What’s up weekend warriors?  It’s time for another installment of Target(s) Practice.  It’s hard to believe that we’re already a quarter of the way through the regular season and so far this year the only thing that’s been predictable is that all of your best fantasy players are going to get injured.  At least that’s the case with my team and I’m sure it’s the case with many of yours.  The good news about this fake sport is that there are always guys out there on the waiver wire, waiting to be snagged by savvy owners.  We don’t make excuses in this game, we make moves.  So let’s see if I can help you out.

Formidable, Fortuitous Week Four Footballers

Laurent Robinson: The ‘Boys scooped up former Ram, Robinson two weeks ago as an insurance policy for the injured Miles Austin.  Starting this week after a solid week three effort in which he caught three passes for 49 yards on five targets, Robinson showed why he was so heavily hyped last year before his injury.  Robinson tied Witten for the team lead in targets in week four with 10, catching seven of those passes for a team high 116 yards.  Though Austin and Bryant will clearly be the most delectable in Big D, the injury concerns surrounding both players mean that Robinson is a solid add in deeper leagues, even though Austin hopes to be back after next week’s bye.  If you have a spot to stash stop gap talent, here’s to you Mr. Robinson.

Matt Forte: For some reason I feel compelled to state the obvious.  Forte is the Bears’ entire offense.  I addition to gaining 205 yards on the ground, he once again led the team in targets with five.  Because of his dominance, there is really no one worth owning on the bears’ receiving core (with the possible exception of Johnny Knox if you’re desperate).  He has nine more receiving targets than any other Bears receiver.

Brandon Lloyd and Eric Decker: Awakening from his slumber, Lloyd, along with touted teammate Eric Decker, were the beneficiaries of a forced Orton air attack as the Broncos were down early to the world champion Packers.  Lloyd lovers were rewarded as he led the team in catches, yards, and targets, putting up eight for 136 and 11 respectively.  Those doting on Decker should not be disappointed either, as it was clear that a healthy and productive Lloyd didn’t denote despair.  Decker was second on the team with ten targets, catching five passes for 56 yards and two scores.  He also had one carry for a yard and he now has 22 targets over the last two weeks.  You have to like both guys going forward as the Broncos are sure to be throwing it down, even if they’d rather not.

Julio Jones: Many experts touted Jones over Green in preseason predictions, only to be disappointed by a hapless Matt Ryan.  Finally, much to the delight of Ryan owners, he woke up a bit this week and Julio emerged as his workhorse.  Catching eleven passes for 127 yards, Jones also bested former target champion of the universe Roddy White after earning 17 targets to his 11.  Though it’s too early to suggest that he’s Ryan’s new shower bunny, his production over the last two weeks (17 catches, 242 yards) gives owners the green light to plug him into their starting lineups.  Oh yeah, and Jones is third among receivers over the last three weeks in total targets with 32, behind only Welker and Jeremy Maclin.

Antonio Brown: This is the third time in four weeks that I have written about Antonio Brown despite the fact that he is not on the major networks’ fantasy radars (actually I just saw his name on waiver adds for ESPN).  After a game in which he commanded a team high 10 targets (six more than any Steeler), Brown now leads the team in total targets for the year (33 to Wallace’s 31).  Brown caught five of those targets for 67 yards and it should be very clear that he is officially the team’s number two option in the passing game, especially after Ward and Sanders combined for a total of two catches for 29 yards and six targets.  The downside of Brown is that he hasn’t gotten into the endzone, a problem that will inevitably change sooner rather than later.  Roethlisberger’s boot is a bit of a concern, but if he’s healthy enough to play you’ve got to believe that the coaching staff will figure out it’s o-line issues.  There’s too much pride in that organization to stand pat.  He continues to put up WR3 numbers and he could elevate to WR2 status.  Those who look for safety and security in their fantasy flex positions should listen to the logistics and ship their fantasy dreams with Brown.  Ok, I’m officially done with the UPS puns.

Montario Hardesty: After a solid week three performance by Hardesty, Hillis owners were hoping their boy would still be the undisputed king of the hill.  However, it looks like young talent Hardesty has hemmed on Hillis’ mountaintop, earning seven carries to Peyton’s 10.  The good news for Hillis owners is that Hardesty averaged only slightly more than three YPC to Peyton’s 4.6.  The most disconcerting numbers came from Hardesty’s command of receiving targets of which he garnered 9 (5 catches, 49 yards) to Hillis’ 6 (5 catches 23 yards).  As a fellow Hillis owner, in multiple leagues I might add (keeper from last year), I want to believe that the reported 10-12 pounds Hillis lost as a result of his strep was what resulted in a lighter workload.  With a bye week coming hope, hopefully Hillis can answer that every elusive question, where’s the beef and gain some pounds.  Regardless, adding Hardesty is a good decision.  I put him third behind Ryan Torain and Steven Ridley for priority waiver pickups this week.

Jermaine Gresham: Gresham is tied with Finley and Gronkowski with 20 targets over the last three weeks.  He was second to teammate A.J. Green on Sunday with seven, catching four passes for 70 yards and a touchdown.  He made some filthy catches in this game, most notably his touchdown grab, and it seems like he is quickly turning into Dalton’s comfort blanket.  Despite all of the hype I and others gave Fred Davis, I’m starting to like him a bit more going forward.  Unlike Davis,Gresham doesn’t have a bye this week and he doesn’t have anyone else to compete with at his position.  I like him a lot against Jacksonville as they’ve been torched by Jimmy Graham, Greg Olson, and Dustin Keller over the last three weeks respectively.

PrestonParker: Even though I only classified him as a player to watch, some yahoo berated me by saying that he doesn’t even belong on this list. But three weeks later, the schoolboy himself is the Bucs leading receiver and anyone who watched the game on Monday saw that Parker was clearly a big part of the Bucs’ gameplan.  A few facts to consider: Parker is averaging 7.1 Fpts. per game in standard leagues to Mike Williams’ 5.4.  He also leads the Bucs in receiving with 16 receptions for 223 yards and a touchdown.  Though he has only been targeted 21 times to Williams’ 30, he has 68 more receiving yards and one more reception than his highly touted teammate.  Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice shame on you.  Against a very vulnerable ‘Niners secondary, Parker could be a cagey bye week plug in this week.

Detroit Lions: Last week we talked about Titus Young’s potential emergence as the Lions’ #2 receiver and though that didn’t change much with the stats this week, I think we really need to recognize that Pettigrew is clearly the #2 overall target for Stafford.  What can I say?  The man Pettigrew on me this week with his 9 target (2nd to Johnson), six reception, 64 yard performance.  Supposed target vulture Scheffler laid eggs in every category aside from his one measly target, and it seems safe to say that Pettigrew is here to stay.  Burleson owners should be a bit concerned after an nearly identical performance this week as he had in week three (2 for 16yrds. vs. 2 for 12 yrds. last week) and once again, Titus garnered more targets (5 to Burls’ 4) and was more productive (3 for 41 yrds.).  Instead of once loving the prospect of playing Burleson as a solid flex guy I no longer feel comfortable with Young or Burleson as long as Pettigrew is the one cleaning up Calvin Johnson’s refuse.

Nate Washington: I’m putting him back on the list this week to tell Washington owners not to panic.  Though he did come back to earth a bit last week, owners have to remember one very important fact: Matt Hasselbeck completed 10, that’s right, 10 passes!  If Washington is still available in your league you need to take him.  If he’s owned by some schmuck who doesn’t do his homework, try to make an offer for him.  My bet is that you won’t be disappointed.

Premature Echampulation-don’t crown these guys just yet.

Jared Cook: Cook was a guy on a lot of peoples’ fantasy radars and with a solid week four performance we are all hoping that he will turn into what we expected him to when we drafted him.  However, beware of his two catch, 93 yard and one TD outing.  Despite his team high six targets last week, Cook has only a total of 13 targets on the year.  Here are some names of guys who have as many or more targets than Cook this year: Anthony Fasano, Leonard Pope, Randy McMichael, Daniel Fells, Brent Celek, Heath Miller, do I really need to go on?  Now, I’m not saying he doesn’t have potential, especially with Britt out for the year, but I need to see more than one productive week before I pick him up, let alone plug him into my lineup.

Devin Aromashodu: Those who look at total fantasy points will think that Aroma’s 9.4 points smell pretty good.  However, be aware that he only had one catch and that he was only targeted twice.  Also, the Vikings are one errant pass in the turf from McNabb away from Shanahaning him and who knows what Ponder will do?  We are only left to wonder.

James Casey: Ok, I’ll admit that I plugged Casey last week and this week he did nothing.  What can I say?  I wanted to believe, but one target for one catch and eight yards is nothing to believe in.  They are using him more often as a fullback and it looks like his production will be game plan based.  P.S. Walter and Jones combined for 0 yards and 0 receptions on two targets in Johnson’s absence.  It’s hard to say who will step up.  Stay tuned.

Deion Branch: After straight killin’ it in the first two weeks, Branch has fallen far from the tree over the last two, catching a total of one pass for four yards.  If you played him last week, at least he got you a td, but his four total targets over the last two weeks are concerning.  I do believe that he will emerge every now and then with big games, but in my opinion, consistency is what is most important in fantasy and I just don’t see him being consistent (Ocho has been more productive these last two weeks).  If I were you, I would sell him while he still holds some value.

  1. anthony says:

    Trying to stay undefeated.
    Who should I sit?
    A foster

    L mccoy

    B wells

    Calvin johnson

    Wes Welker

    Desean jackson
    Foster n Mccoy are my running backs.

    I’m debating over beanie or desean as my flex.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Anthony-what a great problem to have! That’s a tough call, both have pretty good matchups. I would keep an eye on Wells to see if his hammy is flaring up this week. This is tough. I’m leaning toward Jackson in what should be a shootout, especially if it’s PPR.

  3. anthony says:

    Haha I know. Thanks for the reply.
    Its non PPR, that’s y its tougher, but I will see how their practices go but for now its jackson.

  4. Anthony says:

    I need RB Help. I have Benjarvus and blount along with some terrible backups riding the bench. I got offered Mendenhall for Steve Johnson? He also has Cedric Benson and James Starks …

  5. Anthony says:

    I need RB Help. I have Benjarvus and blount along with some terrible backups riding the bench. I got offered Mendenhall for Steve Johnson? He also has Cedric Benson and James Starks … Would u do that deal or go for one of the others???

  6. BA says:

    Wideouts are killing me: Holmes, Manningham, Washington, L. Moore.

    Which two give me a chance this week? I’m thinking Holmes and Nate. Manningham has a nice matchup too but should I wait out his situation?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. TooManyQBs says:

    Please rank these QBs for the remainder of the season:

    Cam Newton
    Matt Stafford
    Tony Romo

    I have all 3 and need to trade at least one. I think Cam might have the most trade value, but Stafford might be most valuable from here on out. Then again, Romo was my 5th round pick. Tough decision. Also, can you give me an example of a type of WR I should be targeting if I trade one of these QBs. Obviously it depends on the QB need and WR depth of the other team, but generally speaking can you throw a couple names out there for guys I should target. FYI, I’d be willing to send not-so-Super Mario back with the QB for an upgrade at WR.


  8. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Anthony-I’d try to get Starks and Benson for him
    @BA-start Washington and I would go with Holmes for now despite how bad he’s been. They will need to throw it a lot against the Pats and the Pats D is nowhere near as formidable as the Ravens.
    @Toomanyqb’s-Stafford, Newton, Romo-Stafford has your most trade value I would think. Newton is hot so I would see if you could get a guy like Steve Johnson. Maybe an Andre Johnson if the guy is desperate and needs to win now; that would be a great steal. Maclin is another guy you could get that I like. Also, Fitz has had kind of a down year as has Roddy White. It’s a stretch, but fantasy owners get impatient.

  9. Early says:

    Hey, with Roddy White losing a few targets to Julio Jones, is he a good buy low-ish candidate? Or is his stock down a bit?

    I’m considering offering Sidney Rice and Ryan Grant for Roddy White? Too much, too little, or just right? Rice is my WR3/4 and Grant is my RB4 at the moment.

  10. Lugs says:

    What are your thoughts on Clay Harbor as a FA pickup late this week?
    I like what I’m seeing and he isn’t really on the radar.

    Thank you for your time!

  11. paulzone says:

    how do you like more going forward – 0.5 ppr, 3 pt bonus 100+ yds:

    denarius moore or antonio brown

    I own moore and am leaning on swapping moore for brown…

  12. Nick says:

    In terms of who to start in my flex spots this week, in what order would you rank these guys: Lance Moore, Stevan Ridley, Preston Parker, Darius Heyward-Bey

  13. Lugs says:

    One More Plz, I have first ww pick. Who? 1-ppr 10 teams looking at RB’s__TE __ WR in that order.

    Here is how I see it….

    I. Redman
    S. Ridley
    J. Gresham
    E. Decker
    B. Watson
    F. Davis
    V. Cruz
    R. Torain

    Thank you, again!

  14. Blain Train says:

    This is more waiver advice, but thanks in advance for the help. I’m 1-3 and really need a W this week. I have the #2 waiver slot, should I grab Redman or Ridley? Redman expects to have bigger Week5 numbers, but Ridley better long-term value. If I choose Ridley, I would likely stash him this week and start Tolbert at flex. Carpe Diem or think Long-Term?? Thanks!

  15. Harley says:

    @grey: Knox or antonio brown this week and also rest of year?

  16. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    I was definitely disappointed in Casey last wk,but w/ Andre Johnson out,and the fact that Walter and Jones dont seem capable of serious production,dont you think Casey becomes a much better fantasy option?For example,I own him in a 16 team league w/ four flex spots.Would you drop him for Damian Williams,Daniel Fells,or Steve Slaton?

    Also,10 team non ppr….who would you prefer right now,David Nelson or Antonio Brown?

  17. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    one more question….10 team non ppr,who has more value going forward,Ridley or D. Thomas?


  18. B-Real says:

    Who should I start at second RB?

    S. Greene, S. Ridley, M. Tolbert or J. Addai?

    Also, I need a Def. off the waiver wire this week, any thoughts?


  19. B-Real says:

    Who should I start at second RB?

    S. Greene, M. Tolbert, S. Ridley or J. Addai?

    Also, I need to pick up a def. off of waivers, any thoughts?


  20. Sach says:

    Should i drop Ingram for Torain?
    other backs are Beanie, LaGarrette and Ridley. Thx.

  21. Salty Balty says:

    Should I start J. Cambell over R. Fitzpatrick this week as my QB2?

  22. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Early-I like that offer. Roddy White is still a stud and he is more valuable than Sidney Rice in that offense, as bad as it has been so far.

    @Lugs-If you’ve got the spot why not? Stash him and see.

    @Paulzone-that’s a tough call. I really like Brown and Moore has made some plays but he’s not really a starting WR. I would check on Ben’s foot before making the move, but assuming he’s healthy I like Brown.

    @nick-in the exact order you have them listed.

    @Lugs-I like Ridley, Decker, Torain, and Cruz before Redman. Then Gresham, Davis, Watson.

    @Blaine-I’d take Ridley anyway. Mendy is clearly the more talented back and even he’s been useless, so there is no reason to think the Redman will set the world on fire. I think their numbers will be comparable enough this week.


    @Oilcan-I would drop everyone but williams for him. Also I like Brown.

    @Oilcan-tough to tell. Depends on Thomas’ injury and Belicheck’s schizophrenia

    @B-Real-tolbert or Addai

    @Sach-I don’t know if I would do that. Shanahan is still a committee guy and Hightower and Helu have talent and have been productive. I’m not totally convinced that Torain will be a long term feature back. Plus, he has had injury history. I would stick with Ingram personally.

  23. ry0324 says:

    Who should I start this week at RB Dexter McCluster @ Indy or Stevan Ridley Vs NYJ?

  24. Steve Stevenson says:

    Playing TE games in 2 leagues this week – not an especially tough matchup this week in either:

    1. Bye week replacement for Witten in a .5 PPR – Cook @ PIT or Shiancoe v ARI? Would drop afterward or try to trade if they blow up.
    2. Until Hernandez is back in a non-PPR (would drop Davis, who’s on bye, and probably keep whoever I pick up on my roster): Cook, Casey v OAK, Heap @ MIN, or Boss @ HOU?

  25. Matt says:

    Decker, Colston, or Mike Williams (Tampa) for the rest of the year? All 3 would be a WR4 on my team.

  26. Scott says:

    Antonio Gates for Brandon Lloyd, Ed Dickson, and Michael Bush

    Who wins?

  27. Pierre says:

    10t H2H league, 2 starting QBs. Would you trade Benson for Hasselbeck? I’ve got Stafford, Cutler and Grossman and I’m pretty solid at RB – Rice, McFadden, McCoy and Tolbert.

  28. clodbuster says:

    Who do you like between Antono Bown and Jacoby Jones for the next few weeks? .5 PPR Thanks!

  29. Eng says:

    Interesting piece, thanks.

    Would you speculate on Carson Palmer or Rosenfels ending up somewhere this year?

  30. stumanji says:

    How do you like this offer I’m throwing at a Andre Johnson owner:

    AJ Green & Devery Henderson for AJ.

    My WRs are Nicks, Green, Mike Williams TB, Henderson, Antonio Brown, Mike Thomas. 12 team, no PPR, start 2 RB/2 WR/Flex.

  31. dsimon says:

    What with two RBs on bye weeks, I’ve got to pick a fill-in. 1/2 point per reception, everything else is standard.

    Ryan Grant
    Earnest Graham
    Pierre Thomas


  32. Jim Parkey says:

    Which 1 of these WRs would you pick up this week?

    D. Moore
    N. Burleson/T. Young
    T. Smith


  33. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Ryo-I’d play Ridley in a standard league
    @Steve-as long as McNabb’s the QB I’d play Shiancoe. I’d take Cook in your next matchup but Casey could be a risk reward play.
    @Matt-Williams/Decker, Colston
    @Scott-do you really want three players for one? You’ll have to drop players for essentially two droppable players. I like Brandon Lloyd but I’d try to get Lloyd and another serviceable player
    @Pierre-no way jose
    @Clodbuster-when presented with the opportunity, Jones has done nothing. I like Brown.
    @Eng-If Rosenfels comes back it will be in a backup role. I’m 50/50 on Palmer. Supposedly the Bengals are willing to entertain trades and I could see something potentially happening with the Dolphins, though they may be in the Luck sweepstakes.
    @Stumanji-that offer is good on your end but if I’m the Johnson owner I’m looking at that trade as AJ Green for Andre Johnson and rejecting it. If he accepts it good for you.
    @Dsimon-I like all those guys as potential bye week fill ins. If it were full ppr I’d advocate strongly for Earnest Graham but I would take Grant first if he is healthy, then Thomas, then Graham.
    @Jim-can’t believe those guys are on the waiver wire. I would take denarius moore, cruz, or smith in that order.

  34. Steve Stevenson says:

    @Jones: Thanks! Would you be comfortable not carrying a backup for Eli for a couple weeks? Currently have Sanchez, who looked like garbage Sunday but has some great matchups the rest of the way (and will get scooped up if he has a good week against NE), but Cruz is a FA and I’m only carrying 3 WR. Available QBs include Rexy, Campbell and Cassel (and Tebow!). Drop Sanchez for Cruz, or hang tight?

  35. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Steve-I would definitely drop Sanchez for Cruz. There is absolutely no need to have him on your team.

  36. Colin says:

    Jones, going forward whom would you prefer, Titus Young or David Nelson? Thanks!

  37. Mike says:

    Chris Johnson ,Ahmad Bradshaw or Michael turner thebrest of the year? Help!

  38. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Colin-That’s a tough call. Titus Young has a bit more upside but Nelson should be a consistenct producer.
    @Mike-Honestly, it depends on whether or not it’s PPR. If PPR I like Johnson, then Bradshaw, then Turner. If not, I like Johnson, Turner, Bradshaw

  39. Early says:

    Thanks for the reply, dude. (Although I didn’t quite pull off that trade).

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