It’s that time of month to check in on when players are being drafted. I gave out some names in June that I thought were some discount buys, but I never got around to talking about the players that were going a little too early for my tastes. Look, everyone has SOME value if their price is cheap enough. If Todd Gurley is sitting there in the 4th round because of concerns about his knee arthritis, somebody is getting a pretty damn good running back after already making three picks.

Before we get to the meat of the article, I hired two new writers and they both offer some pretty good perspectives. Check out Pat and What a BOOF, trust me they are killing it (non-violently, of course). They even use GRAPHICS and TABLES from time to time. You might have noticed that I definitely never do that. If I feel like it, I’ll throw in a player picture at the top of the article for a nice essence. Like, hey! MB is going to write about *pictured player* today! Sometimes I like to be mysterious and leave it up to the witty title to explain. Anyways, you probably noticed that we have been putting out a lot more content than we were last summer. It’s totally for YOU! The more players that we write about and the more opinions that you read, the better prepared you will be for your drafts. 

Nic and Zach round out the summer as our staff writers. If you’ve been a reader before this summer, you’re already familiar with these guys. Nic has been busy writing up all of the division previews while Zach is spending his summer focusing on the more analytical route. I’m proud of both of them so far considering the increase in workload that is required and they have taken it in stride. While you wait for the 2019 subscriptions, Rudy is offering up depth charts and preseason projections to help you study up for your drafts and keep up with team depth charts.

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Let’s get to some overpriced players.. 

ADP stats are courtesy of fantasy football calculator and are based on 12 team drafts

Kenny Golladay

Kenny Golladay is currently going in the middle of the 4th round in PPR leagues and that is a little early for me considering that he only only caught 70 balls last season. You might be thinking that no more Golden Tate is going to help Golladay quite a bit, when in fact, there was a three game stretch where Golladay had 10 catches COMBINED. And this was after Golden Tate was traded! I think Kenny Golladay is a fantastic player and I was all over him the last two years in drafts but the odds are stacked against him. Matt Patricia has been a terrible head coach so far and he was already talking about trying to be a running team this season. That’s good for Kerryon Johnson owners, but it is bad news for anyone who has hope in the players that Matthew Stafford is throwing to. Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods and Calvin Ridley are all going around the same pick as Golladay and I’m certain that those wide receivers will find more opportunities in better offenses. 

Marlon Mack

In the THIRD ROUND? Of PPR? Who is doing this? Marlon Mack only saw 26 targets in the passing game last season. I get it, he plays for a good offense that can air it out and it could open up some things for Mack between the tackles. Mack played in 12 games and was on pace for well over 1,000 yards on the ground, even if he only played 14 games instead of 16. Despite the fact that Mack had some real spike games in 2018, he put up just as many stinkers. In two games, he rushed for under 30 yards and another two he rushed for under 40. That’s what people want in the 3rd round? That can be a real match up killer. If he’s sliding into the late fourth round, I’ll start to take a look at him. I’d rather take my chances on Kerryon Johnson, Phillip Lindsay, or Josh Jacobs a full round later.

DeShaun Watson

Deshaun Watson is a great and exciting young quarterback. In fact, he’s one of my favorite quarterbacks to watch and root for. Deshaun Watson was 4th in quarterback scoring last year and now he’s the 3rd quarterback going off the board at the end of 5th rounds. Seems reasonable but quarterback scoring is so bunched up after Pat Mahomes. If you want to take a quarterback early, why not get one in the 3rd round that is a difference maker. Bill O’Brien likes to run the ball entirely too much and the offensive line in Houston is terrible. Luckily, with the play-making ability that he has, offensive line breakdowns can turn into big gains, but Watson was sacked 62 times last season. He was beat up all season and stuck with the questionable tag quiet a big. I know there are rules in this league to protect quarterbacks, but at that sack rate, Watson is bound to get hurt again and that isn’t the stress that I want in a 5th round quarterback. I’ll take my chances on Kyler Murray many rounds later. 

Leonard Fournette 

Leonard Fournette is going at the beginning of the 3rd round and he hasn’t shown us anything in his career besides being injury prone and two long touchdown runs in his rookie season. Fournette plays for an offense that is probably going to try to throw the ball more with John deFilippo as the offensive coordinator and a competent quarterback in Nick Foles under center. I could very well see the Jaguars trying to protect Fournette and lightening his work load. He could still be a good running back in this league but I’m going to try for more of a sure thing in the 3rd round. 

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