What’s better than a dynasty football slow draft in February when there isn’t any football to watch anymore? I refuse to acknowledge the XFL, by the way. Okay, maybe a fantasy baseball draft would be a little more exciting than a football draft because the season is a lot closer. Some of us prefer football over baseball and there’s some of us that can do both. A fantasy sports Eiffel Tower, if you will. 

I was lucky enough to catch an industry friend’s tweet about a start up dynasty that was going to draft in February and I gave it about 0.2 seconds of thought before I came to the conclusion that I was all for it. I messaged Matt Williams and he gladly accepted me assuming that I don’t have a reputation of ghosting my teams (I don’t). It is a 12-team PPR superflex league with a TE premium. My opponents include: Scott Fish Bowl 8 champion Stompy, Matt Williams, John Hogue, Kane Fossell, Nick Faber, @DFSMich_5, Caleb Pierson, Steven Toroni, Jon Helmkamp, John Hesterman, @GOATDistrict and @EverydayFFB. Those are 12 names, but two of them co-own a team. 

I’ll mostly just be writing about my roster, but I will also point out some tidbits on how the draft board was shaking out. Most of the meat of the analysis will be in the first 10 or so rounds. First drafts of the season are rusty, and there will be plenty of trading in this league, but I’m hoping that a good portion of these picks shape out. I drafted from the 11 spot. 

Top O’ The Board

First four picks: Dak Prescott, DeAndre Hopkins, A.J. Brown, and David Montgomery

I’m going to keep it real with you, I totally forgot that this was a super flex draft until I saw 6 quarterbacks fly off of the board before it was my pick. Even then, I thought it was a little excessive. While I was deciding on my pick, I had to weigh whether I could stomach a superflex dynasty team without a solid QB1. I decided that I couldn’t. So I followed the herd, which is not a strategy that I’m very fond of but after finding out that Dak Prescott wouldn’t make it back to me, it was easier to live with. I wholeheartedly believe that Dak will be back with the Cowboys in 2020 and a good starter in fantasy for many more years. 

I was thrilled to get one of the two most consistent wide receivers with my 2nd round pick. DeAndre Hopkins is still pretty young and I approach all dynasty start ups leaning in a “win now” mentality. You never know how long these things are going to last and it’s not that hard to rebuild a dynasty team from my experience. 

My next two picks kept the future in mind. A.J. Brown’s 2020 QB is up in the air, but I had no problem pulling the trigger on him because I really, really believe that he is an elite talent. Some might think that the 3rd round is a reach, but I believe there is still plenty of value, especially if it’s a player that you really want to get your hands on. I probably could have waited another round for David Montgomery, but despite his dull 2019, I think he’s a very good NFL three-down back. I’m going to need some help from the Bear’s front office with the offensive line. Who knows if the view it as a priority. 

I found it intriguing that Kane Fossell spent his first four picks on quarterbacks. It’s not something that I have the stomach for, but I totally get the strategy. He has a ton of trade bait in a league that is going to be desperate for the position. Starve the populace and over-charge the desperate. 

The Next Batch

Austin Ekeler, Mike Williams, T.J. Hockenson, Le’Veon Bell, Drew Brees

I may be a tad bit biased, but I think that I got one of the steals of the draft by taking Austin Ekeler in the fifth round. For one, it is a PPR league where he is arguably an RB1 coming into 2020 and to top it off, he doesn’t need a ton of touches to do a lot of damage. I doubled down on Chargers with the next pick by taking Mike Williams. I wasn’t extremely excited, but he was the best receiver on the board and his QB situation could potentially get a little better this offseason. 

In the seventh round it was time to grab a tight end because they were flying off of the board fast. T.J. Hockenson is entering his second year in the league and could make a leap into being a very good fantasy tight end. If I’m being honest, I was hoping Noah Fant would fall to me. In the beginning of the eighth round, Le’Veon Bell was still sitting there. While he’s not the Le’Veon that he was with the Steelers, he’s still a back that I can start with confidence every week, especially in PPR. I could do worse in a flex spot. I finally pulled the trigger on my second QB in the ninth round and took Drew Brees. Even though his expiration date is coming up quickly, he was the best left on the board. It was either him or Mitch Trubisky. Yuck. 

Other Notable Picks

Jared Cook – Another guy with a quickly approaching expiration date, but I’m hoping to get another solid year out of him while Hockenson finds his footing. 

Anthony Miller – I had him as a sleeper last year and I’m not ready to quit him. I hope that someday the Bears improve at QB.

Brandin Cooks – I got him pretty late and I hope that he lands on the Eagles or someone else that needs him. 

Players That I Wish I Drafted

Raheem Mostert – I simply thought about it too late. I think he’s a stud for the next few years, not to be captain obvious or anything.

Breshad Perriman – He went so late! I wasn’t even thinking about it and I rolled my eyes when he was picked. I think he finally has it figured out and the sky is the limit. 

Noah Fant – Previously mentioned, but worth mentioning again. The best tight end of the Iowa Hawkeyes’ 2019 draft class. 



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