Luckily there are no major injuries this week that would kill fantasy football owners. Minor injuries? Sure, but that’s what I’m here for. To tell you who to stash, drop, and even start as well. This week, it’s time to part ways with some of our high draft picks even though my heart is literally in pain having to tell you some of them. Even though I did love some of them, I don’t as much anymore and have to let them go for the next “hot thing” to come along.

So to start, it’s time to give up on a few guys who were even top-five round draft picks for some. Despite having 80 touches in the first six games of the season, it’s only come to 294 yards (3.68 yards per touch) and no touchdowns. It’s time to drop my buddy, and some of you know who he is. It’s time to let go of C.J. Anderson as he continues to struggle, especially against a great matchup versus the Browns. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and if Ronnie Hillman is still available (4.89 yards/carry & coming off a 20 carry for 111 yards game), it’s time to grab him and view him as a decent sized upside RB3/FLEX who will continue to separate from Anderson.

Another running back who came into the season with a lot of hype and upside is Ameer Abdullah. Abdullah had a solid Week 1 showing (seven carries, 50 yards & a touchdown/four receptions for 44 yards), but has since only scored one touchdown (receiving) combined and 2.74 yards per carry (47 carries for 129 yards). He has also only had nine receptions for 69 yards (7.67 yards per reception) and has failed to find the end-zone in the past three weeks. And despite head coach Jim Caldwell claiming that Abdullah was not benched due to his fumble on Sunday, it most likely was, along with the forearm stinger he suffered. Meanwhile, Theo Riddick has led all NFL running backs with 33 receptions and is one of only four running backs to have two or more receiving touchdowns. With Zach Zenner out for the season (sorry draftniks), Joique Bell struggling to stay healthy, and Abdullah playing at a high school level, I’d definitely recommend grabbing Riddick in all leagues and treating him as a high-end RB3/FLEX in PPR leagues.

Now, one of the oddest events on Sunday (besides the Colts running that flawless fake punt) was the fact that despite no injury reported, was that Eddie Lacy received only six touches. He received four carries and caught two passes, and then wasn’t heard from again afterwards. Lacy has struggled so far this season, only surpassing 50 yards rushing twice and only accumulated 30 yards rushing on 17 carries the past two games. James Starks, on the other hand, had a terrific game with 112 yards rushing (on only 10 carries) and two touchdowns (one receiving, one rushing). Head coach Mike McCarthy said that “Starks has deserved more touches” and that they will “ride the hot hand going forward”. That could very well be Starks when they come back from bye on Week 8. Starks needs to be owned in all leagues going forward, as we could see Starks grab more, if not the same amount of touches as Lacy for the foreseeable future. He will be a mid-tier RB3 when the team comes back from their bye.

Marvin Jones is coming off a fantastic game against the Bills where he had 12 targets for nine receptions, 95 yards, and a touchdown. He has now accumulated 20 targets, 14 receptions, and 156 yards in the past two games. Jones has been operating as the #2 wide receiver for the undefeated Bengals and has been able to thrive with A.J. Green grabbing the attention of all of the opposing teams’ #1 cornerback. Jones will have some great games, and have some not so great games, but that is the nature of a team that has to feed Green, Mohammed Sanu, Giovani Bernard, and Tyler Eifert as well. Jones is a high-ceiling/low-floor WR3 going forward as the Bengals head into the bye week and should be snagged on most benches that have adequate space.

I don’t think I need to talk about him this much considering he should be owned in all fantasy football leagues, but considering who he plays for, some may still be shy to have him. He is one of only three players to have scored five touchdowns over the past four weeks and is top-20 in receiving yards. And in the past four weeks combined, this tight end has been the highest scoring at his position in fantasy football. If you guessed Gary Barnidge, you were correct! Barnidge has caught a touchdown in four straight games and scored two on Sunday. He continues to be the #2 target in a pass-heavy Cleveland Browns offense. If he is somehow on waiver wires, scoop him up now and even start him with a lot of confidence.

Someone who has come on in a big way the past two games he played (had a bye in Week 5), with 19 targets, 13 receptions, and 216 yards. His name is Stefon Diggs, the next big thing in Minnesota (sorry Brock Lesnar), and he deserves your attention. With Charles Johnson out the past few weeks and Mike Wallace not doing much to solidify himself as a #1 wide receiver (nine targets, two receptions for 23 yards this past Sunday), Stefon Diggs has stepped up and been very solid since he was made active. Johnson is expected to return for Week 7, but may not be a starter as Diggs is the Vikings wide receiver to own. He is a high-upside, mid-tier WR3 that needs to be owned in all leagues as he continues to get a good amount of receptions, yards, and meaningful targets.

Despite going for back-to-back 100+ receiving yard games in weeks two and three, Rishard Matthews is only owned in 50% of all Yahoo leagues. Matthews led all Dolphins wide receivers in targets and all Dolphins in receptions in Week 6 under the new Dan Campbell regime. Kenny Stills and Greg Jennings combined for only three targets and it’s clear that Matthews is the #2 wide receiver in Miami. Considering how well the Dolphins offense did on Sunday compared to every other week, it’s clear that Campbell as the top guy is going to help the Dolphins offense. He needs to be owned in most leagues, if not all, as a high-floor mid-tier WR3/FLEX.

Well, that’ll be it for this week! Now go make me proud and get off my lawn.

  1. NPI says:

    In Standard league
    I have Mariota in as P Manning is on bye. Would you recommend me to pick up instead that would help me for the rest of the season as QB? Fitzpatrick, Hoyer, Foles, Carr, or Kaepernick? Should I drop both of my QBs?

    WRs- Marshal, Maclin (questionable), cooks, hurns, and Lafell
    RB Murray, Freeman, Lacy (bye), and Hillman (bye) -Does it make sense to drop Lacy to pick up Starks?
    TE J Thomas in for Eifert (bye)

  2. Blake says:

    what about Alfred morris? what to do with him? I am in a 10 team standard league and I have the following lineup:

    QB: Brees
    WR: A Robinson
    WR: A Boldin
    WR: P Garcon
    RB: D Freeman
    RB: J Stewart
    TE: A Gates
    B: D Thomas
    B: M Forte
    B: J Witten
    B: A Dalton
    B: M Gordon
    B: A Morris

    I can pickup J Starks, S Diggs, R Jennings, Theo Riddick, M Floyd. Just don’t know what to do with him

  3. Barker says:

    12 team ppr 6 pt passing tds

    Aaron rodgers on bye so i need to drop someone for replacement

    Drop theo riddick snead or knile davis

    My rbs ingram dion lewis duke johnson knile riddick
    My wrs calvin martavis moncreif hurns snead

    Thinking snead because i am probably not going to use him at all ROS and doubly so after he cost me my match last week also i like riddick and knile as possible rb starters soonish

    And which qb to pick up off waivers please rank two to three because i am not putting in a waiver claim and i may miss your first option

    Flacco @ ari teddy @ det smith vs pit mccown @ stl fitzpatrick @NE foles vs cle cousins vs TB
    Hoyer @ mia cassel @ nyg l jones @ KC

  4. Dom B says:

    1.) Would you add Julius Thomas over Richard Rodgers.

    2.) Also who has better ROS value Julius Thomas or Jason Witten

    3.) I want to keep broncos d and they are on bye and i also want to pick up Julius Thomas so is Eli Manning droppable, I have Phillip Rivers.

    4.) with so many of my players on bye can you give me my best lineup for this week

    My Roster
    QB Phillip Rivers
    RB Leveon Bell
    RB Latavius Murray
    WR Julio Jones
    WR AJ Green
    TE Jason Witten
    Flex Keenan Allen
    K Steven Hausaka
    Def Broncos
    QB Eli Manning
    RB Jonathan Stewart
    WR Steve Smith
    TE Richard Rodgers

  5. Dom B says:

    Also would you trade AJ Green and Latavius Murray for Eddie Lacy

    My roster

  6. Barker says:

    10 team 1/2 ppr superflex so only start two rbs three wrs

    I have both green bay and mcmanus on bye — i know i cant keep both and know i shouldnt keep both but mcmanus is the top K scorer and i dont want to drop him

    Can i drop sammy watkins for a K ? Or just do the thing and roll with a new kicker and hope mcmanus clears waivers next week ? Watkins is really my only drop atm

    My wrs cooks a rob garcon watkins dez
    My rbs murray gore blount mathews hillman michael

    Is it safe to drop mathews or should i wait til the week 8 bye for that ?

    Players on wire lafell diggs starks cruz

    should i just do watkins for one of these guys through waiver or hold sammy and not get cute with kicker and def manipulation

    • Barker says:

      @Barker: additionally which def would you grab

      Minn at det pitt at kc mia vs hou car vs phi was vs tb atl at tenn

  7. Beans says:

    I have 2 questions if you don’t mind. 1- pick 3 PPR Cooks Snead Martavis and Rishard? 2 is in order to get Gurley would you be willing to part with one of these rb’s pair with one of these WR’s? It’s PPr if that matters. Lamar Miller, Hillman, C-Mike Cooks Snead Rishard? So basically 1 of these Rb’s and 1 WR’s for Gurley? Thanks for the time

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