It’s a sad time of the year. The fantasy season is winding down, but don’t think Razzball headquarters is winding down with it. We’re just gearing up! You need to get geared up yourself because we’re not going to coast through the offseason.  Look for post season analysis of the 2009 season, playoff contests, NFL draft coverage, keeper rankings and posts, team previews, mock drafts, redraft rankings and cheat sheets, and other awesomeness that gets conjured during some heated conversations around the daiquiri cooler.

Here are a few of my thoughts from Sunday’s games:

Ben Roethlisberger: Looks like he decided that the bell was tolling for the Steelers and that he needed to get going. Over 500 yards passing, 3 touchdowns and no interceptions is, well, unbelievable. He was probably on some benches going against the Packers’ pass defense, but not on as many benches as our next contestant!

Jerome Harrison: Ok, one of Razzball’s favorites all year got Mandingus’d.  We didn’t know who would get the carries against a juicy Chiefs run defense, so of course he goes off record book style.  Mangini should be fired for the way he has handled Harrison. First he sticks with the old and ineffective Jamal Lewis, then in week 4, thankfully Lewis has to sit out a game due to decrepitness and Harrison goes off for 152 total yards.  So finally, Mangini will see the error of his ways!  Wait, no, he’s an idiot.  Jamal Lewis retains his job!  Now our story slows down to a plodding, Jamal Lewis pace, filled with touchdownless games, under 4 yards a carry averages and Harrison being sent to the inactive dog house, but finally Lewis goes on IR and finally, finally, it’s Harrison time! Wait, no, Chris Jennings? Gotta pound that rock down the gut of the opponent, can’t run around them! Ok, I may have purged myself.  Next week, Oakland at home; 30 carries for Lawrence Vickers?

Arian Foster: I was worried that maybe Foster would do something wrong and get Kubiak’d, but the matchup was sooooo good! Well, 2 carries in, Foster fumbles and then doesn’t sniff the ball the rest of the game.  It wasn’t like Foster was running with the ball balanced on his helmet!  Give the guy a chance.  Kubiaks zone blocking 29th ranked rushing offense couldn’t get much worse! It’s actually probably good that Foster doesn’t become a star, some idiot would probably make a big Arian Nation sign.

Steve Smith: He caught 9 passes for 157 yards and a touchdown. He’s better with Moore in there and gets the Giants next week. You can now start him with some confidence in week 16! And if you missed his post-game interview with Andrea Kramer you need to click back where the link is all hyper, kind of like him.

Philip Rivers: I haven’t written much about him as he just keeps having good game after good game.  He gets to showcase his skills on Christmas Day against Tennessee.  He should give his fantasy owners a few touchdowns wrapped in the arms of Gates, VJax, etc…

Jay Cutler: I think with his showing against Baltimore we can officially say that Cutler is a loser.

Calvin Johnson: Megatron is now looking more like a Go-bot.  Culpepper has no arm and underthrew him often.  He is an amazing talent and I kept holding out hope that his talent would outgain his quarterback, but it just hasn’t happened.  He will be high on my rankings next year no matter.

Beanie Wells: It took most of the season, but Beanie has finally taken over as the lead back.  he has two amazing TD runs this year, bouncing off opponents Chris Berman style.  For some reason Hightower got a 1 yard touchdown which should have gone to Beanie.  I can’t believe Tim could be so selfish.

Jamaal Charles: He will be on the Monday wrap up rain or shine until the season is over and then I’m sure he’ll win a post season Razzball award or two, be in our keeper posts and slotted high in our rankings.  Charles will continue to be in charge until he does an ill conceived reality show called Jamaal Charles is 46 . . . and pregnant.

Chris Johnson: He’s still on pace to break Marshall Faulk’s yards from scrimmage record, but I always thought scrimmages didn’t count.  Anyway, he had another ho hum game with 159 total yards, but couldn’t find the endzone.  I don’t think he was looking in the right places. I always do that with my keys.

Randy Moss: He was targeted often and had 5 receptions for 70 yards and a touchdown.  Moss had his boxers in a bunch and if you own him and are in your fantasy championship you hope they haven’t been unbunched yet.

Andre Johnson: For some reason Dre, as I like to call him, is still not considered in the top 3 WR debate by some moronic sports writers. He’s making it pretty hard to ignore him right now.

Michael Turner: He started. He ran. He sat. I’m thinking the Falcons’ medical staff need to take some refresher courses in sports medicine.

Steven Jackson: With the flu, a herniated disc, and extra heavy hair, SJax showed how badass he is by going for 123 total yards. The guy has officially ripped “The Beast” title away from Marshawn Lynch’s hands.

Joshua Cribbs: In his two 100 yard kickoff return touchdowns the Chiefs looked like they were running through the Wizard of Oz poppy field. Hopefully if you put him in as your #3 receiver you get credit for his special teams touchdowns, because he didn’t do much on offense.  He’s way too erratic to use in non return yardage leagues, especially if you are in the finals.

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  1. Ian says:


    I went into last night’s game down 152-154 with De Will and Longwell left. Was 99% sure I had it in the bag. De Will goes down and Longwell misses a chip shot field goal and I go to bed with a tie at 154-154 as the final.

    So, I talked at length last night with my opponent about a tie breaker. ESPN has the higher seed advancing in a tie, but no one wants to win or lose like that. We decided that I would re-calculate our scores down to decimal points to see who would win. I check the box score this morning and there was an overnight scoring change. His team won 156-152.

    Huge let down, but its probably better than losing by decimal points. Anyway, does ESPN publish their scoring changes anywhere. Just curious that both of our teams gained/lost points..

  2. Ian says:

    After digging a little deeper it looks like Schaub got credited with a fumble and the Cards DST got credited with a fumble recovery – hence the 4 point swing.

    The toughest part about this loss is he picked up Heath Miller and the Cards D/ST on Sunday morning. Those 2 got him 26 points which was way more than he would have gotten with other options.

    When does baseball start?

  3. charlie batch says:

    finals in both my leagues!! thank you, razzball football!

  4. ShootyBabbit says:

    Which pair gets me more points week 16? Gore/Carson Palmer v. Gore/Alex Smith. Need the higher upside play. Id say Gore/Smith the safer play, but could Gore/Palmer produce better #’s. Thoughts?

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @ShootyBabbit: Tough call. Palmer looked a lot better last week and they need a win. I think Palmer has a little more upside.

    @charlie batch: Congrats!

  6. Damion says:

    Into the semi’S, eventhough foster blanked on me. You helped me greatly.

    What do you think of my lineup?

    Shaub over Palmer
    Austin, Jennings and Fitz at Wrs and Flex
    Grant and Beanie at RB
    Celek at TE
    49ers D

    I have on bench: Harrison, Maurice Morris, and Jets D. Do you think I should move anything around?

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