I’ll be honest… I haven’t paid much attention to rest of season rankings in my fantasy football playing time. So when MB asked me to rank the top 80 flex players the rest of the way it was a new adventure for me. Often times when you do something new it brings an entirely new perspective to the entire process. With that in mind when I finished my list the first thing I did was check to compare to the industry. The differences I found most significant are listed below and I will continue to call those major differences out with an explanation and blurb on a weekly basis. Hopefully you find these rest of season rankings useful and it can stir up some discussion. These rankings are without QBs and based on half PPR setting in a standard 1 QB/2 RB/2-3 WR/1 Flex league. The rankings shouldn’t necessarily be used for a trade value chart, they are a combination of past success and current situation to quantify a future value in my eyes. Use that mindset and apply that value to your team’s current context in terms of league standings and roster construction before making any transactions.

Le’Veon Bell #5 – Bell is on the field for 95% of the snaps in an offense that will be getting back a competent quarterback. He is past the bye week. The schedule is tough for the next month then gets incredibly light on the back half. He will catch 80 passes and fall into the end zone on accident 8 times minimum with that snap percentage. In today’s NFL environment that will provide elite numbers.

Mike Evans/Chris Godwin #9/#17 – My favorite component of the Bucs passing game is that it is highly concentrated, with over 50% target share between the two main components in Evans and Godwin. They are combining for 65% of the team Air Yards. The Bucs are going to keep pushing the ball in the passing game and both players are on pace for 140 targets.

Todd Gurley #13 – I’m in the minority, but Todd Gurley’s performance in week 4 was encouraging to me. Gurley only ran the ball 5 times, but the team fell into a negative game script early. Gurley played 70% of the snaps, which he has done 3 of 4 games this season. Malcolm Brown vultured 2 TDs in week 1, but since that time he has 2 red zone rushing attempts and Gurley has 9. The Rams are not running the ball well, with teams manipulating the line of scrimmage to mimic what Vic Fangio did in 2018 with the Bears. This concept is taking away the outside zone run. However, in the second half of the Browns game in week 3 it looked like Sean McVay finally took the inside gaps teams have been conceding. McVay will ultimately start taking what the defense is giving him. The Rams may have had plans to rest Gurley throughout the year for the playoffs, but they are being pushed in the division and won’t have that opportunity.

Melvin Gordon #27 – I’m very concerned Gordon has worked himself into a 50-50 split with Austin Ekeler.

Josh Gordon #31 – The combination of Antonio Brown getting released and the rest of seasons schedule for the Patriots makes me believe Gordon has 100 highly quality targets coming to him in the last 12 weeks of 2019.

Joe Mixon #33 – The Bengals overall aren’t as bad as an 0-4 record, but this offensive line is one of the worst in football. Mixon is only playing 60-70% of the snaps, and they aren’t throwing him the ball when they are down. This is a very bad situation.

Marquise Brown #40 – I detailed my love for Brown last week here. His 7 targets against the Browns did nothing to quell that.

Phillip Lindsay #41 – We are approaching a point with running backs in fantasy football that teams who utilize less than three running backs and are committed to providing touches to those backs are handing us value. Lindsay falls into that category and has broken tackles at a nearly 20% clip this season.

Jordan Howard #56 – Miles Sanders is dancing through holes on a weekly basis and Howard looks to be taking the job over. Don’t forget that the Eagles handed Jay Ajayi 15+ carries in 2 of the weeks prior to him tearing his ACL in 2018. I’m not sure this will cut into Sanders snap share tremendously, but I see Darren Sproles being phased out. The Eagles have an elite offensive line, and just being the goal line back on a team likely to make the playoffs and score frequently can provide value.


Rank Name Prev Rank
1 Christian McCaffrey
2 Ezekiel Elliott
3 Alvin Kamara
4 Dalvin Cook
5 Le’Veon Bell
6 DeAndre Hopkins
7 Julio Jones
8 Keenan Allen
9 Mike Evans
10 David Johnson
11 Nick Chubb
12 Odell Beckham Jr
13 Todd Gurley
14 Davante Adams
15 Leonard Fournette
16 Chris Carson
17 Chris Godwin
18 Michael Thomas
19 Travis Kelce
20 Kerryon Johnson
21 Tyreek Hill
22 Derrick Henry
23 Amari Cooper
24 Cooper Kupp
25 James Conner
26 Tyler Lockett
27 Melvin Gordon
28 Marlon Mack
29 Aaron Jones
30 Robert Woods
31 Josh Gordon
32 TY Hilton
33 Joe Mixon
34 Zach Ertz
35 George Kittle
36 Saquon Barkley
37 Josh Jacobs
38 Tyler Boyd
39 Mark Ingram
40 Marquise Brown
41 Phillip Lindsay
42 Evan Engram
43 Sammy Watkins
44 Kenny Golladay
45 Adam Thielen
46 Brandin Cooks
47 Julian Edelman
48 Stefon Diggs
49 Darren Waller
50 Devonta Freeman
51 Juju Smith-Schuster
52 Larry Fitzgerald
53 Austin Ekeler
54 Allen Robinson
55 David Montgomery
56 Jordan Howard
57 Sterling Shepard
58 LeSean McCoy
59 James White
60 D.J. Moore
61 Alshon Jeffery
62 Robby Anderson
63 John Brown
64 Matt Breida
65 Sony Michel
66 Tevin Coleman
67 Emmanuel Sanders
68 Marquez Valdes-Scantling
69 Damien Williams
70 Ronald Jones
71 Christian Kirk  –
72 Terry McLaurin  –
73 Calvin Ridley  –
74 Mark Andrews  –
75 Royce Freeman  –
76 Carlos Hyde  –
77 Tyrell Williams  –
78 Kenyan Drake  –
79 Jamison Crowder  –
80 DeSean Jackson  –

  1. Snacks Zillion says:

    Thank you, I was hoping Razz Ball could do a list like this, very cool.

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      Thank for reading Snacks.

  2. Aardvark says:

    I just traded my David Montgomery for Ronald Jones in a re draft league. I think rojo has more skill and will have a lot more opportunity in that Bucs offense. Bears offense is a bit of a dumpster fire. What do you think of the trade?

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      I probably prefer Montgomery. His touch count keeps going up, snap count is going up, and I do think overall they will play more games ahead over the rest of the season. However, Montgomery does have the same dance through the hole issue as Miles Sanders. It doesn’t take long for that to wear thin on coaches. It’s possible you could come out ahead in the end. Jones has a lot of talent, but has been inconsistent himself so far.

  3. Boston Mike says:

    Love it! Based on this… you prefer MelGo over Saquon? I am also worried that Ekler will cut into MelGo touches. I was offered MelGo straight up for Saquon in our keeper league. Trying to take advantage of promising Saquon news and a better keeper value due to hold out. Thanks

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      The injured elite guys are by far the most difficult thing to rank in this list. I didn’t want to just remove them so I had to find a comfortable spot from this point forward where they could rise as the weeks pass. Basically Saquon is going to move up 5-10 spots every week until he comes back and then will be #1 again in all likelihood. My advice would be if you aren’t desperate, aka you are winning and you have a stopgap RB you can plug in and give you a good chance to win I would hold on to Saquon, but if you are losing and going to start an rb off of the wire it might be a bit more of a conversation. In terms of Gordon, it’s possible he rises quickly back into the top 12, but I was a bit down on him going into the season and I think it’s possible that the Chargers will go somewhere in between 60-40 to 50-50 with he and Ekeler. If that happens and his TD rate just returns to slightly below 1 per game he is going to be on the RB1/2 line at best.

  4. Kenny says:

    No love for Kenny Golladay? Behind guys like Boyd and Watkins who have big stars returning in front of them soon?

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      Thank for the read.

      Kenny G is a conundrum for me. I was on the Lions preseason to be better than most people believed and I continue to believe that. I think that hurts Golladay a bit as it is going to reduce the volume of plays they run. He was actually behind TJ Hockenson in red zone targets prior to him bouncing his head off the turf last week. If Hockenson is gone for a significant amount of time it would be a boost. He does have a ton of air yards just concerned about td share compared to 2018. He is one of the more mobile guys on this list.

      In terms of Watkins I’m not sure that Tyreek coming back eats into his overall targets that much I think he hovers around 8 per game in the best offense in football that honestly looks like they might just stay very pass heavy and let Mahomes dominate. For Boyd I just can’t imagine him not getting double digit targets in 80%+ of the game remaining. He is the only person left. I actually think he is really similar to Golladay’s situation last year without the freak athleticism. TDs will be hard to come by but naturally it will happen. Until I hear good news on injury front or that they aren’t dealing AJ green he is out of sight and out of mind.

  5. Donkey Teeth

    Donkey Teeth says:

    Awesome! Great work, Pat!

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      Appreciate it DT!

  6. Donkey Teeth

    Donkey Teeth says:

    I think the name that sticks out to me most is Robby Anderson. I’d have a hard time ranking him top 100 at this point. But maybe Darnold’s return will cure all….as long as he doesn’t infect all.

    Drake seems high too. Hope you’re right.

    Love the aggressive rankings of Godwin, Kerryon, Kupp, Marquise and Waller!

  7. Pat

    Pat says:

    Yea honestly I think now that we see the Bills defense as elite it provides an explanation for 1000 targets for Crowder in week 1. Darnold handled that defense better than Brady and the Jets schedule might be the easiest in football after they play the Pats week 7. Anderson is an elite talent just needs someone to provide the football. They could be a second half fantasy darling if Darnold’s spleen doesn’t explode.

    Drake is going to be the guy who we look at the end of the year with 150 dull fantasy points and we say is that man really they RB28? It’s not fun but it has a use. Hoping he gets traded honestly.

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Been hoping for the Drake trade also. He’s almost impossible to start at this point…outside of really deep leagues.

  8. Jaco says:


    I’m struggling at WR (ppr league) and wondering who to roster. Can you please pick 5 of the below to roster at wr?

    Alshon, marquise, Kirk, McLaurin, Shepard, Sutton, Emmanuel Sanders, Dorsett, diontae, Valdes-Scantling


    • Pat

      Pat says:

      Man that’s a ton of close choices, basically a lottery. Hollywood, Kirk, MVS, Shepherd, Manny Sanders I suppose. I think Diontae and Dorsett are the easiest to remove out. McLaurin is a very difficult cut and I would have no problems just keeping him as a toss up between all of the players aside from Hollywood.

  9. Jaco says:

    Why was my comment not approved by moderator….

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      I’m guessing you pushed submit twice and it rejected the second one

  10. Steve says:

    Better QB ros, Winston or Murray, standard scoring.


    • Steve says:

      Is it close? Thanks

      • Pat

        Pat says:

        I’m actually going to cover both of these offenses in my article tomorrow with Arizona being a ROS outlook and TB a this week outlook but I would keep Winston. It’s possible Kyler out scores him ROS but I wouldn’t put it as likely. Kyler schedule is going to get a bit lighter but I just don’t see the Bucs stopping throwing the ball down field and Winston has a ton of confidence right now.

  11. Wacha Wacha says:

    I just got offered Jacobs for Ingram straight up in non ppr. I was going to decline but you made me rethink. I know they are super close but what’s your rationale on Jacobs vs Ingram? Thanks!

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      It’s razor thin. I basically just looked at the two and said who is likliest to get more touches rest of season. I think it will be Jacobs by enough to beat the value of a touch in their respective offenses. Wouldn’t blame you for just keeping your guy, but if you did want to do it if your league has a trade pending period make sure you engage the other owner at a point where you will have Ingram for this week. Jacobs is going to have a tough time in London.

  12. Turkey Flyer says:

    Glad to see McLaurin and Jones II on the list. My decades long keeper woe’s might be coming to an end, lol.

    Thanks Pat Pimp Rank Maestro

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      Guess I have something new to call myself around the house.

  13. WI says:

    Pat you’re doing great work, thank you.
    I’m in a great spot. Zeke, Melvin, James White, Kareem are my RBs.
    Amari, Mike Ev, DJ Moore, McLaurin are my receivers.

    Now, I’m being offered Odell, Dave Montgomery, and AJ Brown/Deebo from the last place team in a half PPR, 12-team.
    He wants Melvin, Terry and DJ Moore in return. He’d also take either of those two receivers with Melvin and James White.

    I’m sitting pretty right now and don’t feel the need to rock the boat, but even so, this trade is pretty enticing.
    I would love your take!

  14. WI says:

    PAT. You’re doing great work, thank you.
    I’m in a good position:
    RBs- Zeke, Melvin, James White, Breida, Kareem
    WRs- Mike Ev, Amari, DJ Moore, McLaurin
    Lamar and Waller top it off.

    Opponent in last place is offering Odell, Dave Montgomery, and AJ Brown or Deebo. He wants:
    A) Melvin, Terry, Moore, or:
    B) Melvin, Terry/Moore, White.

    I don’t feel the need to rock the boat, but the offers intrigue me.
    Would love your take!!

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      see below. No idea how I always miss pushing reply.

  15. Pat

    Pat says:

    I wouldn’t even consider B because it would leave you pretty thin if Breida falls out of touches for some reason and Montgomery is trending up but could potentially remain a roller coast.

    Trade A is pretty good. The gap between ODB and DJ Moore is arguably wider than the gap between Montgomery and Melvin. I don’t think this is a trade you necessarily NEED to make which always gives me pause about making it and It is within the range of outcomes that Melvin gets 70% of snaps and is a top 12 back again. Personally, I don’t think that will happen, but it is possible. It’s a good deal if you have concerns about MG3. If you think his role is going to be bigger than I do then I would say go for it. It would be nice to get one week at this weekends action though.

  16. Tellmetodoit! says:

    Anyone still here?

    In a keeper league, im considering this trade (it’s a lost season for me, but I still want to try and get “lucky” to see if I can squeak into the playoffs.

    Background: 2 qb league, 12 teams, keeper league.

    Qbs: Watson/Goff/Rudolph
    Rbs: mack/Sanders (Murray and brown Too)
    Wr: ADAms/Chark/Sanders

    Would you trade Goff for: Minshew/marquise brown/jayluen samuels..


    • Pat

      Pat says:

      If you are willining to take the risk I would make the deal with the thought that minshews keeps the gap between himself and Goff close enough that the upgrade at WR and Rb. Specifically if it goes through this week so you can start brown with no Adams. I would normally prefer the Goff side but if you need to take on risk to try to sneak in go for it.

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