From a fantasy perspective, that was certainly one of the most wildest two weeks to open the NFL season! The 2017 NFL season started off with a bang as the Kansas City Chiefs went into New England and stunned the Patriots with a thrilling 42-27 victory that saw rookie running back Kareem Hunt score not one, not two, but three touchdowns and rack up 246 yards from scrimmage. Hunt followed up his marvelous debut with 109 total yards and 2TDs against the Eagles too!  Pour one out for the homie David Johnson, the consensus #1 overall draft pick, as he was unfortunately placed on IR with a dislocated wrist last week.

Since I’m sure MB from has all the major news of Week One and Two here, let’s dive into the main reason you clicked on this link; Razzball 2017 RCL updates on Fantrax!

Since the sample size is obviously very limited through only two weeks of football, don’t be too elated or discouraged if you see your squad throughout the rest of the article.  Below, you can see the Top 10 list of most combined fantasy points across all Razzball RCLs:

Razzball RCL Week 2 Top-10
1 Notorious KING Malamoney 275.36 2-0
2 Busan Benchwarmers long (2) 275.18 2-0
3 Big Creek Owls klug 264.5 2-0
4 @capitalmark long (2) 263.24 2-0
5 Killa Beez long (3) 261.34 2-0
6 Dirty Landry long (3) 258.84 2-0
7 INCA WARRIOR Kiner 249.82 1-1
8 Goodlifehere Kiner 249.58 2-0
9 SON stan 242.92 2-0
10 Manhattan Project Long (1) 242.04 1-1

A quick “Captain Obvious” lesson about fantasy football is that there is a positive correlation between the teams listed above and accumulating massive amounts of points and ultimately winning their respective matchups with these top-10 teams combining for 18-2 record!

Congratulations for making it this far into the article, we all certainly appreciate every Razzball reader and commentator!  This next section is where you will get all the juicy gossip about our resident”experts” via the Razzball Writers’ LeagueThe Industry Duds League or the BlogTalkRadio League:

In the Razzball Writers’ League, Son stormed out to an early dominating points lead thanks to the aforementioned Kareem Hunt’s 3TD game to go along with Mike Gillislee’s 3TD game during Week1. Son’s squad didn’t let off the gas on the first Sunday or Monday either by having his top 4 receivers in Julio Jones, Stefon Diggs, Michael Crabtree and Terrelle Pryor Sr. combining for another 53.7 points.  Son’s individual defensive players combined for 25 points as well, which certainly helped his team claim the top spot in the league through the first week of the season with 174.14  points! Son backed up his initial outburst with a second week flurry of fantasy points that saw Hunt, Crabtree and Gronkowski combine for  74 points. Through the first two weeks of the season, Son is 2-0 with 311.2 total points, a whopping 48.6 points ahead of 2nd place “Phil B Shore”. Speaking of “Phil B Shore”, his squad had the top score in Week 2 with a total of 146.12 points thanks to multi-TD games from Todd Gurley and Emmanuel Sanders!



If you want to chat about this article, Fantasy Football in general or nominate any team in your RCL for an award next week, leave a note in the comments section or hit me up on Twitter at @BenKin97 and I’ll get back to ASAP! 

  1. Mike says:

    Between Carson, burns Andrew D. Parker, who would you start at FLEX? I lean Carson, but I like parkers match up again NYJ this week.

  2. benk

    benk says:

    I would start Parker in the FLEX, Cutler seems to like throwing deep to him and the Jets are really bad. The Seahawks offense hasn’t looked good at all this season and there may be some threat from Rawls to take some carries as he gets healthier.

  3. anicholsnj says:

    No mention of the leagues that still have screwed up settings?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @anicholsnj: I went through Jen’s League myself this morning and corrected all issues. Please give heads up if you encounter anything else or if it’s a different league.


      • anicholsnj says:

        @Jay: just sent a quick email, I think we still need a PPR adjustment? Not sure yet if it was fixed for Week 3, but it looks like Week 1 and Week 2 weren’t given the retro PPR points?

      • anicholsnj says:

        @Jay: Jay I saw your note that you posted in Jen’s league. Really appreciate your help. Letting you know that the PPR looks fixed for this week, as well as all previous weeks. Thanks man.

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