Another wild and crazy few weeks in the books!  We saw the Detroit Lions lose on a buzzer beating touchdown review that overturned Golden Tate’s dive for the endzone and the Philadelphia Eagles win on a franchise long 61-yard field goal from a rookie kicker in Week 3! Week 4 saw a shocker in new England where the Panthers won 33-30 on a last second field goal. and the New York Jets won an OT game on a Chandler Catanzaro field goal.  In Week 5, we saw the emergence of Texans QB Deshaun Watson, who scored 5 TDs on Sunday Night Football.   The remaining undefeated team is Kansas City Chiefs, while the winless teams of 2017 include the Browns, Giants and 49ers. Speaking of the Kansas City Chiefs, rookie Kareem Hunt has basically taken David Johnson’s talent “Space Jam” style as he has been electric with another 69 (nice!) yard touchdown run combined with nearly 90% usage rates out of the backfield on 29 carries last week.

Since I’m sure Jay from has all the major news of Week Six here, let’s dive into the main reason you clicked on this link; Razzball 2017 RCL updates on Fantrax!

While the sample size is obviously very limited through only five weeks of football, please don’t be too elated or discouraged if you see your squad throughout the rest of the article.  Below, you can see the Top 10 list of most combined fantasy points across all Razzball RCLs:

Razzball RCL Week 5
1 Dirty Drunk Mormon warner 3017.7 601.4 5
2 Suck My Wake klug 2937.3 537.5 5
3 Dirty Landry long (3) 2757.7 672.2 4
4 Bangkok Fins stan 2738.8 618.4 4
5 @capitalmark long (2) 2738.4 628.0 4
6 Killa Beez long (3) 2723.6 639.1 4
7 Rigged Reality Long (1) 2719.9 612.8 4
8 Didnt Mean To Join This League stan 2708.5 589.4 4
9 Euros Walking Dead Malamoney 2686 635.9 4
10 David Lopan Long (1) 2669.2 564.1 4

The above Top-10 rankings list does not include any Razzball Writers, since we are not eligible to win the grand prize! You may also notice that teams with fewer points scored are ranked higher because they are undefeated. The RCL Points metric is basically total points scored plus 500 bonus points per win and a proprietary index.A quick “Captain Obvious” lesson about fantasy football is that there is a positive correlation between the teams listed above and accumulating massive amounts of points and ultimately winning their respective matchups with these top-10 teams combining for 18-2 record! Check out the full rankings here!

Congratulations for making it this far into the article, we all certainly appreciate every Razzball reader and commentator!  This next section is where you will get all the juicy gossip about our resident”experts” via the Razzball Writers’ LeagueThe Industry Duds League or the BlogTalkRadio League:

In the Razzball Writers’ League, Phil B Shore continued his dominance by racking up 136.58 points thanks to  his trio of running backs in Todd Gurly’s (4 points), Leonard Fournette (30.9 points) and Melvin Gordon (31.3 points). The underrated aspect of Phil B Shore was that the team could have earned an additional 28 points had he played Deshaun Watson instead of Big Ben.

An interesting hot topic in this league occurred when Smug Dolphin’s lost to BenK after putting up the 3rd most points this week with 137.6 points.  In a head-to-head format, Smug Dolphins was extremely unlucky to have faced 138.52 point explosion from BenK and would have beaten 9 other teams had he been arbitrarily matched up against those squads. Then, in Week 5, Smug Dolphins scored the 2nd most points on the week at 124.76, but was given a loss because his team faced the top scoring Phil B Shore squad.

Through 5 weeks, Smug Dolphins is 2-3, but has the 2nd most points in the league at 616.54 points and should probably be in 2nd place rather than 8th place. There has to be a better way to measure the success of fantasy football teams other than head-to-head schedules…

It would certainly be a more fair matchup scoring system that more righetously awards teams for being in the top half of point producers on a given week, but that is a different debate for a different day (unless you would like to comment on this in the comment section!!!!!).



If you want to chat about this article, Fantasy Football in general or nominate any team in your RCL for an award next week, leave a note in the comments section or hit me up on Twitter at @BenKin97 and I’ll get back to ASAP! 

  1. knucks says:

    Looks like both of Maher’s leagues (Mike RCL Great Again and also Mike RCL Great Again, Again) are missing in the Master Standings

  2. benk

    benk says:

    Thanks for catching that Knucks, we have had some issues with Fantrax getting the data over the past month, but I’ll alert Rudy to this issue.

    • knucks says:

      @benk: w00t w00t ma brutha, thanks for writing these up and have a great weekend!

  3. jay says:

    david johnson for bilal powell no keepers… should i get powell ?

  4. Tyler says:

    Roto leagues don’t have that problem, but the fun part about weekly head2head is the excitement of a close matchup fown to the wire on a Monday night. Don’t really get that with Roto

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