Welcome, football fans, to the Razzball Air Yards Report. This is the place where we look at thrown footballs (both caught and NOT caught) to try and predict which receivers might have some positive and negative regression coming their way. Week 2 was another wild week in the air yards year, as you will see below. […]

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While Donkey Teeth is traveling around somewhere, B_Don brings in a couple of replacements in @goosewhispersFF and @FantasySunKing to discuss some start-sit stuff for Week 2. We start by looking at some of the best and worst defenses and whether they are worthy of avoiding or targeting.  We bring everyone’s favorite game from the baseball […]

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Here we are…Fantasy Football Championship Week. If you’re playing for all the marbles, congratulations. I’m still alive in two of my three leagues, so I can’t wait for the games to get started. The semifinals were a bear for my teams, falling behind on Thursday night in one league and the same during the early […]

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With the fiftieth overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots surprised the draft community when they selected Baylor wide receiver Tyquan Thornton, a prospect who was widely considered more of a mid-round possibility. Surely, few fans and analysts had expected him to come off the board before prospects like Georgia receiver […]

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Player: Tyquan Thornton

Team: New England Patriots

Pick: 50th (2nd Round)

On the latest episode of the Razzball Fantasy Football Podcast Bobby LaMarco is joined by The Huddle Report’s #1 Mock Drafter Matthew Jones from the Draft Examiner. Matthew jumps on the podcast to talk about New England’s new WR Tyquan Thornton and his fit with the Patriots. To hear our full analysis, check out the YouTube video included with this article.

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This group is one that good fantasy managers will know well. Wide Receivers 41-80 offer a mix of high-upside youngsters whose ceiling seems unlimited and old reliable veterans who provide a stable floor. The variance in predicting their future fantasy production is exacerbated by the fact that many of them are free agents, so we must evaluate them without team context, which can be a beneficial exercise. It is more pertinent to know the player than their situation. I like to get a mix of the high floor and ceiling players from this bunch, but I would rather have more ceiling than floor, a bad blueprint for a carpenter, but a good plan for a fantasy manager. My team design requires I take at least three players from this group at the draft. Whether that is WR 2 through 5 on my rosters, or 3 through 6 is relatively inconsequential to me. Let’s analyze this group player by player.

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In this article we are going to review annual player incentives to see if we can use this information to help us with potential player props and DFS plays for Week 18. First, a plyer incentive is something embedded into a player’s contract that allows them to make more money if the hit a certain production threshold. For example, if a player hits 100 receptions in a season they earn $100,000 as an incentive for hitting that benchmark.

In this article we identified 7 players and 14 incentives that can be reached in Week 18. Below you will find a breakdown of how each section will be broken out for each player. Later in the article we will discuss each incentive and some background on the player’s historical stats to see how obtainable the incentive will be in Week 18.

Player – This represents the name of the person who is up for the incentive

Incentive – This represents what type of bonus is laid out in the contract i.e. receptions, yards or TDs to earn that incentive for the season

Current Number – This represents where the player currently stands on the season in that statistic

Number Needed – This represents the number that needs to be obtained by that player to earn the incentive for the 2021 season. The number in the () represents the number needed in Week 18 if applicable

Incentive Payout – This represents the dollar figure that player will earn for hitting that incentive in 2021

Recommended Player Prop – This represents the type of player prop we recommend you bet based on the incentive needed by that player. Please note, other props can be bet based on the information.

Player Props – This section represents what the actual player prop is on each site (DK = Draft Kings, FD = FanDuel and PP = Prize Picks)

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There’s a certain je ne sais quoi to alternative styles of football. There’s the charm of the ol’ hook-and-ladder, which invariably works in those games against Uncle Rich that take place after he sobers up from the noon Thanksgiving slate. There’s the Statue of Liberty play, known as the go-to trick play for every blue, white, and red-blooded upstate New Yawker who still wear their high school letter jacket (and no, they didn’t letter in football). There’s the Cleveland Steamer, famous amongst Odell Beckham Jr. for…reasons. 

And then there’s the “Dead Arm,” when the team simply…doesn’t pass the ball. 

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The goal of this article is to find WRs to fade and buy based on how many fantasy points their opponent allows in the slot vs. out wide. In today’s article we will review the key slot matchups for week 13. To keep up with the latest trends we updated the analysis to only include the last 5 weeks.

The below chart breaks down where each team allows their fantasy points to WRs and is listed from the most to the least amount of fantasy points allowed to the slot over the past 5 weeks.

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Taking inventory of target share (TS) and snap share (SS) data is a critical tool to help with start-sit decisions, and provide a framework for buy-low/sell-high trade candidates. Every Wednesday the Target Report will highlight key TS/SS data and takeaways from the weekend. Keep in mind this is one data point to reference when making weekly lineup decisions. Utilizing all of Razzball’s tools will help complete the decisions making process each week. 

Success in fantasy football is built around opportunity, especially consistent opportunity. Don’t get caught up only chasing fantasy points. Peyton Manning focused more on what happened between endzones versus what transpired on the scoreboard. It is important not to overreact to a poor fantasy outing when the usage is still there. Or overreact to a fantasy explosion for a player that barely found the field or was barely targeted in the game. Trust the data and trust the process…

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