From a fantasy perspective, that was certainly one of the most wildest two weeks to open the NFL season! The 2017 NFL season started off with a bang as the Kansas City Chiefs went into New England and stunned the Patriots with a thrilling 42-27 victory that saw rookie running back Kareem Hunt score not one, not two, but three touchdowns and rack up 246 yards from scrimmage. Hunt followed up his marvelous debut with 109 total yards and 2TDs against the Eagles too!  Pour one out for the homie David Johnson, the consensus #1 overall draft pick, as he was unfortunately placed on IR with a dislocated wrist last week.

Since I’m sure MB from has all the major news of Week One and Two here, let’s dive into the main reason you clicked on this link; Razzball 2017 RCL updates on Fantrax!

Since the sample size is obviously very limited through only two weeks of football, don’t be too elated or discouraged if you see your squad throughout the rest of the article.  Below, you can see the Top 10 list of most combined fantasy points across all Razzball RCLs:

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It's gonna be a long year for these Cowboys...

I have to admit, after including some thoughts on today’s remembrance in our earlier live thread, I think the pre-ceremonies around the league were handled pretty nicely for an event that will forever live in infamy. (Hey, if you’re going to quote someone, might as well be one of the best.) And speaking of the today’s earlier live thread, I would be remiss not to mention again that while I’m completely ecstatic that football has returned, and even doubly ecstatic (is that a thing?) that my Chargers are looking pretty good right now against the Chiefs, that for the general NFL fan, there really wasn’t any premiere matchups to open up the first Sunday of the regular season. No pizzazz. No jazz hands, if you will. And if you didn’t know, Football and jazz hands are like pees and carrots, Jet Li and Delroy Lindo, Tom Brady and uggs,… you get the point. But does the afternoon slate give us a bit more in terms of storylines and rivalries? I feel like it’s a resounding MAYBE. That’s how we do resounding here folks, all caps. Forget the Dolphins and Seahawks, or even the Lions and Colts, no, the focus should be on the NFC East matchup between the Giants and Cowboys. Romoless Cowboys, sure, but with all the derp you get from this division, you basically had me at “NFC Eeee”. Speak no further, I’M F*CKING IN. We’ll see the debut of Dax Prescott, Eli Manning consistently throwing it 10 feet away from Odell Beckham Jr. just to see what happens, and of course Troy Aikman and Joe Buck. The last one isn’t really a highlight, but more a cry for help. Or, you know, a reminder to use horse tranquilizers to get through it all…

Please, blog, may I have some more?