We’re going to be hosting a special presentation tonight (and I’m not just talking about Tehol), as the 2017 RCL Writers League Draft will be shown live here on the site at 9:00 PM EDT via Twitch! There will be plenty of ways to interact with us, through the chat and here in the comment section. We’ll answer your questions, unless it’s about Zach drafting Tom Brady first overall. We just have no idea why. So feel free to post your smack talk, critiques and your questions wherever you want (just the way your mother likes it) when the draft goes live!


And if you’d like to join your very own Razzball Commenter League, you can here!

Please, blog, may I have some more?

Like the title spoiled, the table is set, the forks and spoons are in their right place, and hopefully there’s food ready and on the way. In terms of the RCL universe (since I’m hungry and if there are any more food metaphors, I’ll eventually end up eating my keyboard), the “league” has taken shape and drafts are soon to begin over the next several weeks. (But that doesn’t mean you still can’t create and join your choice of RCLs after the jump!) And, I want to touch on what I just stated above: when I say “league”, I mean league, not leagues. Because ef pluralization… I mean, what has it ever done for me? Regardless, you have to remember, this is one complete universal league. The Milky Way of Fantasy Football if you will, including Antonio Brown, Saturn, and of course, Uranus. Don’t roll your eyes, you knew it was coming. (Just like your mother.) What I’m trying to say is, join any league you like, create as many as you want, and be part… of the universe. Mutha. Effing. DEEP.

Please, blog, may I have some more?

So, wouldn’t it be cool if you could take on some of your favorite contributors and all of the Razzball readers/commenters in one huge Free Fantasy Football League? IT WOULD BE COOL YO. That’s why we made this possible. And why we used caps and bolded font. Welcome to the 2017 Fantasy Football RCLs! Where all of the Razzballers get to hang out, talk some football, and compete against each other in the game we all love. While we can’t create a single 500-person league as of yet since the technology has yet to be invented, what we can do is create multiple 12-person leagues and pit them all against each other. If you don’t like that, well, you can be the one to wait for the future. So enjoy those dragons with lasers, wearing tight, black leather and blasting Daft Punk. ENJOY IT. However, if you are not such a timey prude, join us for some Fantasy Football funnage. Totally a word. So I present to you: the 2017 RCL Fantasy Football Season, with prizes!

Note: We have some big changes to announce; and these requests have been implemented with you, the Razzball readers in mind! First, we’ve dropped Yahoo as our provider of choice, moving to FanTrax, a site that’s not just innovative, but streamlined as well. And that’s not all, we have some format changes to announce! You hate drafting Kickers? Do you roll your eyes when someone drafts the Seahawks DST in the sixth round? We know you do! Kickers and DSTs are now gone, replaced by three IDP spots (DL, LB, DB). Because of these changes, we’ve made sure to create 2017 IDP Draft Rankings for all of your RCL needs…

Before you get started, I know that some of you out there may have never played fantasy football before. That’s okay! Razzball has a Beginners Fantasy Football Guide just for you! Maybe you’re a seasoned veteran, well, we have a 2017 Fantasy Football Draft Kit that’s being updated everyday, be sure check it out multiple times. (That’s what she said.) And can’t think of a team name? Check out our Fantasy Football Team Name Generator. Need some rankings? Oh, we got some Fantasy Football Rankings! Now, let’s get to the good stuff…

Please, blog, may I have some more?