I don’t even want to talk about the week seven injuries, but I suppose I have to considering they play such a huge role in this crazy fake game we play.  We lost four offensive players for the rest of the season last Sunday.  Earnest Graham, Tim Hightower, Kerry Collins, and Chris Cooley.  Done.  Just like that.  Others suffered injuries that will keep them out this week and beyond, and at this critical point in the fantasy season we can’t afford to lose many more players.  You already know this, but it’s going to happen.  It happens every week.  Eff me in the effin’ eff.

That’s why we play this maddening game of fantasy pigskin though, isn’t it?  Not because of the injuries of course, but because of the challenge we face of having to deal with those injuries.  In it’s own weird way, dealing with these injuries is one thing that makes this game so fun.  Am I the only one who thinks that way?  Damn.  I don’t think my medication has kicked in yet.  Forget all that.  Injuries suck serious ass.  I mean suck serious, serious, Oprah Winfrey sized ass.

Brace yourself – this isn’t going to be pretty.



It appears all those NFL rules to keep players healthy are really paying off.


This list is getting long and I’m not happy about it.


Probable Quarterbacks: Cam Newton (stomach virus), Matthew Stafford (ankle), Tony Romo (ribs), Matt Hasselbeck (thumb), Tarvaris Jackson (chest).

Running Backs

Peyton Hillis (hamstring): Questionable.  Hillis didn’t practice on Thursday and NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora said that everyone he has talked to suggests Hillis will be out this week.  San Francisco allows the fewest fantasy points to opposing running backs, so even if Hillis plays he’s only a deep league flex play at best.  I’d make other plans.

Beanie Wells (knee): Questionable.  Adam Schefter tweeted that Beanie Wells is expected to play today against Baltimore.  It’s a tough match up, but he’s worth starting as a RB2.  Alphonso Smith and LeRod Stephens-Howling aren’t worth much consideration now.

Joseph Addai (hamstring): Questionable.  Addai is active, but won’t start.  Delone Carter will start.  Addai will only see minimal 3rd down work.  I wouldn’t even bother with Addai.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis (toe): Questionable.  BJGE has practiced on a limited basis for three consecutive days.  He’s looking like a game-time decision.  Make sure you’re prepared with a late game replacement if he can’t go.

Mike Tolbert (hand/hamstring): Doubtful.  Tolbert isn’t practicing and isn’t looking good to play on Sunday.  Even if he plays, he likely wouldn’t see a lot of touches.  It’s risky to roll with Tolbert this week if he even plays at all.

Marshawn Lynch (back): Questionable.  Despite being listed as questionable, Pete Carroll expects Lynch to play on Sunday.  He’ll be available if you need him.

Probable Running Backs: Adrian Peterson (ankle), Ryan Mathews (thumb), Brandon Jacobs (knee), Reggie Bush (groin).

Wide Receivers

Percy Harvin (ribs): Questionable.  Full practice on Thursday for Percy and head coach Leslie Frazier has already said publicly that he expects Harvin to play against the Panthers.  He’ll be active.

Malcom Floyd (hip): Questionable.  Floyd isn’t practicing and is looking iffy this weekend.  For now I’d look elsewhere for your bye week replacement.

Probable Wide Receivers: Michael Crabtree (foot).

Tight Ends

Ben Watson (concussion): Questionable.  Watson missed practice on Wednesday and Thursday, but practiced on Friday.  It looks like he may give it a go.  If you need a bye week fill in tight end, Watson will be good for a handful of points.

Probable Tight Ends: Jimmy Graham (ankle), Antonio Gates (foot).

These are the significant injuries in my estimation, but if you’d like a more extensive injury report, check the ESPN injury report or the CBS Sports injury report.

This post will be updated as needed right up to Sunday kickoff.

  1. Fernando says:

    10 team standard league; qb, wr, rb, te, w/r, w/r, w/r, k, def 6 bench

    My team:
    Qb Romo, Big Ben, Tebow;
    Wr R.White and Manningham;
    Rb Peterson, S. Jackson, F Gore, Murray, D. Thomas, Battle, Helu
    Te gresham

    An 0-6 opponent owns A. Foster. So I’ve been feeding his ear about giving up Foster and try to get something (spread his points out with multiple players). Even without winning a game he’s been a rock. However, he’s showing signs … So, I offered Ben, Jackson, and Murray for A. Foster. It was rejected and countered with Ben, Gore, and Jackson. Too much.

    > What do you think of this trade?
    > Counter with … ?
    > Thoughts and opinions? Please!

    However, I spoke with another member of my league (my brother) and asked for his opinion on the possible trade. He surprised me by saying I should forget that trade and look at his team and work with him. His record (2-5) and lack of production from his qb’s (Rivers, Flacco) has him ready to do almost anything. So, throwing a dart in the dark, I told him trade me Bradshaw for Ben. He said he may do it.

    > Is this a fair deal? Which trade would you go for? and any other thoughts? Thanks.

    His team
    qb Rivers, Flacco
    rb Rice, Bradshaw and Jacobs, Blount, B. Scott, K. Williams
    wr Colston, Bryant, Maclin
    te V. Davis, D. Keller

    > Even if he tries to flip and get Foster himself it will cost him players. Anything is possible, but good for him. *@%$

  2. jonnycat says:

    Jordan Shipley out for the year? Oh, no!!!

  3. Super says:

    Addai and m.lynch are on waivers in my league…. worth a pick-up just to hoard the RBs or just a waste of time? (I have 4 good running backs already (Foster, RunDMC, Mendenhall, D.Murray) Could drop Little or Crabtree……

  4. Random Collmenter says:

    @Super, how did you land foster, DMC, and mendy? are you in a 4-team league?

  5. kyle says:

    He offers me Wes Welker and Santonio Holmes, I give Desean Jackson and Mike Wallace. Bonus points for 100+ rec yds. What do you think

  6. Clint

    Clint says:

    @Fernando: If Ben, Jackson, and Murray was rejected by the Foster owner, then he isn’t willing to do a deal. I don’t see why you need Foster anyway. You have plenty of solid starting RBs.

    The Ben for Bradshaw deal favors you. It isn’t necessarily about “fairness” when it comes to trading. If another owner is willing to do a deal, then that particular owner considers it fair. That’s the trade I would do. You can afford to lose Ben and Bradshaw makes your already strong RB corps even stronger.

    @jonnycat: I know. Hopefully fantasy teams can survive!

    @Super: Waste of time. They’re obviously not going to help your team. They aren’t really going to help another team that picks them up either. I wouldn’t bother.

    @kyle: I’d stick with DJax and Wallace in that format.

  7. Fernando says:

    Thanks Clint for your time and advise.

  8. Super says:

    Random Collmentor :
    in a 10-team league and only 4-3.
    1. Drafted McFadden.

    2. Arian Foster —-Traded Romo and Michael Turner to a team that had Flaco and Josh Freeman at QB for AF(He’s now on a 3-game win streak….go figure.

    3. Mendenhall —- Traded Eli Manning, Santana Moss, and Daniel Thomas

    I trade a lot and I package QBs to make the trade look better…..

    My team now :
    QB – Stafford
    RB – A.Foster, RunDMC, Mendenhall and hopeful waiver-wire gold (DMurrary)
    WR – Andre Johnson (through a trade J.Best and Tebow), Dez, Manningham, Crabtree, GLittle
    TE- Aaron Hernandez
    K- Dan Bailey
    Def —- switch weekly, but like using Dallas

    Andy advice to improve my team. The #1 team in the league drafted Tom Brady, Welker, Fred Jackson and Matt Forte…… and hasn’t done one single trade….

    (I still don’t think my team is better than his)

  9. Mikey says:

    A tough start in my WR/TE flex: Antonio Brown or Fred Davis?

  10. Reggie says:

    In a half point per ppr league, where you get bonus’s for 150 yards rushing and 350 yards passing, would you trade Tony Romo and Maurice Jones Drew for Matthew Stafford and Ray Rice? I would be getting the Rice side…very tempted…(also, its a two qb league and my other qb is Brees)..

  11. Plainview says:

    I have :

    QB: Brady and Tebow
    RB: Mendy, Mathews, Tolbert, Helu, Maurice Morris
    WR: Megatron, Santonio Holmes, Decker, Jenkins

    I have been offered MJD and Manningham for Tebow, Helu and Mathews, which is ridiculous. I am thinking of countering with Tebow and Helu for MJD and Manningham and possibly throwing in Morris. What do you think?

  12. exactly says:

    which side: hillis or s. holmes and d. thomas?

  13. CL says:

    Hasselbeck or Dalton?

  14. Robert says:

    PPR league – start Maurice Morris, Reggie Bush or Brandon Jacobs.


  15. farcus says:

    @Plainview: are you kidding? MJD and Manningham for Tebow/Helu/Matthews is great for you. Tebow/Helu/Morris for MJD and Manningham is the ridiculous offer. You should take the original one before he changes his mind.

  16. Clint

    Clint says:

    @Fernando: You got it.

    @Mikey: If Ward is out, I’d go Brown. If Ward plays, I’d go Davis. Ward questionable as of Friday night.

    @Reggie: Yes, I’d pull the trigger. Stafford/Rice have higher upside than Romo/MJD.

    @Plainview: Tebow/Helu/Morris is what I’d offer for MJD/Manningham. I like that for you if the other owner would do it. You shouldn’t be considering trading Mathews at all.

    @exactly: Holmes and Thomas.

    @CL: Hasselbeck.

    @Robert: Morris.

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