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Greetings! How are things? Caught your teenage daughter was making smut films? No worries, the Lord’s wide receiver ranking are here for you, hand delivered on ruby-encrusted silver platter by my man-servant, Ralph Lifpshitz. Tis’ true, not only does he hand feed me grapes, but he stole my whole style and became a popular writer here at the site! I’m so proud; I now smile like a proud father watching his only son that made it. With that being said, I’ve been receiving (no pun intended… haha, oh, that’s really not funny) countless requests for my wideout rankings, as there are obviously many of you doing your drafts early. Why, I have no clue, but that’s what ya’ll do, so I’m going to give this to you hard and raw, like you were a Kardashian, backstage at a Black Panther Party award ceremony. Say one thing for the Kardashians, they love African-American sausage, and can you really blame them? Look at the size of those things!

Speaking of long-donged young men, I love Sammy Watkins this season! Absolutely adore him, yes I do! After he complained about not getting the targets he felt he deserved last season, Watkins was force fed balls like George Michael at a highway rest stop, and just like Georgie, Watkins inhaled those balls and looked like a top-5 receiver the rest of the way. I like him to finish in the top-7 and, possibly, the top-5. Grab him everywhere you can. You gotta have faith.

Also, please check out my weekly video show with Andy Singleton and the Fantasy Doctor, Duke University M.D. Selene Parekh. Below are the first two episodes, the first of which has the two men who finished in the top-5 of FantasyPros rankings. Jay and I are coming for their heads in 2016. At least Jay, that is. You’ve got to be realistic about these things…

Please don’t mind the fact my face is flipped, making me look funnier than usual. I have the higher ups working on it as I won’t be filmed like this again…

I am Tehol Beddict and these are my wide receiver rankings. Take heed!


  1. OneI'dWilly says:

    Was that a “The Blade Itself” reference?

    Mind providing some keeper help?
    14 team 0.5PP 3WR, 2RB, 1 QB, 1Flex
    $200 auction

    Pick 3
    Russell Wilson $3
    Keenan Allen $25
    Marvin Jones $1
    OBJ $69
    Golden Tate $23
    Frank Gore $27
    Carson Palmer $1

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @OneI’dWilly: But of course! Say one thing for Lord Beddict, say he loves a good fantasy novel.

      Wilson OBJ Marvin Jones would be my 3 musketeers, unless you want Keenan Allen over OBJ, which will really be saving you some money, which in all honestly is a far superior value. consider that for a while

  2. Big League Choo says:

    I’m in a shallow 10 team auction league 100$ budget with bonuses for 100 yds and 250 yds passing(Qb, RB, RB, Flex, WR, WR, TE, K, DST, 5 BN)…….last year some of my stud buys included dez bryant(25$), lynch(24$), jeffery(16$). I managed to make the playoffs because of a lucky schedule and the fact i turned my last 19$ into ingram 7, doug martin 7, j stew 6. I dont know which strategy i want to go into the draft with…either stars/scrubs or more balanced

    1$ Qb Cousins (we have no -pts and 6pt passing tds)
    24$ RB David Johnson
    25$ RB AP
    1$ FLEX Gio Bernard/woodhead and waiver guys
    26$ WR A Brown
    15$ WR K Allen


    1$ Qb
    18$ RB Ingram
    15$ RB Lacy
    15$ FLEX Keenan Allen
    22$ WR AJ Green
    20$ WR DeAndre Hopkins

    Which Strategy do you prefer in a shallow league? I feel like theres value at wr with smaller reception type….guys like cobb, cooper, hilton all will go 13$ or less. Am I better off grabbing two of them instead of an AJ Green?

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Big League Choo: wow, tough call. I love the 3 wide option in 2nd group. what other wideouts would you be able to get for a buck up top? group below you have 3 top 10 receivers possibly but group above you have 2 of the top 5 running backs the number one overall wideout and a top ten wideout. id lean that way as Lacy cant be trusted tho i think he bounces back somewhat

      • Big league choo says:

        @Tehol Beddict: guys like crabtree, lockett, Corey Coleman, diggs, Travis benjamin

        • Tehol Beddict says:

          @Big league choo: works for me. do as I suggested. unless, of course, you don’t like what I said, then, do the other! Good day, sir!

  3. Scott Hagen says:

    Bit of a involved trade question but I REALLY need help! Haha. 12 team 2 keeper per team league. Keeping Kelvin 13th rd and Latavius 8th rd. Due to my team sucking I made some trades and acquired 3 2nd rd picks. With keepers gone. Players avail in the 2nd rd would be like cobb/cooper/decker/landry then rawls/demarco/matthews/hill at RB. HOWEVER, I was offered 1st overall pick for ALL 3 2nd rd picks. I also have 4th pick overall. So I could either have 1st and 4th pick (AB 1st then either Lamar Miller or AJ green 4th). Or pick lamar miller or aj green 4th overall then get 3 of those guys in the 2nd rd… Whatcha think?? Confused? Haha. Thanks!

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Scott Hagen: hmmmmmmmm so interesting. i like the first option ONLY if you’re able to get 2 of Cobb/Cooper/Landry and Rawls with the other pick. Getting Brown and and another hog RB or Green is tough for me to pass up tho. i go for elite talent first guaranteed. figure out the rest later, my son. be well

      • Scott Hagen says:

        @Tehol Beddict: yea I know. Has to go exactly right. Thinking of making the trade and letting the other fella deal with the bullshit

        • Tehol Beddict says:

          @Scott Hagen: and there you have it. we’ve figured this out together, my goodman. hear! hear!

  4. Ryan says:

    Need help on my first two selections this year, I’m the 10 pick so I get 10, 11 backkkkk to back. It’s also a PPR Keeper league, so I’ve provided the list of whose available to start minus the keepers. My keepers are as follows: Gurley RB (3rd Rnd), Freeman RB (4th Rnd), and Doug Baldwin WR (13th Rnd).

    Available: Antonio Brown WR, Julio Jones WR, Gronk TE, AJ Green WR, Dez Bryant WR, Adrian Peterson RB, Ezekiel Elliott RB, Keenan Allen WR, Brandon Marshall WR, Jamaal Charles, Jordy Nelson WR, Alshon Jeffery WR, LeVeon Bell RB, Mike Evans WR, Brandin Cooks WR, Amari Cooper WR, LeSean McCoy RB, Demaryius Thomas WR, TY Hilton WR, Eddie Lacy RB, Julian Edelman WR, Sammy Watkins WR, Randall Cobb WR, Golden Tate WR, Jeremy Maclin WR, Carlos Hyde RB

    My thoughts are that the draft will go pretty close to the order you see above, puts me in line to start at Jamaal Charles and Jordy Nelson. I think that would be a great combo to take off the board here. I’m shoring up a monster 1,2,3 RB combo…and I’m grabbing Aaron Rodgers #1 guy. Jordy might go earlier, so I may have to choose between Marshall, K. Allen, Cobb, Jeffery, etc. Please let me know what you think is the safest two, as well as the two with the highest ceiling.

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Ryan: yep id be all over over Charles and then McaCoy if he gone. have Watkins ranked ahead of Jordy but that’s fine either way. lets talk this through. The Lord shall provide

      • Ryan says:

        @Tehol Beddict: Not a huge Bills fan (Pats fan here), so McCoy and Sammy Watkins slide a little in my rankings…Could also be the run and gun QB they have, or maybe the coaching staff…I feel much safer drafting Jordy here with the stud QB, and better all around offense. It is PPR though, so I know McCoy and Watkins will get plenty of action. Jordy may be long gone, WR is thin as you can see by some of the names off the board, and RB is even thinner so I know people aren’t going to reach on RBs. The WRs will be flying off the board by picks 10-11. I’d love to get Gronk, but being from NE this is very unrealistic in my draft, everyone wants him.

        If the list looks more like this when it gets to 10-11, what would you do? Keenan Allen, BMarsh, Ezekiel Elliott, Leveon Bell, Evans, Jeffery, etc. Not sure anyone will go high on Watkins, but you never know. I do like the idea of having 3 monster RBs, so I wouldn’t be upset with Elliott, or Bell (although both might lose 4 games). I’m not a huge Keenan Allen guy even though I owned him last year.

        • Tehol Beddict says:

          @Ryan: I feel you, playa. I like where your head’s at. Let’s get this title together, you and I, as one

  5. Sir says:

    12 team, 1/2 pt PPR league, 3 keepers. You keep the player in the round you drafted them in the year prior. Would you keeper AP in the 1st round or Thomas Rawls in the 15th? I already have David Johnson in the 16th and Allen Robinson in the 8th.

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Sir: Sir, why not just keep the big dog and have arguably the two best running backs in football this year? who else would you ge twith that pick? id probably hold . Rawls ankle scares me off. thanks for stopping by

  6. Brett says:

    Would you trade your 6th round pick for L Bell? Bell would then be a 4th round keeper for this year. Lose him after the year? So in essence no 4th and 6th for Bell. 10 team ppr league. We play a RB, Wr, Wr, RB/WR, TE

    Already have the following keepers. D. Johson 14th, D Parker 15th, Matt Jones 19th, Kevin White 21.

    • Brett says:

      @Brett: D. Johnson is Duke Johnson

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Brett: I would probably do it. I still think Bell worth a late first or second. we must go all in at times to achieve glory

  7. David says:

    In a 10 team keeper league. PPR scoring as well as .5 pt for QB completion and 6pts per TD all around. QB’s score a ton in this league, BTW. Cam had over 600 pts last season. Auction draft, $250 budget, 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2 flex, 1DST, 7 bench spots. Got to keep 5 players into the season, my best options:

    Cam ($12)
    Ben ($10)
    Julio ($53)
    Kelvin Benjamin ($2)
    Dion Lewis ($10)
    Hurns ($10)
    Diggs ($10)
    Langford ($1)
    Tavon ($10)

    My 4 is set but not going to keep Dion Lewis if he’s going to start the season on PUP which all indication so far looks that way. Who’s your 5?

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @David: Both QB’s depending on who a free agent. Benji, Langford and Julio . You the man, and it’s like, you don’t even know it yet.

  8. Dg says:

    One point ppr.
    Keep hurns lose 14th round, keep Watkins lose 4th round, keep latavous Murray lose 8th round.

    Leaning hurns I also have the first pick in the draft so taking atonio brown

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Dg: You only get to keep one of these players? Each of them is worth that slot. I’d keep them all if at all possible. But if only one, sure, Hurns is a steal at that spot. I believe other two players are going to have substantially excellent seasons tho

  9. Essie says:

    Make me feel good about picking Watkins over Cooper, Evans, Marshall, Hilton.

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Essie: makes you feel warm and cozy inside, doesn’t it. Kudos to you, my goodman

  10. Brett says:

    Another question on a different team

    I’m in a 12 team .5 ppr league. We play 1 rb, 1 rb/wr, 2 wr, 1 flex, 1 te.

    You can keep 3 players. Pick ups can be kept the for only the following year for $10 plus the faab amount used to obtain. Drafted players can be kept in year 2 for the same price and then in year 3 kept again and then lost after the year or you can contract them prior to year 3 where their value goes up $5 a year.

    I have kelvin benjamin for $2 it is the year after I drafted him so I can keep him again in 2017 for $2 or contract him prior to next year. Would you rather him at that price or I can get Le’van Bell who is under contract for 13 this year, 18 in 2017 and 23 in 2018.


    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Brett: id still rather have Bell at that price. as he’s best RB in NFL when not suspended. suppose it is tad risky but I believe worth it and we can find a new gem at wideout

  11. Ralphy says:

    PPR keeper question. You lose the round the keeper was taken in. Can keep 3.

    A Brown (3rd round but I can inly keep him this year)
    Amari Cooper (4th and can keep him for three years)
    Allen Robinson (5th and can keep him for thee years)
    David Johnson (16th and can keep him for three years)

    I’m leaning towards not keeping Antonio Brown but it’s a tough choice.

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Ralphy: WOOOOOOOOOW>

      can i really tell you to drop Antonio Brown? what pick do you have in round one? can you get him again? who else available. by next year, Arob and Cooper could be top 10 wideouts if they not already. Johnson is a must

      • Ralphy says:

        @Tehol Beddict:

        That’s what tough about this is I think it’s Antonio Brown who I drop due to it being the last year I can keep him.

        I have the 9th pick in each round so he will be drafted prior to my pick.

        Thanks for the reply.

        • Mobin Can't Hack It says:

          @Ralphy: he’s still the drop.

  12. Psh says:

    You were one of the only Sammy believers last year and those who invested were handsomely rewarded..

    I have him at $8 and Devanta Freeman at $3 in a keeper league. What’s your take on devanta? I’m kinda spooked off on him but I have him for so cheap. I need to pick between Lamar miller, Freeman or Sammy. Miller is $27

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Psh: Thank you for remembering that, Psh!!! you have him at so cheap you have to keep him. Devonta that is. has to be done. Miller could breakout major but Freeman SOOOO MUCH cheaper. almost have to do it, my goodman. cant keep all three? darn it all to heck!

  13. Dg says:

    Since I have the first pick in the ppr draft
    And I’m taking brown number 1.

    If I lost my 4th round draft pick for Sammy which I think he would go in the 3 round in my league especially with all the keepers.
    Would that be better and I can do whatever I want with my back to back picks at 2nd and 3round. Take a running back and tight end or maybe another stud reciever

    So take Antonio brown, running back, te/wr, Sammy Watkins kept at end of 4th.

    Antonio brown, 2nd round, 3rd round, 4th round…
    Lose 14th round but keep hurns.

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Dg: keep sammy for a 4 bro! thats a steal for what he’s probably about to do, althoooooo Hurns savage also and muuuuuuuch cheaper. hmmmmmm, id probably lean keeping Sammy but Hurns might be the safer route quite honestly as IM souring a bit on Buffalo situation

      • Dg says:

        @Tehol Beddict: I also couldn’t keep sammy next year and would be able to keep hurts in 13th round but who cares about next year

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