You may think putting NFL players names next to a number 1-80 in an excel spreadsheet is easy but LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING!!!

It is.

Getting the right names… in the right order… slightly more difficult.

The toughest component I’ve found to establishing the rest of seasons rankings is deciphering current injury situations and how the reintegration of personnel will affect team’s offenses moving forward. With that in mind, this week I thought it would be more beneficial to detail some situations that are questionable, and some players in the top 30 with significant injury news.

Team Situations Putting My Brain in a Blender:

  • Kansas City Chiefs Running Game – The easiest way to win in fantasy football is to find the most predictable week over week usage. I’ve harped on the Bucs passing game for weeks for this exact reason. The Chiefs running back situation is the complete opposite. The snap counts are see-sawing on a weekly basis, the touches aren’t consistent, and it’s possible Andy Reid forgot that running the football is an option. LeSean Mccoy (#79) has plummeted down the ROS rankings, and Damien Williams completely off. If one of these players starts stepping forward, they have a chance to be a league winner, but with their playoff schedule I’ll let someone else assume that risk.
  • Los Angeles Chargers Offense – The LA Chargers are bad. They are 22nd in overall DVOA and it’s fair to say that they are firmly within the bottom 10 teams in the NFL. That doesn’t necessarily translate to poor fantasy numbers, but with the return of Hunter Henry (#60) the Chargers decided to move him into the slot on an abundant percentage of routes. This made Henry the featured player versus a Steelers team that is vulnerable against dynamic slot personnel. What was once a cemented situation for Keenan Allen (#16) is slowly converting into a hazy mess. My fear is that this will flatten out the opportunities for everyone including Austin Ekeler (#65) who is going to continue a 55/45 snap split with Melvin Gordon (#31) it seems.
  • Green Bay Packers Running Backs – It’s fair to say Aaron Jones (#30) was terrible on Monday night, but everyone… including myself missed the fact that Jones only played 68% of the offensive snaps in his week 5 breakout. This coupled with his poor performance is making the 50/50 split between Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones that Matt LaFleur has shown a preference for more likely. I’m holding Jones in the top 30 for one more week to see if he gets all the goal line work, but for an offensive line that isn’t a top 10 run blocking unit this situation is teetering closer to fantasy headache than meets the eye. They don’t run the ball with the volume, nor the efficiency of the 49ers.
  • New England PatriotsSony Michel (#42) received a bevy of carries against the Giants. His touch count deserves a higher ranking. He was vultured by Tommy Sneaks twice last Thursday and could’ve had a huge night, but Rex Burkhead’s return coupled with a tougher upcoming schedule is going to keep fantasy owners frustrated with the Patriots running game distribution, per usual.

Significant Injury Situations:

  • Alvin Kamara (#6) – I’ve bumped Kamara down, albeit slightly, based on the reported high ankle sprain he has picked up. It looks like he is 50-50 to play this week, but my true fear isn’t a multiple week absence. My true fear is Latavius Murray succeeding, and the 60/40 snap share we saw in week 6 becoming the norm.
  • James Conner (#19) – I’ve held Conner firm with a week to recover from a reported quad injury. Conner’s re-upped usage in the passing game versus the Chargers is the most encouraging thing his owners can see. Hopefully we get full injury clearance early next week.
  • Davante Adams (#26) – Touched on Adams last week.
  • Todd Gurley (#28) – Gurley snake bit me in last weeks rankings and is essentially the reason for the approach to this week’s article. Gurley remains in a high scoring offense. He played over 90% of the snaps in week 5. I brushed off the news early last week on Gurley’s quad as it seemed marginal with him finishing the contest, and the ordinary nature of the reporting on the injury. It turned out to be more severe than reported. I am now concerned that his overall injury likelihood for the rest of the season is escalated from an already elevated baseline. Additionally, Darrell Henderson looked like a player vying for a significant portion of the offense. If you have Gurley he could easily return to a 90% snap share. The Rams have an average rest of seasons schedule. He can move back up quickly as the Rams will be desperate for wins the rest of the season, but until we see him back on the field and the usage above 75% again, tread carefully.
Rank Name Previous Rank
1 Christian McCaffrey 1
2 Saquon Barkley 5
3 Ezekiel Elliott 2
4 Dalvin Cook 3
5 Tyreek Hill 12
6 Alvin Kamara 4
7 Le’Veon Bell 8
8 DeAndre Hopkins 6
9 Julio Jones 7
10 Chris Godwin 10
11 Michael Thomas 9
12 Leonard Fournette 14
13 Nick Chubb 15
14 David Johnson 16
15 Mike Evans 17
16 Keenan Allen 11
17 Chris Carson 18
18 Odell Beckham Jr 19
19 James Conner 20
20 Cooper Kupp 21
21 Derrick Henry 24
22 Travis Kelce 23
23 Josh Jacobs 29
24 Marlon Mack 27
25 George Kittle 32
26 Amari Cooper 22
27 Davante Adams 28
28 Kerryon Johnson 26
29 Todd Gurley 13
30 Tyler Lockett 30
31 Aaron Jones 25
32 Melvin Gordon 31
33 Tyler Boyd 33
34 Mark Ingram 36
35 TY Hilton 39
36 Phillip Lindsay 40
37 Julian Edelman 47
38 Robert Woods 34
39 Zach Ertz 37
40 Adam Thielen 41
41 Kenny Golladay 44
42 Tevin Coleman 51
43 Sony Michel 46
44 Joe Mixon 42
45 Marquise Brown 43
46 Allen Robinson 45
47 Larry Fitzgerald 48
48 Jordan Howard 49
49 Matt Breida 50
50 D.J. Chark 55
51 D.J. Moore 57
52 Alshon Jeffery 62
53 Devonta Freeman 54
54 Carlos Hyde 66
55 David Montgomery 52
56 Robby Anderson 64
57 Josh Gordon 35
58 Darren Waller 58
59 Evan Engram 59
60 Stefon Diggs 65
61 Hunter Henry NR
62 Michael Gallup 69
63 James White 60
64 Brandin Cooks 61
65 Will Fuller 68
66 Austin Ekeler 38
67 JuJu Smith-Schuster 56
68 Sammy Watkins 63
69 Mark Andrews 70
70 Austin Hooper 71
71 Terry McLaurin 77
72 Mike Williams NR
73 Courtland Sutton 72
74 Calvin Ridley 73
75 Royce Freeman 75
76 Curtis Samuel NR
77 Devin Singletary NR
78 Kenyan Drake 79
79 Miles Sanders NR
80 LeSean McCoy 67

  1. Money Mike says:

    I was offered Golden Gate for my DJ chark… who has more value ROS? 12 team PPR league

    • Money Mike says:

      Lol Golden Tate

      • Pat

        Pat says:

        Surprised nobody has used that before actually. I’d prefer Chark. I’m kot convinced Tate has a very high week to week target share once all the weapons are back. Chark seems to be the primary target in that offense in terms of air yards. Keep your Chark.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where is Amari Cooper?

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      Jesus… I had him off to the side all week waiting for injury news. I settled on him at 26 right in front of Davante Adams based on lack of news really. Oddly I cross check this with the previous weeks rankings to see who dropped so I’m not sure how I missed it but apologies.

  3. Kevin says:

    Was offered Tevin Coleman for Amari Cooper (who has a tough second half schedule). Current RB’s are CMC, Ingram, Singletary, White. WR are Jones, Cupp, Godwin, Cooper, AJ Green, and A Tate. Would you make the swap? Saw Cooper wasn’t in the top 80.

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      Cooper not in top 80 was an error. Comment above. Would put him around 26. I would hold. I think you can do slightly better than Coleman and know you could if not for injury concerns. That’s a pretty nasty group of wrs. I see your concern at rb but I think Singletary can prop you up. Might be better to wait for a cooper return.

  4. Wacha Wacha says:

    Last week you made a pretty good case for Jacobs over Ingram imo. Could you explain the distance between waller and Andrews in your rankings? Thanks!

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      Of course! For me, the targets per game are similar but with Tyrell Williams injury rumblings it is possible that Waller will be option #1 (debate able between he and Jacobs) in the red zone. For Andrews I’m not sure that will ever be the case because option 1/2 will likely always be Lamar and Ingrams legs. Don’t forget that Wallers floor game came in a game in which they had an early 2 possession lead on the Bears. I’m not sure they will have many more game scripts like that rest of season.

  5. Colonel Sanders says:

    Thinking about sending Aaron Rodgers and Mike Evans for Hopkins. Good idea?

    14 team PPR

    QB: Kyler, Rodgers
    RB: Carson, Mack, Sanders, Malcolm Brown.
    WR: M. Thomas, M. Evans, W. Fuller, Agholor, Pringle
    TE: Hooper

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      Rodgers is meaningless to me, but make sure you have a 2nd qb on ww who can at least fill the bye in a 14 teamed and I would prefer Hopkins to Evans so have no problem making the deal. Relatively even honestly so normally I don’t make even deals but the floor weekly with Hopkins is going to be better than Evans. If that’s valuable to you feel free to make the trade.

  6. Nightpandas says:

    Hey man nice list

    I’m in a keep 3 std 12 team league

    Rb (start 2) : Kamara, Gurley, Mack, Henderson, Lat Murray, Edmonds
    Wr (start 2): Thomas, Gallup, Hollywood, Shepard, TyrellWill, GTate, Sutton
    Flex (start 2)

    Got 2 offers : my Edmonds and a 4th pick for his Ito Smith and a 3rd

    My Lat Murray and a 2nd pick for his TColeman and a 6th

    I’m 3-3 and still in the race

    Would you do these ?

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      Not sure I’d do either. I just can’t imagine you ever starting Ito Smith even if Freeman somehow ceased to exist. Keep the Chase Edmond upside. I’m really hoping the Cardinals find a way to get both Edmonds and DJ on the field at the same time more. Edmonds certainly is flashing. The second trade is much closer but with Kamara potentially having a nagging injury you might be better served to keep Murray just in case. I do like Coleman but I also think the Niners are a bit over their head right now. That difference between the two picks in a keep 3 league is also pretty significant. You are basically getting back an 8/9 pick which holds very little value. If you think you can get through the weekend to see what happens with Kamara’s ankle versus the Bears and revisit it next week that might be your best move.

  7. Stumanji! says:

    I just made a 2 for 1 trade so I have an open roster spot. Obviously you don’t know who’s available in my league, but the waiver wire is picked pretty clean so I’m looking for more of a dart throw. Even most of RB handcuffs are rostered. Can you name a guy or two that’s currently not a top 30-40 RB or WR that may have value later in the year? Right now my best options look like Mark Walton, Geronimo Allison, Nyheim Hines. Any other sleepers that I should take a look at?

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      I’ve got a blurb about Davante Parker and Preston Williams in tomorrows article for this exact situation.

  8. PB&J says:

    Hey Pat,

    What side do you like in a 1/2 PPR

    Kupp for Miles Sanders and Thielen?


    • Pat

      Pat says:

      Probably Kupp. Theilen is succeeding on an unsustainable td rate right now. Miles Sanders snap percentage actually went down last week so really this deal comes down to if you think Doug Pedersen starts playing him and utilizing him in the passing game then it becomes a good deal. I don’t trust Doug P so I wouldn’t.

      • PB&J says:

        Thanks, Pat. Good luck this week.

  9. phil says:

    Is Hockenson a bust or are better days coming?

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      Don’t know if you’re going to find a better option at tight end if he is currently your best option. I think he can have some success Stafford looks his way in the red zone quite a bit.

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