Razzball Football Commenter League Master Standings (End of Season)

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The RCL Football League standings are based on four variables: Wins, Points Scored, Playoff Performance, and League Competitiveness.

Wins receive 500 points. Playoff wins count as such: Championship Game = 650, Seminfinals Game = 350, Consolation Game = 200, Consolation Bracket Wins = 50. These points are added to a team’s Total Points Scored and then multiplied against a League Index. The league index – which is in place to credit stronger vs weaker divisions – takes the Total Points Scored for a league and indexes it against the average of all RCL leagues. So if the average is 1,000 per league and one league has scored 1,100, that league would get a 10% boost (1100/1000 = 1.1). Based on the RCL baseball league, indexes don’t vary too much between leagues (say between 98-102) and serve as merely a virtual tiebreaker in cases where two teams are very close in Win Points + Total Points but one team is in a stronger league than the other.