Don’t be sad that the fantasy football season is over; be glad it happened in the first place. However, if you are among the many football enthusiasts who play dynasty-format fantasy football, you know the season never truly ends. So while we might be staring down the barrel of the NFL offseason, there’s plenty to be done as a dynasty manager. Between now and the beginning of training camp is when champions are made. This week, Nate is joined by guest co-host Matt Chester from The Undroppables and Fighting Chance Fantasy to do a point-per-reception (PPR) Superflex start-up dynasty mock draft.

Dynasty Mock Draft Notes

It’s that time of year when fantasy football managers get antsy and inevitably join the first dynasty league start-up they see. It makes sense, given we’re all football fanatics, and there isn’t any NFL football to be consumed in June. So instead, we draft. On this week’s show, Matt Chester and I participated in a ten-round, 12-team dynasty PPR Superflex mock draft to get a feel for what the climate is like this off-season.   

Off To The Races

As most Superflex format drafts do, this one started with a run on QBs. However, there was a surprising twist as Josh Allen went 1.01 ahead of Patrick Mahomes, the consensus QB1 in most dynasty rankings. Mahomes went second, which made the 1.02 pick owner (me!) VERY happy. Jalen Hurts went third overall, and then my co-host, a known Justin Jefferson fan, snagged the electric WR fourth overall. Once JJeff was off the board, the run on QBs continued until pick ten. J’Marr Chase, Bijan Robinson and Breece Hall rounded out the first slate of picks.    

Mid-Round Magic

Rounds five and six are my favorite place to find sneaky value in start-up drafts, and this dynasty mock draft was no different. Somehow, Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy landed in my lap at 5.11 after getting DK Metcalf at 4.02. If that pairing wasn’t hot enough for you, I was able to bag Vikings rookie WR Jordan Addison after the turn to ensure my receiving corps is absolutely loaded. 

I wasn’t the only manager who found steals in these rounds. Daniel Jones, the overall QB9 in 2022, fell to 5.08 and was the 15th QB off the board. The 20th RB off the board was the 2022 PPR RB10, Joe Mixon. The sixth TE off the board was 2022 PPR TE3 George Kittle. 

The Takeaway

As expected in any Superflex draft, top-tier QBs flew off the board in the first round. What wasn’t expected was the lack of elite RBs drafted in the first three rounds. Just seven were taken, and Joe Mixon, Nick Chubb and Najee Harris weren’t among them. Drafters were also measured when drafting TEs, with Kyle Pitts being the second one selected were 3.02. After Pitts, the next bookends taken were Mark Andrews at 4.04 and Dallas Goedert at 5.09. Wide receivers, on the other hand, were at a premium in this PPR dynasty mock draft. There were 22 WRs selected in the first five rounds, with 45 gone by the end of the draft. It’s not shocking to see WR being the most targeted position in a PPR-format draft. However, it seems drafters are valuing the position even more in years past. 

I always go into drafts with a fluid plan. You never know how other managers in your league will react or what decisions they will make. So the more flexible you are, the better. Zig when they zag, and don’t be too stubborn to pivot when you see the need to do so. 

For more on NFL news and the implications in dynasty format fantasy football, as well as our complete discussion about our dynasty mock draft, make sure to download this week’s episode of Dynasty Diehards.

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