Happy Friday Razzballers!

Reid here giving a second column of the week where I dive into a couple of players who are sure to be drafted, but I would highly suggest avoiding. I’ll be sure to do my best Grinch impression at the end of each one. Let’s get right into it.

1). Amari Cooper (ADP – WR16)

If you’ve been reading my previous posts, you should know by now that I absolutely despise the Raiders offense this year. Maybe it’s because Jon Gruden wants to keep a fullback on the field for every play, or that he’s showing tape from the 70’s to his team. Either way, it’s ridiculous and the offensive line will probably fail Derek Carr this year. I say that for two reasons: First is that they added no new pieces and only lost pieces to their line from last year. Second is that Tom Cable is still the O-line coach. Tom Cable is the Hue Jackson of O-line coaches… just complete dumpster fire units out there. We should also point out the obvious here in that you need the QB to have enough time to throw the ball in order for a WR to be productive. So let’s add that mess in with how Jordy Nelson is going to show Carr what a pair of actual receiver hands look like. It should be obvious to anyone who watched the Raiders play last year that Cooper had awful drops for a majority of the season. Jordy, in my opinion, is likely to siphon off enough targets from Cooper that it makes WR16 a ridiculous ranking and nowhere near the value he’ll actually be. Amari Cooperwho… I HATE YOU (this year in fantasy football for where your ADP currently is).

2). Dak Prescott

Oh baby am I excited to throw out hate in this part. The Mississippi State alum can easily hand the ball off to Ezekiel Elliot and chew up the clock. Then, when they need a big gain, they can run play action and throw it to Dez Bry… oh wait. Dez is gone. Scratch that. Let’s try this again. Then, when they need a 10-yard completion for a first down, they can run play action and throw it over the middle to Ol’ Reliable in Jason Wit… oh shit. He’s gone too. Uhh. Well this is awkward. They can throw it to Allen Hurns? I just don’t see how anyone, with the depth at QB this year in fantasy football, can say that they trust this Dallas offense and the weapons at WR to help Prescott be worthy of being drafted… at all. Also, Jason Garrett is in the bottom-5 of my coach rankings. So that doesn’t help either. Dak Prescotwho… I HATE YOU (this year for fantasy football purposes only and probably next year because your owner is the crypt keeper and your head coach is a space cadet).

3). Derrick Henry

Henry is the player you looked at in the 6th round last year when you were on the clock and you figured “Yeah I still need a RB, and the Titans like to run the ball. Sure let’s do it. He can vulture plenty of TD’s.” Except that didn’t happen. And he was, for the most part, the main RB in Tennessee. But hey, DeMarco Murray retired so surely Henry has nobody else to take carries away from him, right? *Dion Lewis sneaks into the back row of the room* Oh that’s right. The Titans just gave Dion Lewis a bunch of money to take a bunch of carries away from Henry. Now consider that Lewis has been productive and comes from New England, where newly minted Titans HC Mike Vrabel was at one point, I’m willing to bet he trusts the guy his former coach known for hoodies trusted more than Derrick Henry, a guy who feels like a constant disappointment for where you have to draft him. To make matters worse, Henry currently has a positional ADP of RB18. That’s 9 spots HIGHER than Lewis. I honestly have no idea how that is possible. If you’re Marcus Mariota and you want to throw the ball to a RB, which guy is more likely to beat the defender? I mean come on. Lewis is going to dominate the RB receptions on this roster. So for one final time, Derrick Henrywho…. I HATE YOU (for constantly letting me and your fantasy owners down based probably on unrealistic expectations of production growth on your end and likely having horrible play calling before).



Thanks for reading everyone. I’ll be back next week with a couple of posts!

  1. Baker's Dozen says:

    Long time listener, first time commenter. On Henry, is your hate based on past let down (been there) as well as current ADP? In other words, is this someone you don’t want on your team no matter what or would draft him if the price is right? I have the chance of keeping Henry for a 7th round pick in a 14 team league and despite some of the same reservations you expressed, I think I have to keep him there based on who I would expect to go around that part of draft. Thoughts?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Reid says:

      @Baker’s Dozen: Thanks for reading!

      For Henry, it’s a little bit of both. For the past two seasons, he has been in a weird spot for drafting purposes. I believe he would be a very valuable RB30 pick this year. But my issue is that in order to grab him, you’ll need to value him roughly RB18 this season. That’s just not good value.

      As for using him as a keeper, 7th round isn’t a horrible decision, but again it depends on the rest of your options. I’ll give an example.

      I have 3 choices for a keeper league I’m in.
      They are: Keenan Allen (4th round), Derrick Henry (6th), and Alex Collins (14th).

      A lot of it for me comes down to upside. The ceiling for Henry this year, with Dion Lewis siphoning off significant touches is probably a mediocre RB2. And THATS THE CEILING!

      So for me, it’s between Allen and Collins. Luckily for you, this is the subject of my next post. So I’ll go into the numbers and explain what I ended up doing and the justification for that.

  2. Allan says:

    Hey Reid I’ve got the 2nd pick in our rookie draft and with Guice going down I’m not sure where to go. Who do you like? Full point ppr. Also as a dynasty owner and avid Bama fan I really hope you’re wrong about Coop. Thanks.

    • Reid says:

      @Allan: Hey Allan. Thanks for reading!

      As for the 2nd pick in a rookie draft. I think I would be torn between Ronald Jones (TB) or DJ Moore (Car). I don’t think you could go wrong either way. I absolutely love Moore as a playmaker and Jones should see a lot of work in the TB backfield for years to come.

      I hear you on the Coop hope. I thought he was Julio 2.0 when he came out. I just think the circumstances with Oakland and everything regarding the offensive philosophy and personnel will make it tough to justify his ADP this year.

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