIP). He gets the touches he needs to sustain good points, and for 8k, you can do that. The Detroit Lions are struggling right now, giving up the 8th most fantasy points to backs, with an average of 21.7 fantasy points per game.

SLEEPER OF THE WEEK! C.J. Anderson, DEN ($6,600) – What? Says you. Yes! Says me. But Zach! Says you. Yes sir? Replies me. Don’t you like working at Razzball? Says you. Correct. Says me. But Jay will surely cut you loose! Says you. Possibly. Says me. So what’s the deal? Says you. Well, he’s very cheap, no one will be on him, and Cleveland is the worst defense against the rush, giving up 26.7 fantasy points per game. Also, Gary Kubiak wants to get him involved a bit more, and the O-Line is slowly but surely improving, and don’t call me Shirley. Finalement, if C.J. Anderson can’t do well against the Browns, he shouldn’t be in the NFL, and then you can call it quits. Says me. Thank you for helping me win $1,000,000! Says you. I don’t like your attitude, so you aren’t welcome, says me. Damn, says you. This is a long article, says you. Correct, I politely sigh.

Justin Forsett, BAL ($7,600) – If he plays? Fool’s gold. The San Francisco rushing defense is awful, and the Ravens should get out to an early lead. If it gets ugly quickly, then the Ravens should keep pounding the ball.

Wide Receivers

A.J. Green, CIN ($8,100) – As my top WR this week, most of your lineups, especially in GPP, should have some Green in them. DeAndre Hopkins should be the highest owned WR this week, and Green will slowly be towards 10%, possibly lower. The Bills secondary surrenders 25.4 fantasy points per game. Look for Green to give you some of that green.

Marquess Wilson, CHI ($5,400) – Great option as a WR3 this week. If you don’t play him, you will be sad, but if you play him, you will be glad. The Detroit secondary and defense and team as a whole is struggling, and with Eddie Royal and Alshon still not being 100%, Wilson should get the 2nd-most targets behind the black unicorn. Don’t be Tom Hanks. Be happy if you play him.

Mike Wallace, MIN ($5,400) – If you don’t want to play WILSON! Another great option is Vikings WR Michael Wallace. A great pairing with Theodore Bridgewater against a very weak Chiefs defense that only isn’t the worst defense against QB’s, but also the worst defense against WR’s, giving up an avg. of 36.4 pts per game. Fire away.

Tight Ends

I’m only going to write a summary, because everyone is playing Gronk, and I think you should too. However, if you don’t want to, play Greg OlsenThe Seahawks defense gives up an avg of 11.5 fantasy points per game, and due to the fact that the #1 target in Carolina isn’t covered by Richard Sherman or any other members of the Legion of Boom, fire away.

Kickers and Defense & Special Teams

Nick Novak, HOU ($4,600) – Good O/U, Jags give up the most fpts to Kickers. I like Kickers, it’s my favorite position.

Denver Broncos ($5,000) – They are the Gronk’s of Team Defenses/Special Teams.

Well, that’s it for today. Thanks for staying with me, hopefully I didn’t write too much. But one more thing before I go for the week.

For those of you who read Jay’s “Future of Razzball Football“, with a VERY quirky Back to the Future GIF, I am very pleased to write for Razzball, and I certainly cannot wait for a Lineup Optimizer (especially for DFS), new content, tools and new leagues. I am stoked, especially for you guys, and things to come in the next two years, so thank you so much for reading my weekly articles, I really am happy to be a part of Razzball, and I really do enjoy helping you guys out. If there is anything you wish to critique me on, anything I should work on shoot me something on Twitter, or just leave a nice comment.

About the Weekly Razzball Money Contests, I think they are such a great idea, and please, take all the info from this article to create the same lineup as me, so we can both win that cash monies. Unfortunately, I cannot do it this week, however I shall do it from Week 6 to the Super Bowl, or whenever we end for the year. Give it a try, I regularly play on FanDuel, and it is so much fun. It is super difficult, and the money won’t always come, however the main great thing about DFS Football is that it is very fun to play.

Happy Birthday to Tehol Beddict, keep on doing you big guy. Small guy. Tall guy? Sure, big guy.

Thank you guys, that’s it for me, see you next Friday, go read a book.



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  1. Ryan says:

    Just to confirm, this is the Week 5 review and Week 6 Preview, correct? There seems to be a typo in your post.

    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @Ryan: Completely my fault. This is a Week 6 preview, and it should have been written as “Week 6 Preview” and “Week 5 Review” and I am doing Razzball DFS Contests next week on

  2. Dom B says:

    Would you add chcanderick west over Johnathan Stewart or would you rather have stewart

    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @Dom B: I would wait on Stewart, but go with your gut

  3. Dom B says:

    Which TE is best this week Richard Rodgers or Crockett Gilmore or Julius Thomas

    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @Dom B: All close, so I analyzed the matchups and I prefer Crockett

  4. Dom B says:

    Would you add Chachanderick West over Johnathan Stewart who has better ROS value

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