Today we finish off my NFC East preview with taking a glance at the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins. Part I can be viewed here.

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2019 projections referenced below are based on 2019 projections managed and updated by our very own @RudyGamble . ADP, and strength of schedule data referenced below are based on consensus data.

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Preseason hype players can be complete waste of draft picks if you put your eggs in the wrong baskets. This is the time of year that people on twitter are planting their flag on football players like they were the first person to step foot on Mars. A lot of us already knew they were […]

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Hey y’all.  Please note that where fantasy position ranks are cited: they were pulled from’s NFL Fantasy Rankings. Also note that these are non-PPR rankings.  This list only includes Un-Restricted Free Agents (UFAs), it does not include Exclusive Rights Free Agents (ERFAs) or Antonio Brown (We can rank Tony once we see if his QB is going to be future HOFer Big Ben or future Gym Teacher Blake Bortles or someone in between, but don’t think either spot or any in between really changes his value much).

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We’ve officially entered the time of year where red Q’s enter your dreams chasing you through your high school naked while your high school crush is looking on. Don’t fret though — I’ve got you covered — not with the dreams though. Seek help.

If you’ve got specific questions for your league — drop them in the comments!

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This week is a play in week for a lot of readers, so it can be looked at as an extra playoff week. I certainly have a couple of leagues that I am looking to make a final push to snag a spot in the post season, including our writer’s league. It’s not looking great thanks to Michael Thomas disappearing on Thursday night. But hey, miracles happen. 

You can make check out our rankings here:




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