Player: Jahan Dotson Team: Washington Commanders Pick 16 // Round 1   In a delightful episode of the Razzball Fantasy Football Podcast host Bobby LaMarco discusses the fantasy relevance of former Penn State wide receiver Jahan Dotson with guest Paul Blake. Paul feels that this Dotson is the greatest since the Fairlady Sports 1000.  […]

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With the fiftieth overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots surprised the draft community when they selected Baylor wide receiver Tyquan Thornton, a prospect who was widely considered more of a mid-round possibility. Surely, few fans and analysts had expected him to come off the board before prospects like Georgia receiver […]

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Team: New York Giants

New Play-Caller: Brian Daboll

Scheme: Erhardt-Perkins


Historical Overview

Brian Daboll is now best known for his 4-year stint as Bills OC where he oversaw the rise of Josh Allen. Things didn’t start off so great as the Bills’ offense in Allen and Daboll’s first season in 2018 was 30th in both yards and points. This is clearly a distant memory as the Bills have been top 5 in both categories each of the last 2 seasons. However, Daboll’s story isn’t just about his time in Buffalo. Prior to his time with the Bills, Daboll coached for 11 years under Bill Belichick in New England and was an OC for 4 years for 3 teams. These seasons will play an interictal part in how we view the potential of the New York Giants offense in 2022 and beyond.

In this article, we will break down the impact the move to the new coaching staff from the previous regime will have on each position. Later we will use this information to help us determine if the fantasy-relevant player can offer value at their current ADP.


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Ranking players for Dynasty Leagues is a dubious endeavor. Dynasty rankings differ vastly from the typical redraft dreck. It’s an inexact science, as the ranker must account for projected longevity and situation. Predicting a player’s future circumstance can be a fool’s errand. You can look to contract length, but NFL contracts are not guaranteed, which doesn’t account for trades. Guessing where a player will go in free agency is just as imprecise. Who knows which team a player signs with two to three years from now? I elected to focus attention on longevity, as I believe it to be a more stable metric to project.

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There’s a certain je ne sais quoi to alternative styles of football. There’s the charm of the ol’ hook-and-ladder, which invariably works in those games against Uncle Rich that take place after he sobers up from the noon Thanksgiving slate. There’s the Statue of Liberty play, known as the go-to trick play for every blue, white, and red-blooded upstate New Yawker who still wear their high school letter jacket (and no, they didn’t letter in football). There’s the Cleveland Steamer, famous amongst Odell Beckham Jr. for…reasons. 

And then there’s the “Dead Arm,” when the team simply…doesn’t pass the ball. 

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On behalf of all of us at Razzball, let me start by wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully you enjoyed the day filled with family, food, and football. As it has been since 2006, we got 6 games on Thanksgiving including the traditional Cowboys and Lions games. The NFL laid these games out perfectly for us as we got a boring bread and butter appetizer game between Detroit and Chicago to kick off the day. After that, we were treated to the main course which was a Dallas and Las Vegas game that had an exciting second half and even went into overtime. The Thanksgiving slate finished with a sloppy pie a la mode game between Buffalo and New Orleans. Let’s recap the appetizer, main course, and dessert games.

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I was working in the lab, late one night. When my eyes beheld an eerie sight. For my monster on his slab began to rise and suddenly to my surprise… He did the Mash. The Monster Mash

Just take these wise words in for a moment. Breathe them in. The monster… he did the mash. And don’t we all do the mash sometimes, much to the chagrin and sometimes excitement to our contemporaries? Yes, even sometimes it will truly be a “graveyard smash”. 

What was this section about? Oh uh Halloween injury report. Right. There was a thread here but I got carried away in the poetry of Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt Kickers (Side note: Here’s a great TV performance of Bobby Pickett doing the Monster Mash, a real masterclass in making really weird faces and being a weirdo).

The teams who will have some extra trick-or-treating time on bye this week are the Ravens and the Raiders. See ya next week! 

Let’s get into this week’s horror show!

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October is upon us and thus the gates of all things spooky have opened. Although no living room werewolf transformation or demon spawned baby can match the terrors on the field this past week. No, I am not talking of the awkward non-hug between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick at the end of Sunday night’s dark and stormy game. I am speaking of the gruesome injuries, quarterback play which may require an old priest and a new priest to fix, and once thought done players seemingly rising from the dead. Things are getting downright strange in the fantasy football neighborhood, so who we gonna call? Waiver Wire!

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Week 3, how about thee? I spent all day on the phone with Donkey Teeth as he narrated the Red Zone games to me, describing every play in detail. “Kyler Murray passes to Bryan Edwards! It’s 34-10 going into the half! No, now it’s 24-21 and the third quarter is halfway over. Chris Carson runs down the middle and gets Roman male enhancement pills!” Maybe it’s not the most effective way to cover the NFL. Does anybody know a better way than getting your colleague to narrate the games over the phone to you? If you do, list it down in the comments! Here’s the story that I got straight from the Donkey’s mouth: 

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Well, my precious goblins and ghouls, the football season is finally upon us. And naturally, with that, I have the grave responsibility to inform you fine specimens of the injuries that can and will impact your Week 1 fantasy rosters. 

Such is life. 

Let’s jump in and see who might be available on your waiver or can receive a bump in production from the gaps left by these poor, hurt souls. 

Shall we? 

The first injury to look at is… *checks notes* Oh the entire Ravens backfield. That’s not good! In just a few days the Ravens have lost their breakout star J.K. Dobbins, Justice Hill, and the most recently Gus Edwards to terrible season-ending injuries. In response, the team has signed Latavius Murray along with Le’Veon Bell and Devonta Freeman to their practice squad presumably to try to keep Lamar from having to rush approximately 10,000,000 yards per game. As of now, it looks like the Ravens are going to start the last running back left standing before the leg injury bloodbath, Ty’Son Williams, who might just have an opportunity against an uncertain Raiders pass rush under new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley and a reshaped defense. Look for Latavius Murray and Ty’Son Williams as a possible pick-up in leagues you might have had one of the injured fellows in and if you are feeling very adventurous maybe take a look at Le’Veon Bell or Devonta Freeman for a possible bounce-back campaign. I’m still not betting on that though, sorry Blair

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