The NFL madness has it’s foot firmly on the gas and firmly up our arse.  Trades and free agent signings are happening so fast around the NFL it’s making my head hurt.  I must be a glutton for punishment, because I friggin’ love it.  Every day there’s a twist or turn, and every tweet from Adam Schefter is like opening a Christmas present.  Welcome back, football.

Let’s get all up to speed on this wheelin’ and dealin’.

Kevin Kolb: The trade that was virtually done when nobody was supposed to be talking about it was made official on Thursday – Kevin Kolb is an Arizona Cardinal.  The presence of Larry Fitzgerald alone puts Kevin Kolb in the top 20 fantasy quarterbacks with top 15 potential.  The excitement surrounding him will make him a bit over-valued on draft day.  He still has a new offense to learn and new teammates to get comfortable with.  He’s certainly a QB2, but don’t overspend to get him.

Now that Larry Fitzgerald has a respectable quarterback, he’s back in the top 5 fantasy receivers in every format.  He’ll be back to his triple-digit reception and double-digit touchdown ways.  Kolb gives Arizona a passing attack defenses will have to respect which will open things up for whichever running back the Cardinals go with.  My money is on Ryan Williams.  Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower haven’t been getting it done.

Vince Young:  The Eagles are signing everybody under the sun while DeSean Jackson pouts in the corner. Vince Young signed with the team to replace Kevin Kolb as Vick’s main back up.  Vick gets hurt so it makes Young relevant in fantasy.  Not THAT relevant, but somewhat kinda relevant. Sorta.

Tarvaris Jackson: Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said recently that Tarvaris Jackson is his starting quarterback and also how much he enjoys coffee.  Donkey turds would be a better start in fantasy football than T-Jax, but at least he doesn’t completely squash the value of Sidney Rice.  He and Rice hooked up for 10 catches for 165 yards and 2 TDs in two games last year.  Rice is still, at worst, a WR3.

Bruce Gradkowski: Gradkowski and rookie Andy Dalton will compete for the starting QB job in Cincin…ha! I just can’t finish that sentence.

Knowshon Moreno: As Doc said on Thursday, Moreno’s fantasy value was brought back to life when the Broncos didn’t sign DeAngelo Williams.  They went out and got Willis McGahee instead.  McGahee won’t take a lot of carries, but he’ll get the important ones on the goal line (along with Tim Tebow).  Moreno’s receptions and yardage totals will be solid, but his TDs are going to be few and far between.  Moreno can still pass as a RB2, but barely.

Darren Sproles: The Saints went out and got the less-expensive version of Reggie BushDarren Sproles.  It appears Sean Payton wants to make the running back situation in New Orleans as confusing as the wide receiver situation.  I like rookie Mark Ingram the most, but I’d rather another owner deal with it.  This RBBC will be a nightmare.  Drew Brees remains the only Saint we can count on.

Chad Ochocinco:  There may not be another player (outside of Kolb) that improved his fantasy value more than Ochocinco did this off-season.  He landed in New England and now has the chance to put up Pro Bowl numbers working with Tom Brady.  This is truly and outhouse to penthouse situation.  He went from almost undraftable to a WR2 instantly.

Roy Williams: The Bears went out and got a wide receiver.  Roy Williams is now reunited with Mike Martz, with whom he had his best season under in 2006.  He had 82 catches for 1,310 yards and 7 TDs that year.  I’m not all giddy about Roy Williams but this move puts him back on the fantasy map if nothing else.  He’s the best receiver on the Bears and worth a look as your WR4.

Mike Sims-Walker: The Rams signed Sims-Walker to a risk free one-year deal.  That makes 67 wide receivers on the Rams roster, or close to it.  If he were more consistent and didn’t have 66 wide receivers to compete with for targets I’d like him as a WR3.  As it is, he feels like a gamble even as a WR4.

Greg Olsen:  The former Bears tight end will now play for the Panthers.  He wasn’t featured  in the Chi-town Mike Martz offense much, so this move gives his fantasy value a little boost.  A rookie QB needs an experienced safety value and Olsen will be that guy for Cam Newton.  Olsen could start at TE in 12-team leagues, but so could about 14 other tight ends.  The tight end class is a deep one this year.

News continues to roll in as we march on through the abbreviated off-season.  If you’re still playing catch up, check out these links:

That should cure what ales you.

  1. Buge Hoobs says:

    Where do you see Plaxico in the WR rankings? Even as a FA he wasn’t in your top 100

  2. B.J. says:

    I put Mike Vick on the block in my 10 team keeper league and a few guys have sent decent offers but I’m not sure if I should take any so I’m looking for any assistance. Thanks

    Deal 1
    I give: Vick
    I get: Mendenhall

    Deal 2
    I give: Vick and my 13th rounder (122 overall)
    I get: Ray Rice and his 12th rounder (115 overall)

    Deal 3
    I give: Vick
    I get: Jamaal Charles and Mark Sanchez

    As of right now my keepers are: Vick, SJAX, DMC, M. Williams (PIT) and Matt Ryan. This is a 10 team league where we keep 5 and starting positions are QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, RB/WR Flex, OP (all offensive players are eligible), TE, K and DST. All TDs count for 6, 1 point for 25 yards passing, 1 point for 10 yards rush/rec. If I were to do any of the deals my keepers would be Ryan, DMC, SJax, Williams and whatever RB I take. My RBs would be solid and I could draft another QB with my pick in the 6th round (9th, I finished second last year). Pull the trigger on any of these deals?

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Buge Hoobs: He’s around 50th right now.

    @B.J.: Since you can start 2 QBs it puts Vick at a premium. I’d see if you can deal SJax/Vick for Rice or JC and their top QB.

  4. DDT says:

    Doc, Whiz just proclaimed Beanie Wells as the clear starter in the Cardinals backfield following the Tim Hightower trade. Does this change your ranking of Beanie at all? Where do you rank him?

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