2015 Fantasy Football Projections: Quarterbacks

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The 2015 Razzball Fantasy Football Projections are completely sortable, and divided by positions if needed. PASS ATT = Pass Attempts, COMP = Completions, CMP% = Completion Percentage, PASS YDS = Passing Yards, PASS TDS = Passing Touchdowns, INT = Interceptions, RUSH ATT = Rush Attempts, RUSH YDS = Rushing Yards, RUSH TDS = Rushing Touchdowns, FL = Fumbles Lost, REC = Receptions, REC YDS = Receiving Yards, STANDARD = Points in Standard Leagues, 0.5-PPR = Points in Half-PPR Leagues, 1.0-PPR = Points in Full-PPR Leagues. Scoring is based on Stand Formats: TD Pass = 4pts., Every 25 passing yards = 1pts., Interceptions Thrown = -2pts., TD Rush = 6pts., Every 10 Rushing Yards = 1pt., TD Reception = 6pts., Every 10 Receiving Yards = 1pt., Each Fumble Lost= -2pts.

  1. Mark says:

    It looks like you have Jay Cutler down to miss about 1.5-2 games, correct? Where would you rank Jay if he plays all 16 games? Looks like it would be somewhere around Brady. Is that correct?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Mark: Yeah, that seems fair. He certainly has the weapons.

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