So we almost did something different with our FanDuel post this week. Almost. But Morgan Freeman himself came down from on high to preserve the status quo. One of the remnants from that near-change is the revised title of this piece, which includes a nice wordplay between fantasy sports and fantasies I have in my mind. We’ll go back to the old way next week. It remains because, well I’m pretty sure I read somewhere Mila Kunis plays World of Warcraft, which makes her incredibly hot, rich and famous… and a huge honking nerd. Awesome, right? So when I think of my perfect woman, that’s pretty much it.

So, focusing now. Below you’ll find some of the players I’m targeting on daily fantasy sites this week. Nope, there’s no FanDuel contest in here, but there is a nifty little link to sign up to another great daily website – DraftKings – which runs a weekly freeroll you can use this advice in. Good deal, right? Maybe for you. You should see my paycheck for doing this.

Colin Kaepernick ($5,500 FanDuel, $4,500 DraftKings): I am so hoping CK actually gets the start this week against a New Orleans defense that has given up a bonanza both through the air and on the ground. They’re like the UPS of fantasy football, getting their opponents where ever they want to go. Kaepernick’s dual threat could give you a line where he nets nearly 300 yards passing with a few scores while also pulling down 60-80 yards on the ground. That could be RGIII territory for a far sub-standard salary.

Chad Henne ($6,400 FD, $5,000 DK): That being said, starting Kaepernick is the easiest decision you could make this week. Which means everyone will be making it. It sets up the rest of your roster and makes every other decision you make as easy as pie. Warm apple pie. Mmmm. But Henne is nearly as cheap and provides a nice option if you want to zig while everyone else zags (he’s also a nice emergency fill-in if Alex Smith somehow gets the start). You should only have to adjust one other spot on your roster to make the switch. It’s a simple solution for any early Sunday morning problems.

Ronnie Hillman ($6,100 FD, $4,300 DK): A starting running back going down is a beautiful thing as far as daily fantasy is concerned since it opens up the door for a huge day from a backup with a cheap salary. It becomes Kunis-like levels of awesome when that opportunity comes with a great matchup, too.

Beanie Wells ($4,700 FD, $3,300 DK): LaRod Stephens-Howling blew up last week, but the momentum may be short-lived as Wells returns from injured reserve this week (a phrase we haven’t previously had to write in the NFL). Presumably, he’ll be slotted right back into the starting halfback role, though a timeshare is entirely possible this week. Still, this is a Rams team that Wells has shredded in the past and his salary is lower than my self esteem after trying to ask out Mila Kunis on Twitter.

Marcell Reece ($6,400 FD, $7,200 DK): The most encouraging thing about Reece this week (other than it looking like he will be “the man” once again) is actually what happened last week: 90 receiving yards on five targets out of the backfield. Even going back to before he was named the starting tailback, Reece has topped 50 receiving yards in four consecutive games. It’s an encouraging sign that Reece’s floor is reasonably high even in a blowout, something that can’t be said for many cheaper RBs. It’s why his DraftKings salary (where one full point per reception is awarded, rather than FanDuel’s 0.5) is much higher.

Cecil Shorts ($6,000 FD, $5,800 DK): Who had “Cecil Shorts” in the pool for “most productive 2012 Jaguars receiving threat?” Oh, no one, right. Still, even with Blaine Gabbart, Shorts was a more than serviceable fantasy option. I might be wrong about this (I frequently am), but I think Henne is going to provide a massive upgrade for that passing game and take them from Star Trek V: The Voyage Home to Star Trek VII: The Undiscovered Country (it’s not going to be Wrath of Khan, let’s not get carried away here). We saw it with Justin Blackmon last week and Shorts could very well be the beneficiary this week.

Brandon LaFell ($5,500 FD, $4,800 DK): I’m washing my hands of Steve Smith once and for all and won’t include him in this space again*, but we can’t write off any team right now that isn’t Kansas City. So, we move on down the line to find LaFell with an opportunity to exploit this week’s nice opportunity against a weak Eagles defense that very well might have given up on the season. It’s not all just hope though, LaFell has been targeted at least seven times in three or his last four games.

*no promises

Danario Alexander ($5,800 FD, $6,200 DK): Robert Meachem is not good at football without Drew Brees (and even a bit with Drew Brees). That’s why Alexander has taken his starting spot and his targets. But his unheralded nature has kept his salary relatively low. With the Chargers likely airing it out in the second half against the Ravens, Alexander is a strong target this week.

Vernon Davis ($6,200 FD, $4,400 DK): It’s easy to make a cheap joke about Kaepernick having VD based on his performance Monday Night, but we’re above that here. Well, I am. At this moment. But it seems a change would do Davis good if Kaepernick is willing to rely on his team’s most potent pass catcher. Even if it ends up being Smith, the matchup with New Orleans is so good it doesn’t matter.

David Akers ($5,000 FD, $2,800 DK): Continues to be listed for the cheapest salary on FanDuel. Just dumb.

Pittsburgh Defense ($5,000 FD, $2,800 DK):: I have this really annoying, long eyebrow hair that isn’t staying against my face. I don’t have a way to get rid of it right now (and am worried I’ll look like a doofus even if I do) and it is really distracting me from writing anything about the Pittsburgh defense. So I guess that’s our article. But here’s one more sentence to get over a thousand words first. Nice.

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