Ray Rice got a nice boost in the last week with Vonta Leach joining the fold and Willis McGahee unfolding from the fold. I already had Rice pretty high, but this just solidifies him a little more. I could see myself reaching for him at times. In PPR I have him ahead of Chris Johnson and I still like CJ; I just like Rice, plain old versatile rice. Here is a little more news to use and abuse:

But wait! Are you in a Razzball league? No? Are you mentally ill? If so, that’s one of the criteria so come on over and join up!

Emmanuel Sanders: Sanders will be out around three weeks after appearing to re-aggravate a foot injury. With a shortened practice schedule any injuries will hurt players trying to gain reps. Sanders had sleeper value, but I’m going to back off him after hearing this news.

Andre Johnson: He was carted off the practice field. What!? Crap! But it was only a dislocated finger which he probably has had about 100 of. Of course anything can happen in practice and if you follow twitter and beat reporter’s you are going to see things like “AJ carted off the field holding his arm.” And that may make you punch your Mac right in the Apple, but if you like that then you should follow my Twitter list of beat reporters!

Ryan Mathews: Everyone’s “sleeper,” including mine is already battling injuries. He has a toe injury. His little piggies are all going to the market and then to slaughter! He has the skill, but if he can’t stay on the field Mike Tolbert will once again be a value pick this season. I’m going to give him a little time before I start moving him down my rankings (or slaughtering his toes), but if he isn’t practicing soon I’m going to release the hounds (the toe-hounds).

Jacoby Ford: And yet another sleeper falls down on the job of being a sleeper. Ford broke his hand and even though initial reports said two weeks it’s looking like he could be out longer.  I’m not as worried about this one as Mathews and Sanders, but it still kinda sucks. Ford will have a spot when he comes back because the Raiders have no receivers.

Zach Miller: My favorite tight end not named Jeremy-ichael is in talks with the Seahawks. Now I know the Raiders aren’t exactly the Colts, but Miller is their best receiver and if not for an injury last season would have been a top gun Maverick style. But in Seattle he would be behind Sid Rice and even Big Mike Williams and would have TJax throwing to him. I hope the Raiders win this tug of war.

Austin Collie: The more Collie practices without losing consciousness his stock will rise. Right now he can be had fairly cheaply and since his upside is phenomenal it’s hard not to like him, but I am still concerned about him having another concussion.  If he has another there is a very good chance he is done for the season. I am willing to take a risk on him, but only to a point.

Kyle Orton: All the buzz out of Denver’s training camp is that Orton is outplaying Tebow consistently.  This really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. He is a much better passer than Tebow. He can read defenses better and really, probably has a better personality. But what will actually happen is still up in the air. Under Fox’s system Tebow would have more fantasy value. Orton won’t air it out nearly as much as he did under McDaniels and Tebow will get his rushing TDs.

Beanie Wells: The Whiz called Beanie his “clear starter,” but that truly is meaningless at this point. With Tim Hightower gone it’s a fight between Ryan Williams and Beanie. I do believe Beanie will get the benefit of the doubt going into the season as long as he can stay healthy. I love Beanie’s ability and will be grabbing him in drafts if he falls, but I’m not going to rely on him. The Whiz is not a fan of rookies starting if he can help it, especially at RB. I’ve got Beanie over Williams for the time being.

Knowshon Moreno: Moreno looks to be the main guy still in Denver even with the addition of Willis McGahee. McGahee will be the goal line back, but that was pretty obvious. No matter how you look at it, McGahee is much better for Knowshon than DeAngelo Williams would have been. Add to that Fox’s run first offense and his upside is a little further up. Of course it get’s down-sided a little with his inability to stay healthy, but all in all I’m in the Moreno camp.

Vincent Brown: When I saw a news item about Patrick Crayton being the #2 receiver in San Diego right now, all I could think was, it’s time for a Vincent Brown sleeper post.

Randy Moss: He retired.


  1. chrisTPA says:

    Need some dynasty league advice…

    Would you trade 2 RBs for Adrian Peterson? If so which of the following two?

    -Peyton Hillis
    -Knowshon Moreno
    -Steven Jackson
    -All three CAR RBs (this would have to count as one, but I might be able to get him to toss in Spiller if I ship off this trio)

    *Note: I also have Arian Foster but he will not be traded.

  2. amscalone says:

    keeping nicks and charles.

    pick two to go along with them: foster, ray rice, andre johnson.

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @amscalone: Jebus man! As long as you can start 3 RBs Foster and Rice, but it pains me to cut my man AJ!

  4. amscalone says:

    oh, my bad…start 2 rb/3wr…we have one flex, where you can flex any position, but each position only 4 times a season.

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @amscalone: Well that’s a headache! I’d keep AJ and Foster then.

  6. amscalone says:

    thanks. that flex set up is actually a ton of fun, and helps foster trading.

  7. Doc

    Doc says:

    @amscalone: Yeah, I can see that. My brain can only handle so many leagues and derivations!

  8. Jim Parkey says:

    I like/liked Mathews a lot as a sleeper, but read he failed the basic conditioning test when he recently reported to camp! That doesn’t sound like something a second year back selected 15th overall should ever do…

  9. Bourne says:

    Over under on randy moss signing a 2 year contract with option to retire in one? Week 6

  10. timSTi says:

    @Doc: I have a keeper question for you homey!

    12 team, 2 keepers, .5ppr. You sacrifice a draft pick lower than the round your keeper was drafted the previous year.

    I have McCoy who I’m keeping for a 3rd. Also have an EXTRA 3rd, 4th, & 8th. Should I give up my EXTRA 3rd for Hillis or Blount who can be kept for a 15th round pick as they went undrafted? I figure my first two picks will be WR-WR or WR-QB if a top dog is still around.

  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jim Parkey: Sad state of affairs. He did practice today. Hope he gets back on track.

    @Bourne: Very possible.

    @timSTi: I like Blount, especially since they didn’t get another RB in free agency. Hillis is tough to judge with Hardesty coming back. I could see doing that for Blount.

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