I’ve been doing mock drafts all over the place, but we are getting oh so close to the lockout being OVER and I need me some fantasy football. I did a little .5 ppr mock drafting with the dudes from Rotoworld (Who are pretty good guys actually. But don’t tell them I said that). And it was good to see what some of the ‘perts are thinking about players. Here’s round one for your perusal and schmerschmusal if that’s really a word. (it isn’t)


1. Arian Foster (Mark St. Amant): You can’t go wrong with Foster at #1. He’s my #1 back and for good reason. Good reason!

2. Chris Johnson (Pat Daughtery): I like JC and AP more, but I have these first 5 guys all in the same tier so I’m ok with this pick, but not as ok as I would be if it was All Day Purpley Jesus.

3. Jamaal Charles (Evan Silva): You know I am a disciple of JC Superstar. I told you to add him in September of 2009! Did you? I hope so.

4. Adrian Peterson (Gregg Rosenthal): He’s my #2 RB so I love him here. His consistency makes him hard to pass on. I mean for reals yo.

5. Ray Rice (me) I think I like the #5 pick because it’s hard to wrong here. I have 5 running backs in my first tier so there’s no way I can miss getting one I like and I don’t have to wait as long for my second pick, like I would from the 1 hole. I see a rebound season from Rice no matter what happens with McGahee, but if Willis leaves it does make Rice even more valuable than he is now. The offense runs through Rice and will continue to do so.

6. Andre Johnson (Chris Howland): So far the draft is going pretty much according to plan. I usually like to go with running backs at this point when I can, but AJ is safe and a stud and at .5 ppr he gets kicked up a notch. BAM! (old joke #1) If receivers had a better fantasy point ceiling AJ would be a top 3 pick, but alas, running backs just score more, even in ppr.

7. Calvin Johnson (Ryan): I love Megatron and he is my 2nd ranked receiver and I think he’s also a first rounder, but I’m probably going with McFadden, McCoy or Mendenhall here instead. Mmmmm, that’s uh tasty RB’s sandwich!

8. Michael Vick (Chris Wesseling): Vick’s upside is as the #1 overall pick and that’s hard for me to say since picking a quarterback anywhere near the first round hurts me deep down. But I just can’t risk it. His upside is contingent on him running and running a lot and that leaves him open for multiple forearm shivers. This NFL game is making it easier and easier for quarterbacks to stay healthy, but mainly the ones that lollygag around in the pocket. Will he go all 16 games and break all kinds of records? He just might. Will he miss games due to injury? I think he will. If he misses one or two he’ll still be worth a high pick, but he could be out longer. I’m going to take my risks elsewhere.

9. LeSean McCoy (Adam Levitan): At .5 ppr McCoy gets a bump here. At 1 ppr he gets a big ol’ bump. The Eagles offense is perfect for him. Just think, as a defender you have to worry about Michael Vick all of the time and whoops, there goes Shady. Or there goes Vick back to pass, wait, is he running? Yes, wait, no, he just threw it to that guy! Shady!

10. Darren McFadden (Josh Palgon): DMac also gets a bump in ppr and is just a bad mamma jamma. Michael Bush is staying in Oakland unless they want to trade him, which they don’t, so he’ll take some looks away, but DMC is the main man. I’d take him here too.

11. Frank Gore (L.J. Rader): Here we get a little iffier, but in ppr it’s hard not to be tempted by Gore. I’d probably go with Roddy White, because he’s safer, but Gore has more upside if he can hold up for a whole season, but that’s a NFL revenue sized if.

12. Maurice Jones-Drew (Josh Vitale): I’m skipping on MJD in the first round (and elsewhere) even in ppr. I can think of many safer options here. He scares me! He’s so short and muscley!

Check out Adam Levitan’s take of the first three rounds here.

  1. Frank Rizzo says:

    I’m not buying Chris Johnson over AP or Charles this year. I understand you have to take Johnson early because of the talent and potential but his cons list is beginning to outweigh the pros list.

    I’m not a Ray Rice believer. I’d take Vick 5th.

    I’m not a fan of taking some of those RB’s over Roddy White, and maybe even A Rodgers. McCoy, yeah probably, but MJD and Gore no way and McFadden scares the piss out of me.

  2. Bourne says:

    I like the Ray Rice pick! But you knew that. Really excited to see AP could fall to 4. He is a steal at 2. I have AP @1, AF @2, [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] for my top 5.

    @Frank Rizzo: I don’t like Vick this year unless he was in the 3-4 round and I had 1-2 RB and a WR already. I was surprised ARodgers didn’t make the top twelve over Gore and MJD who are injury risky picks right now.

  3. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Bourne: What has changed about Vick that you don’t like him now? It seems the new thing is to downplay Vick’s accomplishments from last year as if they were 100% fluke. 3-4 round instead of what? Who is so special that you wouldn’t take him 5th overall? I don’t play in a PPR so Ray Rice is completely overrated in my book. He doesn’t get in the endzone and Baltimore pulls him when they get close so I don’t get the big excitement over him in non ppr leagues.

    I’m interested what 2 RB’s you’d have that you wouldn’t take Vick over. Vick is a difference maker. The guy who had Vick in my league last year won the SB……because of Vick.

  4. Bourne says:

    I had vick last year too. However most people didn’t draft vick in the first round last year. I got him FA in week 1. The depth of qb is far greater than depth of rb. I would rather have an eli manning and ray rice than a vick and Danny woodhead. If vick wasn’t in the first round I might consider him in the second but more likely 3-4 round. I also think vick will play 16 games. You don’t pick if he misses the fifth or 16th game.

  5. Bourne says:

    *will not play 16

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Frank Rizzo: Rice was the 4th best fantasy back in 2009 in non PPR with only 8 TDs. They don’t pull him when they get close. McGahee had 12 looks inside the 5 to Rice’s 12 looks inside the 5 last season. Inside the red zone Rice had 68 looks to McGahee’s 37. And Rice was a bit unlucky and should regress back up to at least his 8 and if McGahee leaves should get 10ish and with receiving yards and rushing yards that would easily put him top 5 again

    As far as Vick goes I do believe he has the ability to be worth an early pick, but I’m worried about getting a full season out of him. And I agree that only having 12 starting QBs compared to 24-36 starting RBs (especially with so few 3 down backs) makes RBs much more valuable (WRs as well) than QBs.

  7. Gary Bajillion says:

    Rice owners who made the playoffs last year are going to happily draft him again this year, as he single-handedly got many teams into the championship with 35 points in Week 15. I don’t think that he will come at much of a discount this year, but if he does, you should draft with confidence. Most fantasy owners understand that TDs fluctuate dramatically from season to season, and are a poor metric for predicting value. (It’s one thing if you’re talking about a player who does not touch the ball very much, but Rice gets the ball a TON). And if you benched Rice last year @NYJ and against the Steelers, you probably had zero complaints.

  8. Hi Doc, Am doing a draft in a 14 team, .5ppr, idp 5 player keeper. Am the Steelers so I’ve already got Big Ben, Mendenhall and Wallace. I’m picking 11 and 18 in the first two rounds. Looks like some of the players that may be available to me are: J. Stewart, Blount, M. Williams (TB), Vjax, Colston, Greene, Matthews, Gates, Holmes, S. Johnson, Lloyd, and B. Marshall. Which two players would you be likely to pick? I’m leaning towards Blount and M. Williams or Matthews.

  9. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Howard: Out of that group I’d go Mathews and VJax, but you’ve got a lot of good names there!

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