Week 16 is here!
Happiness and cheer!
Fun for all that champs they call
Their favorite time of year!

Let it just sink in. The nostalgia of that animated tune from 1965. You’ve heard it before right? Here’s a refresher:

So, I changed the lyrics a bit. What you’re looking for is a big ol’ ‘You’re Welcome,’ right? For real, though, you can’t watch that and not feel a certain je ne sais quoi for this time of year! It’s the best, hands down.

As you read this Christmas has come and gone, and in its wake we’re left with New Years Week 16 of the NFL Season, or as fantasy footballers call it: Championship Week! And if that doesn’t bring ‘happiness and cheer’ to each of you I don’t know what will. Huh? What’s that? Oh, you didn’t make your league’s championship? Well, poopsickles! Good news is this entire article is about to focus on how you can still play all of your football fantasies out in Week 16… FanDuel!

Each week we offer a 22-man Razzball-only FanDuel Contest that pays out the top-5 finishers! Think you’re good enough to operate beyond just luck and work your way to the top of the standings? Then put your money where your fingertips are and enter the $5 Contest for Week 16 (Sun-Mon Contest)!

Let your comrades compete for their season-long bounty of riches, while you just dominate this one week and earn cash like you were in the finals! Betches!

Here’s how to navigate a large-person cash game (10-250 players) for Week 16!


Blake Bortles, JAX – $8,200: How many touchdowns do you think you could throw against the Saints defense? ‘Who dat said they gone’ beat them Saints?’ Well, um…nearly every quarterback in the NFL this year. Bortles has 30+ TDs for the year in his sophomore breakout campaign, and I see him throwing for multiple Sunday. Even when he struggled in Week 15 vs. the Falcons he ended up with 20+ points. He’s as much of a lock as you’ll find.

Honorable Mention: Matthew Stafford, DET – $7,600

Running Backs

David Johnson, ARI – $7,300: Dude made me some nice money in Week 15. 40+ points!?! Say what? OHYS! (Oh, hell yeah, son!) Johnson was leaned on heavily in the Cardinals attack against the Eagles, and I foresee a similar model in approaching the Packers decent defense. Playing at home without much to play for, I think Arizona continues to see just what they have in the dynamic pass-catching (9 rec last 2 weeks) RB.

DeAngelo Williams, PIT – $7,400: I’d stack my team with the full slate of Steelers options this week (Ben RoethlisbergerAntonio BrownMartavis Bryant, DeAngelo, and the Pittsburgh DST), but due to price tags and rules (limit of 4 players from one team), I’ll have to diversify. But slow down if you think that means moving off of Williams. Nope, he’s as steady as they come for RBs over the past 6 weeks, and I’ll keep riding him, especially when his price tag continues to come in as a relative bargain. He’s averaging more than 15 ppg the past four weeks; look for him to top that against a tattered Ravens defense.

Honorable Mention: James White, NE – $6,600

Wide Receivers

Antonio Brown, PIT – $9,300: My second Steelers of the day, Brown carries the highest upside of any play this week. The only thing potentially going against Antonio in Week 16 is the matchup, and not because it’s tough. Pittsburgh is so much superior to the Ravens that this game could get out of hand before the third quarter. However, traditionally these two teams play each other ridiculously close, so count on AB to come through with some big numbers as the game carries into the final minutes. of me some Steelers today!

Jeremy Maclin, KC – $6,900: Volume. And for reasons mentioned with the guy above him, the Ravens will need to air it out to stay in this contest against Pittsburgh. Aiken’s full assumed the #1 role in Baltimore over the past two months, and if he approaches his Week 15 numbers (8/128/1) on a Steeler secondary that can be torched (see: Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders last Sunday) Aiken may present the best value at the position this week.

Eric Decker, NYJ – $7,600: The epitome of consistency, Decker’s lowest scoring output in standard scoring is 8 points. All season. Oh, and add into the fact the FanDuel plays with a .5PPR scoring system, and he’s never been in single digits! That’s ridiculous reliability. I want to go with the hottest hand at the WR position over the past 30 years, Doug Baldwin over the past 4 weeks, but his Q-Card scares me a little, so I’ll ‘settle’ for Decker  as the Jets should need to throw to keep up with a healthier Patriots juggernaut.

Honorable Mention: Allen Robinson, JAX – $8,400 (besides Baldwin)

Tight Ends

Will Tye, NYG – $5,100: As avid reader @Sean pointed out last week, the numbers didn’t add up. Well, I actually have no idea, atSean, if you read each week or just happened to stumble into your calculator in Week 15, but guess what…they don’t add up again! Heresy! Yeah, yeah…just use some honorable mentions and make your lineup work. A great place to make it happen? This guy. At just 1.4 ppg less than Rob Gronkowski since Week 12 (Gronk’s 12.2 ppg to Tye’s 10.8 ppg), I’ll save $3,100 over the top option to take who could wind up with close to 10 targets in a Giants offense sans Odell Beckham Jr. Scores in two straight won’t look like a fluke after he makes it thrice times in a row.

Honorable Mention: Zach Miller, CHI – $5,600


Matt Prater, DET – $4,500: Here it is…the weekly ‘Who cares?!?’ segment! You just can’t afford to spend a lot on a kicker. Almost ever. And this week is no different. Just find a team that’s offense is rolling, faces a weak defense, is preferably inside and has a low price tag. Prater fits that mold. Done. Next.

Honorable Mention: Cairo Santos, KC – $4,700

Defense & Special Teams

Chiefs – $5,400: Pay on up for ’em…it’s worth it. Once again in Week 15 the Chiefs defense proved their meddle by agitating the Ravens on their way to posting 24 points. 24 points from your defense?!? If you want to win big you have to get high points from this position, and no one’s consistently delivered the highest numbers than the Chiefs. And y’all really think Johnny Manziel is gonna slow that down? Right.

Honorable Mention: Steelers – $4,800

Merry Christmas to all, and to all I hope that I’m right! Haha, good luck in the Week 16 contests! We’ll reconvene next time in the new year!