I did a draft at the site RotoBowl the other day in hopes that I can win some big money and thought I’d take a look see at my team out here in the light of day. I’m always afraid of what I might see! Before we get on with the show I’m also doing a salary cap league over there and they gave us a nice deal if you use the promo code 15OFF to get $15 off your entry which makes it $9.95. I’m a salary cap fiend so I couldn’t pass that up. Anyway, on to my team. Let’s see how bad they suck.

2. Adrian Peterson: I was all set to take Ray Rice at #2 here since it is a 1 PPR league., but was scooped and had to settle for AP. I’ll take it.

23. Steven Jackson: I don’t have a ton of faith in SJax, but do feel like he’ll have more room to roam in McDaniels’ offense and will see more goal line looks. At 23 overall he has plenty of value.

26. Mike Wallace: You know my love for Mike Wallace goes all 60 Minutes. At 26 overall I was giddy to take him, even in PPR. And I have never been giddy in my entire life.

47. Mario Manningham: I reached on Mario a little here, but I’m going for upside for the most part and Manningham has plenty to go around. And I had Jermichael Finley queued up and he went RIGHT before my pick. I cried.

50. Mark Ingram: I’m sticking to my prediction of 10+ touchdowns for Ingram. That makes him worth a pick here.

71. Tony Romo: I am very happy that Antonio dropped to me here. I’ve been trying to get him in every draft, but of course got stuck in the Peyton Manning vortex when I thought I was stealing him. I wasn’t.

74. Joseph Addai: I think Carter hurts his value a lot this year, but he will be useful in PPR all season.

95. Danny Amendola: My PPR stud.

98. Jared Cook: I was scooped on the tight ends I wanted so I waited and grabbed Cook. I’m liking him quite a bit and think his upside is top 5 like.

119. Willis McGahee: I don’t love him, but he’s in a run first offense and gets the goal line chances. His opportunity is probably better than his skill.

122. Joe Flacco: Flacco is a strong backup for Romo. The addition of Lee Evans should help him.

143. Stevan Ridley: I love me some Ridley. He’s a project, but I like him to take over eventually.

146. Lance Kendricks: Cook paired with Kendricks is perfect for the tight end position if you wait. Both have breakout potential. I think I can get at least top 10 production from them, hopefully more.

167. Denarius Moore: Took a flier on the preseason wonder Moore here. He could end up the #1 receiver in Oakland with Zach Miller gone.

170. Jacquizz Rodgers: My high upside running back back ups were getting scooped right and left. I like Rodgers, but his path to enough touches is cloudy.

191. Victor Cruz: If he wins the slot position in New York he should get a goodly amount of targets, especially now that the Giants’ defense is falling apart.

194. Brent Celek: Since tight ends can be flexed I was hoping to grab Finley and then upside guys like Cook and Kendricks, but it just didn’t work out so I decided to grab Celek here. I think he’ll see more looks than last season.

215. Cam Newton: Unfortunately during the draft I noticed that Flacco and Romo had the same bye. I like Newton’s upside and needed a fill in.

218. Alex Henery: Eagles kicker. He plays for the Eagles.

239. Cleveland Browns: They face Dalton, Collins, then Henne to start the season.

  1. joel says:


    in my non-ppr league, my qbs are romo and stafford. My tes are olsen and kendricks (waited). My rbs are CJ2K, Ingram, Jacobs and Mcgahee.

    I can trade: Stafford, Ingram and Olsen for Kolb, Blount and Owen daniels. What do u think? (tds worth 5 points across the board, 1 pt per 20 yds)


  2. timSTi says:

    @Doc: 12tm non PPR, Fitzpatrick is best available Manning replacement. Who do I drop? D.Thomas, L.Moore, J.Starks, or J.Ford?

    Don’t like having to drop any of them but I need a QB.

  3. Chunk says:

    @timSTi: I’d say drop Ford, especially after what was said here about D. Moore. Depends on the rest of your team, are you deeper at RB or WR?
    @joel: I like it for you, even though stafford’s gonna be a beast.

    My question:
    Starks or Carter?
    Antonio Brown or Ford?

    Thanks Doc, and whoever else

  4. timSTi says:

    @Chunk: Foster, DeAngelo, & Matthews .. Marshall, Austin.. thats the rest of my WR/RB’s…

  5. sos says:

    14 team league with an offensive player position, thus making qb very valuable, I only have flacco and McGown at qb due to taking over a poor keeper team. Was offered gore/stafford for jc. Do i do it?

  6. Chunk says:

    @timSTi: I’d still drop Ford. Decent wideouts are easier to come by on waivers, and you’ll definitely want some backups for your solid yet injury-prone RBs.

    @sos: Ugh. As painful as it would be to give up JC, it’s a solid trade that will benefit your team. stafford and flacco is a solid 1-2 QB duo, and Gore isn’t JC but he’ll be a serviceable RB1.

    But damn, JC would be a SICK keeper, maybe see if you can give up a lesser RB+WR for just stafford, or something. They’re probably stacked at QB if they are willing to part with Staff. My advice is (almost) never take the first trade offered; always see if you can squeeze a little more for a little less.

  7. sos says:

    @Chunk: Thanks for the response, yeah, I think you’re right and it’s a keep one type of thing so JC would be it. What about Britt for Stafford/Ocho?

  8. Projectbass says:

    non-ppr (standard)

    Who would you start this week at WR/TE, Sidney Rice (@SF) or Jered Cook (@JAC)?

  9. Doc

    Doc says:

    @joel: You upgrade at TE, but I feel like you can find help there elsewhere as the season goes along and I like Kendricks. Blount and Ingram are a wash for me and Stafford is much better than Kolb. I say nay.

    @timSTi: Well, it’s probably Ford.

    @Chunk: I like Starks in PPR, Carter in non. And Ford.

    @sos: Not the best in a keeper to get rid of JC, but I think you have to risk it to upgrade from McCown.

    @Projectbass: Keep an eye on the injury report for Rice. If he is full go I’d start Rice, if not, Cook.

  10. Projectbass says:

    .5 PPR league

    Who would you start at flex for week 1, Mike Thomas (vs. TEN) or Benson (@ CLE)?

  11. Projectbass says:

    @Projectbass: non-PPR league
    If Rice is a no go, would you start Collie or Amendola over Cook?

  12. Cole says:

    @Doc: I feel really good about McCluster getting 10-15 touches a game once the season wares on making him a decent own in a 12 team league for flex purposes. What do you think?

  13. exactly says:

    Hey Doc, I’m in a crazy 12 team, PPR, 6pt TDs, 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, RB/WR, QB/RB/WR/TE league (plus IDP)…and I went RB heavy in my draft and ended up with: Ray Rice, Forte, Hillis and Greene…in my format I can start all 4 or start 3 and two of my QBs (Romo, Sanchez or Henne).

    So for week 1…would you rather start Greene or Sanchez at my 2nd flex position?


  14. Mark says:

    Start Romo or Stafford this week?

  15. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : Am I missing something in my league? Some guy just dropped Lance Moore and another used his waiver priority to grab Prater and dropped Matt Bryant?

  16. will says:

    Doc: I need a solid backup RB. I have SJax and Hillis, but since I missed the draft I ended up with a bunch of WR’s (Fitz, Bowe, Colston, S. Johnson, and Manningham) and only a few RB options outside of my main 2 (McGahee and Ricky Williams)

    Question, do I stick with what I have? Continue to try and trade a WR for an RB? (I have been unsuccessful so far), or pick up an RB off of FA like (the only one’s left are backups like Donald Brown, Kendall Hunter, Helu, etc.)?

    Any ideas? Who should I drop if I need to pickup another RB? Which WR should I try to trade? Or should I just hold until we see how the season starts off?

  17. trick dad says:

    PPR league, which two WR’s to start this week: Britt, Marshall, Harvin, Welker, Collie? Thanks!

  18. Exactly says:

    Doc, 12 team PPR league, my WRs are S. Johnson, Amendola, M. Thomas, L. Moore, Meachem, Little and E. Bennett.

    My TE is A. Hernandez…drop Bennett for Cook?

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Exactly: I’d hold for now.

    @trick dad: Welker/Marshall

    @will: I think you should drop Ricky for Hunter, but hold for now since you’ve already tried trading WRs.

    @Mark: Stafford

    @Mr2Bits: Moore is out for this game due to his groin injury, but I’m holding. Nothing wrong with Bryant as far as I know.

    @exactly: Sanchez

    @Cole: Tough to say. That’s quite few looks.

    @Projectbass: I’d go with Cook

    @Projectbass: Benson

  20. Eng says:

    Help needed asap my man. In a QB plus QB flex league, would you trade Starks for Kerry Collins if you only had one fit QB (the other is Peyton)?

  21. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Eng: Who’s on the wire?

  22. will says:

    Kendricks or Mercedes Lewis at TE?

  23. Eng says:

    It’s a desolate place. Shaun Hill is the best of no one. QBs go very early our draft (I went 1st and 2nd) as did 2 other mangers. All other backups were drafted too. This deal would be a trade, I’m just worried about Peyton but if Collins won’t score more than Starks then I’l just hold since it’s a flex.

    BTW, you’re help is very much appreciated. Really enjoyed reading your stuff this pre season.

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Eng: That’s really tough. I think Collins will outscore Starks for a while. It’s kind of short term, but I think it could work for you. Be ready to pounce on another QB.

  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    @will: I’d lean Marcedes this week.

  26. Eng says:

    Cool, thanks again man. I’ll likely get trade Starks even though I like him and I’ll be on the lookout for a QB. I have Tebow and Matt Flynn on my bench, either of those droppable for Shaun Hill?

    I’ll quit asking questions now, you’ve been more than enough help.

  27. will says:

    Vick is my QB, do you like Cutler or McCoy as a backup QB?

  28. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: hi, please share your thoughts. 10-team, 6pts/td, 25yds/1pt, 15 WEEK NO PLAYOFF league (best overall record wins): Have Orton as only QB now, would you outright cut manning for Cutler (only decent qb with upside on waivers?), etc.

  29. Plaxidental Discharge says:

    1 point per 10 yards rushing and recieving
    6 points rushing and recieveing TD’s
    Non PPR

    Who do I start at flex this week?

    Marshawn Lynch, Brandon Jacobs, Julio Jones?

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