Beckham’s down 2019 seems to be due to many factors. This includes injury, switching teams and poor coaching. Many of these things seem to be remedied as a healthy off-season, new coaching staff and continuity with Baker should help him improve in 2020. Last season while dealing with all those factors Odell had a tough schedule that included games vs. the NFC west and AFC east divisions that have many notable corners. Now Beckham has the best shadow coverage match-up schedule of any WR1 in 2020. Does this mean Beckham is primed to return to the top 12? Read why he is a lock to improve on his borderline low end WR2 finish from his 2019 campaign.

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When doing the analysis on Golladay his stats vs. shadow coverage was astonishing. Not just because he had a higher PPG in the 7 contest when he faced shadow coverage, but it was who he did it against that was most impressive. Golladay has succeeded in games vs. notable tier 1 shadow coverage corners including Chris Harris, James Bradberry and Tre’Davious White. In 5 of the 7 games he had at least 14 points in .5 PPR with only 1 terrible game that was under 8 points.

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Team: Buffalo Bills

Division: AFC EAST

WR1: Stefon Diggs

Number of Potential Shadow Coverage Match-ups: 8

Historical Production

Stefon Diggs vs Shadow Coverage 2018-2019

Stefon Diggs vs. Shadow Coverage
Opponent Games PPG
Vs. Shadow Coverage 6 11
All other opponents 24 13.4

*Point per game based on receiving stats only

Diggs has seen some mixed results vs. shadow corners. Top cornerbacks Stephon Gilmore, Patrick Peterson and Darius Slay held him under 50 yards over the past two seasons. However, Diggs did have one dominate performance vs. Chris Harris and the Denver Broncos. In five of six games he was held under the 13.4 points per game average he has in all other match-ups while failing to reach double digit fantasy points in 50% of those games in .5 PPR. Overall Diggs only produced one WR1 week in the games he saw shadow coverage from a tier 1 cornerback.

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Hello everyone, and welcome to another post in our 2017 NFL Draft Series! Currently it looks a little something like this:

2017 NFL Draft Series: Intro | Team Previews 1-16 | Team Previews 17-32 | QB and TE’s Preview | HB and WR’s Preview

It’s Draft Day you guys! Are you excited? I’m pretty excited! I think Matt might be excited! After a couple of months of podcasting and posting, we are coming down to the final two posts in our series! This year’s draft is shaping up to be a very exciting and eventful one, so enough chatter!

Let’s get to it!

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