B_Don and Donkey are back at it talking pick-ups on the Razzball Fantasy Football Podcast. The player pool may lack hot adds this week but our holes still must be filled, if you know what I’m saying. 

The guys each share their top 5 adds for this week who are owned in less than 50% of leagues, including Chase Edmonds, A.J. Brown, Rex Burkhead, Diontae Johnson, Henry Henry and Chris Herndon.
Then, the fellas take a look at some players owned in less than 5% of leagues including Byron Pringle, Preston Williams, Ryquell Armstead, Keesean Johnson, Andy Isabella and Willie Snead. And don’t miss Donkey Teeth’s a**hole of the week, a certain cart maintenance man from the Steel City. Kick back, tune in and dominate your waiver wire!
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What. The Hell. Happened.

Touchdowns to AJ Brown? DeVante Parker? Trevor Davis? Brandon Bolden? Ito Smith? Ricky Seals-Jones? Troymaine Pope? AJ Brown (again)?

This was the start to Week 4’s Sunday slate that granted DFS players absolutely no pleasure whatsoever. Seriously? I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a laundry list of names that I literally would never have dreamed of drafting, and I really don’t think I have to re-evaluate my strategy.

But that’s the great thing about daily fantasy. Unless there was some lunatic who drafted Trevor Davis in hopes of a 60-yard end around score – and apologies for calling you a lunatic if you were that person – then everyone suffered the same result and it likely didn’t affect your teams’ chances of winning too, too much.

Either way, let’s hope for a more reasonable output in Week 5.

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2019 was not the most spectacular class of rookies to enter the NFL. In fact, multiple times, I’ve said that the running back class is the weakest we’ve seen in the last decade with the possible exception of 2010. As history shows us with rookies, it is not always the first ones drafted that make the biggest impact in fantasy. While Saquon obviously ran away with the 2018 rookie class MVP, the 2nd leading rusher of the group was the undrafted Phillip Lindsay.

When evaluating rookies, every analyst uses some combination of talent and opportunity, and I tend to lean more toward the talent side of those. Situation can change, and while players can improve, I tend to trust my evaluations in their skills.

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Razzbowl 2019 is in the books and it provides a great opportunity to delve into how a strategy can change throughout a single draft. I’m hoping this breakdown can stir up your thought process in your own drafts as everyone is unique. In my mind, the biggest mistake people who play in a single home league or just for fun make is to just draft to rankings/ADP. I spend so little time ranking players. I spend far more time: placing players into tiers, reviewing what I believe the actual NFL teams offenses will look like, how the seasons will go for those teams, coming up with an initial strategy for each individual draft, pinpointing my favorite players to start off the draft from each chunk of draft positions (early/middle/late), and finally matching player value to rounds in the draft. Hopefully that makes sense. To put this idea into simper terms: Many people spend an excessive amount of time worrying about the order in which players like Josh Jacobs, Mark Ingram, and Chris Carson should be picked. I tend to not worry about the actual order, and try to spend more time coming up with what I believe is most likely going to happen with those teams, what could happen with that team, who I’ve drafted before that choice comes up, and just as important… what my plan is the rest of the way if I were to pick each of those players.

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As drafts lag on, many fantasy players are tempted to just log off and auto-pick the scrubs. This is a mistake. If nothing else, hand-selecting potential gold mines late eliminates the need to spend your precious FAAB down the line. With training camps opening there are a handful of forgotten names that seem to be floating to the top of depth charts. As the drumbeat builds, ADPs may rise but you can still obtain these 3 players at the end of 12 team drafts.

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