Lots of football reporters, analysts, and bloggers like to wait till Monday or Tuesday morning to talk about what they saw, rate their teams’ performance, and to criticize the “poor” coaching decisions made on Sunday. But me? I like to do it before it even happens. I prefer this method because if ESPN is any proof, making crazy illogical predictions that never come true isn’t frowned upon, it’s encouraged! So here are some bold predictions I think we’ll see week 3 in the NFL:

1) Michael Vick scores a touchdown running, or throwing, or catching. Supposedly the Eagles have “extensive” looks/plays setup for the former “Michael Vick Experience.” Just put in your waiver claim now, then trade him for Super Mario (Giants WR Mario Manningham).

2) The Detroit Lions end their 18 game losing streak. Also note, this marks the beginning of the end for Jim Zorn. Expect Mike Shanahan to be named head coach for next season.

3) The Packers put on an offensive clinic in St. Louis. If you have any Packers on your teams, start them and enjoy! After a disappointing loss to Cinci, I expect the Packers to bounce back in a big way.

4) Mark Sanchez improves to 3-0. The Jets D has looked impressive and Sanchez has proved he can “manage” games, however cliché it sounds.

5) Maurice Jones-Drew blows out his knee. Just a gut feeling. If it comes true, I’m totes sorry!

6) Their are 9 interceptions in the Monday night game: Carolina @ Dallas. At one point it appears both Delhomme and Romo are playing 500 with the opposing team. The game is won by Dallas when Romo purposely under-throws a “Jackpot” ball to his BFF Jason Witten.

Extra Point

Ronnie Brown rushes for 100+, the wildcat dominates, and Dolphins…lose a tight one in the 4th quarter to Philip Rivers and the Chargers. Oh wait did that already happen?

Box Score

QB: Aaron Rodgers 350yd/5td, Peyton Manning 350/4, Drew Brees 300/4, Matt Schaub 300/4

RB: Ryan Grant 130yd/2td, Ronnie Brown 125/2, DeAngelo Williams 125/2, Knowshon Moreno 110/1

WR: Andre Johnson 165yd/2td, Greg Jennings 150/3, Reggie Wayne 115/2, Marques Colston 105/2

  1. Dixon says:

    I’m intrigued by Michael Vick and his potential upside. My bench guys are:

    Mike Bell
    Donald Brown
    Beanie Wells
    Patrick Crayton
    Antonio Bryant
    James Davis

    Which of these guys might be worth dropping? Antonio Bryant possibly?

  2. Kristina says:

    I need 2 wide outs this week to start. I currently have Fitzgerald, Roy Williams, T.J. Housh., and Donald Driver. I know Fitz is a must start almost every week, but out the remaining 3 I am at a loss. I am considering Driver but not completely sold on it yet.

    Also, is Portis going to be any good this week? If not, I can replace him with Cadillac. I am not willing to go with Thomas yet. I am already starting Grant.

  3. danimal35 says:

    Is Mario Willing(manning)ham a Razzball joke or just a typo?

    @Kristina: You have to roll with Portis if he plays…Caddy’s knees are sore and Ward is starting for Tampa, Caddy will still play but his touches will be limited.

    @Dixon: I don’t think Vick will do much for you…he might have some splash plays but he isn’t going to be consistent enough to start him on a weekly or even spot start basis especially when McNabb comes back

    …Just My Thoughts

  4. Bob from Germany says:

    I really have a problem hear. I have some strong runningbacks, in my league, we start three. Actually i’m starting Steven Jackson, Chris Johnson and Felix Jones. But i have Darren McFadden and Ray Rice on my bench too. So usually S-Jax and CJ are no brainers, but I’m wondering if it would be good move to bench CJ. I don’t trust McFadden this week, but i think, Ray Rice could have a good day. So should i really sit CJ and start Rice? With Marion Barber injured i think, Felix Jones should be started.

    Your thoughts???

  5. Bob from Germany says:

    and with “hear” i mean “here” :-)

  6. cleaver596 says:

    Hey I have the big 3 in Houston, schaub, slaton, and andre. I want to flip andre for another top WR. Who should I aim for? Fitz? Moss? Calvin? I all ready have Wayne and Welker, and its a PPR league. I love what andre can do for me, but i feel nervous running 3 texans out there every week. if the texans suck it up, like in week 1, my team will serioulsy be hurting. So what do ya think? ALso, should I wait until Slaton has a bounceback game (probably tomorrow), and dangle his name out their for tradebait?

  7. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dixon: I think you should hold.

    @Kristina: Fitz and Driver. I agree with Danimal.

    @danimal35: Not sure! Probably a typo!

    @cleaver596: I really am feeling good about CJ this year. You could. But I agree that yo need to let him gain value before trying to trade him.

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Bob from Germany: CJ can have a week like last week on any day so I just can’t bench him. With McGahee getting so much work Rice is probably benchable with the choices you have.

  9. ScoutAbout says:

    Much lineup angst this week. I’m definitely starting MJD and Colston. Need to start two additional players, can be any two of the following: A. Boldin, R. Rice, F. Jones, D. Driver or A. Bradshaw. I’m leaning Rice and Boldin, but Indy is good against the pass and Driver and Jones have good match-ups. Then again, Jones plays Monday night so may not know the real status of Barber until then.

    Also, I’m thinking of sitting Romo and starting Trent Edwards this week. Edwards has been good and NO vs. BUF will probably be a shoot out.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  10. paulzone says:

    whatcha think for my 3rd wr this week (no ppr)?

    I own Hester & Burleson.

    FAs: stokely, knox, robinson, ma. clayton, sims-walker, stuckey, mechem, garcon, and kevin walter (probable?)…

    i’m less than excited about hester or burleson…thanks!

  11. Rnunnerley says:

    Hello, my league is .5 ppr and 20 return yards a point, fro my WR3 this week would you start: Hester, Manningham or Harvin? Thanks

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @ScoutAbout: Rice, Jones — I think Barber will sit. Romo.

    @paulzone: Hester

    @Rnunnerley: As long as Harvin is ok to go I’d go with him.

  13. david says:

    humdrum conundrum:
    RB: Knowshon, Leon Washington, or LeSean McCoy
    WR: Patrick Crayton or Eddie Royal

    I’ve got McCoy and Royal starting but can’t make a firm decision!

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @david: Worried about Knowshon’s injury so I’d go with McCoy

    I like the Raiders CB’s so I’d go Crayton.

  15. G says:

    quick lineup decisions please. I have 4 RB’s and I have to decide on 2 for tommorow. It is a PPR league. McFadden, Rice, S-Jax, Felix Jones. Felix Jones and Rice have appealing matchups but both of their workloads are questionable especially not knowing if Rice will even get 10 carries. I’m not sold on S-Jax playing a good Packers D but that might mean dumpoffs for him. CAn somebody help me out?

  16. Doc

    Doc says:

    @G: SJax and McFadden, but it’s close with Jones.

  17. NateMarcum

    Nate Marcum says:

    I’ll keep it simple Doc,

    Kevin Smith or Ray Rice?

  18. paulzone says:

    would you rather own walter or burleson? no ppr, 1 pt for 10 yds, 6 pts for tds

  19. Jonny says:

    I see you like Kolb, but I can’t decide between him and Carson.

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