[brid autoplay=”true” video=”1473278″ player=”10951″ title=”Fantasy Football BUY, SELL, HOLD – Week 11″ duration=”165″ description=”It’s the Fantasy Football BUY, SELL, HOLD – Week 11! 0:25 – Cooper Kupp 01:13 – Gus Edwards 1:54 – De’Von Achane ” uploaddate=”2023-11-13″ thumbnailurl=”https://cdn.brid.tv/live/partners/9233/snapshot/1473278_th_6552afc7d7867_1699917767.jpg” image=”https://cdn.brid.tv/live/partners/9233/snapshot/1473278_sd_6552afc7d7867_1699917767.jpg” contenturl=”https://cdn.brid.tv/live/partners/9233/sd/1473278.mp4″ width=”480″ height=”270″] It’s time to make that final playoff push! With many trade deadlines passing, […]

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The year is 2022. Yogurt is $6 a quart. Starbucks is one of the top 10 largest banks in the world. And all of your fantasy teams are daggered because you drafted Kyle Pitts in the second round. Every team, every time: Pitts, Pitts, Pitts. It was like you were drafting your team based on lithium futures. Now we’re 25% of the way through the season, and you’ve got a 1-3 record (you swear it’s Jameis Winston’s fault) and Kyle Pitts has seen fewer passes than me at Fantasy Football Singles Night (fortunately for you, I’m taken). Now, you’ll need to navigate Week 5 without the Tight End you love to worry about. It’s — literally — the Pitts. 

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It’s finally the draft season for dynasty fantasy football, and we got a few veteran bargains you might want to consider trading for before you pull the trigger on those young studs in your rookie drafts. In this article, we are going to break down why the player should have a bounce back or breakout […]

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Tight End is an interesting position in Fantasy Football. With the game’s predilection for the passing, one might think that all pass-catchers (Tight Ends included) would have a great deal of appeal for managers of fantasy football teams, but they haven’t. Many of these players will likely accrue aroudn500 yards receiving and five touchdowns and […]

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Before you go any further if you haven’t read the previous articles from this series, we recommend you do so. You can find some of those articles here:

Points Per Rush Attempt Analysis for 2021 Fantasy Football

Fantasy Points Per Reception – Running Back Edition Part 2

 Fantasy Points Per Reception – Wide Receiver Edition Part 2

In this article we break down Fantasy Points Per Reception or FPPR regression candidates from 2020 at the tight end position. The goal of this article is to help you identify players who you should potentially fade at their ADP in 2021.

A couple things you might want to know first. The league average FPPR for tight ends over the past 10 seasons is 1.93. For a tight end to see one point less per game they need to average three receptions per game and see an increase in FPPR of .35.


2021 FPPR Regression Candidates


Player: Travis Kelce

2020 FPPR: 2.48

Career avg. FPPR: 2.26

FPPR Variance: 10%


2020 PPG
2021 Projected PPG
17.3 15.8


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What’s the easiest thing you can do to increase the odds of success for your fantasy football roster, no matter the type of roster you draft? Grab yourself a fine tight end. No, not that kind of grabbing; I don’t want you in jail. In most formats, fine tight ends are about as scarce as a workhorse receiving running back. Meet me after the jump and we’ll talk about some tight end options that you can target in your early drafts.

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Current NFC players with the most to gain in the upcoming NFL draft!

In this article we are going to discuss which current NFC players have the most to gain in the upcoming NFL draft. What this means is if a team passes on a skill position player or quarterback in the first few round which players currently on those rosters today will have the most to gain.

Each section we will highlight the team, how many picks each team has overall, how many picks they have rounds 1-3 and the players who have the most to gain. This article isn’t a mock or predicting any picks. Most likely at least half of these players we talk about today will be impacted by draft picks, but just in case they aren’t here is why we think they can improve in 2021.

Arizona Cardinals

Total picks: 6

Round 1: No. 16 overall

Round 2: No. 49

Round 3: N/A

Impacted Player: Chase Edmonds

Edmonds has 9 career games where he received 10 touches. In those games he averaged 13.4 PPG with a .89 fantasy points per touch. Edmonds only saw 10 touches in a game 6 times in 2020 so if he can be the 1A in 2021, he should improve on his RB28 finish from last season.

Impacted Player: Christian Kirk

The signing of A.J. Green offers provides an opportunity for Christian Kirk to kick inside. This is a much better suited position for Kirk who has a .18 higher YPRR when playing inside including a career high 1.9 YPRR in 2018. If Fitzgerald isn’t re-signed, he is vacating 62 slot targets that could go Kirk’s way in 2021.


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The NFL COVID opt out deadline passed last week and it was more uneventful than my high school social life. On the offensive side of the ball, we lost a handful of o-linemen and a few dart throw wide receivers, but the only big news was Chiefs running back Damien Williams taking a passing on the 2020 season. This opens the door for first round rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire to take on a much larger workload and jump into the top 10 running backs, which have been updated accordingly. As Rudy Gamble so eloquently put it, the early season CEH overdrafters are sooooo lucky! In other news, Razzball offered me a voucher for a free oil change at Cledus’s Auto Salvage if I opt of out of writing this year. Still thinking the deal over as the deadline approaches, but in the meantime, here’s my top 20 tight ends for 2020 PPR fantasy football:

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Darik Buchar of the National Fantasy Football Championships (and NFBC, the whole NFC/Sportshub domain) joins B_Don and Donkey Teeth to talk about the RazzBowl and the other offerings  that the NFFC have to offer. The guys talk about their favorites including the Silver Bullet Tournaments and BB10s before jumping into some RazzBowl format and strategy discussion.

After we tell you about all the mistakes we made in last year’s inaugural RazzBowl, DT and I ask Darik about his favorite team, the Vikings. We ask him about Adam Thielen’s expanded role, his expectations for the hyped rookie Justin Jefferson, and how the TE split may work with both Kyle Rudolph and Irv Smith Jr. on the roster.

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Before we dive into the article, I’d like to promote DonkeyTeeth and my YouTube show: Fantasy Football Malpractice! We talk about all things fantasy football, from trade theory to our favorite player we’ve ever rostered. Give it a test run, and then subscribe to the channel for more goodness in the weeks to come! 

What is Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?

The DFS game is a one week fantasy contest where players create rosters (typically via a salary cap) to score points for one week. Once the week is over, everything is wiped clean and a new slate of choices and salaries are available for the next week. DFS enthusiasts pour their entire week of research into specific edges that only pertain to a single matchup. Draft Kings and FanDuel are the main platforms that have become very popular over the last few years. With this growth, many fantasy sites have created specialized DFS content.

As the daily industry has expanded, more “traditional” sites are adding DFS columns and other content. If you have never made a DFS lineup in your life but play season long fantasy, you should still be using DFS information to cherry pick available players for little to no cost on the wire. 

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