I really wish Devonta’s last name was Soulman. I’m a soul man would have been a much better title and then I could have linked you to a Youtube clip from the movie. Oh there’s a song too? I guess I could provide a link to that as well. Here’s week three’s team.

POS Name Points Owned
QB Andy Dalton 31.32 52%
RB Devonta Freeman 39.8 63%
RB Chris Johnson 27.5 42%
WR Rishard Matthews 26.3 32%
WR Rueben Randle 21.1 28%
TE Gary Barnidge 19.5 0%
FL Marvin Jones 17.9 20%
DST Vikings 15 11%
K Josh Brown 13 37%

Last week’s team combined for 201.84 points. Even that monster performance would fall short of this week’s selections. This group of waiver wire fodder has joined forces to score 211.42 points. Man… I need a freaking time machine so that I can get a hold of these posts a week early. Anyone have any leads on a flux capacitor?

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All Hallow’s Eve is nearly upon us, and I hope you have your costume picked out. I’ve got a few late nights ahead of me to finish mine, but I expect to be ready in time. Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year. What’s better than drunk adults wearing costumes acting like children? Honestly, not much. One year I saw a guy dressed as Daniel LaRusso in the shower get punched in the face by a dude wearing a Cobra Kai jersey while he was smoking a cigarette outside a bar. Another time I saw a dude dressed up as the Teen Wolf crushing beer cans with his teeth as he spun a basketball on his fingertips. But I’m not sure anything can top seeing the Ultimate Warrior in a speedo running down the middle of a main street in freezing weather in typical Warrior-like fashion.

How about a few NFL players last week that put on their uniforms and masqueraded about as fantasy studs?

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The first couple of games we saw Nick Foles, he truly did play like  a rookie.  The game seemed too fast for him.  He was throwing passes way too late and had to deal with the same struggles Vick dealt with concerning a porous offensive line.  It really wasn’t the best set up for Nick […]

Please, blog, may I have some more?