So you wanna know how I’d draft if I had everything go my way from rounds one through whatever in a ten team PPR you say?  Oh, you didn’t say that?  Oh well, it’s what you’re gonna get anyways today!  Keep in mind, I’m simply going by their projected ranks not current ADP listings, hence the perfect draft concept where everyone I want falls to me in the given round I’m in.  Since this is a standard league, I’m looking at a roster of QB/WR/WR/WR/RB/RB/TE/DEF/K and six bench spots.  To keep things in line with how we’re doing our 2012 Razzball Football Commenter Leagues through Yahoo this year, I’m going to use their rankings and rounds to determine how my team pans out.  Oh, you don’t know about our RCL’s?  Well, that original link will guide you to where all the current leagues are posted that you can join while our RCL Update post tells you about how winning it just got a bit sweeter this year.  We want you in that lavish attire holding that trophy just as much as you do, but that means you have to join a league or build one if one isn’t available to get in.  Alright, I think that’s enough RCL pimping for now, let’s take a look at what myself as a yahoo can do in a Yahoo draft of my dreams for a standard ten teamer for fantasy football.

Rd 1: Ray Rice, Projected #2 Pick  He’s number one in my 2012 Fantasy Football Rankings this year (An update about which will be out later this morning.  Giggity!), so suffice to say this is a no-brainer for me.  I don’t know if you can really go wrong with the top three RBs, but I trust Rice’s health over Arian Foster and his asserted #1 offensive force for his team compared to LeSean McCoy who might be ceding some of those touchdowns to Michael Vick this year.

Rd 2: Jimmy Graham, Projected #14 Pick – Yep, I took a Tight End in the second round.  Deal with it.  In looking over the projected rankings, Graham just made sense here given all the health issues of the other Running Backs currently projected to go in the second round.  Adrian PetersonDarren McFadden, and Trent Richardson are all worrisome right now so I’m looking at top end production from my TE over question marks at my RB2.  If this were a PPR league, I might consider Michael Forte with pick 20 but since it’s not, I had my eyes set on the running back right after him…

Rd 3: Marshawn Lynch, Projected #21 Pick – Like I said, this isn’t a PPR league.  Marshawn won’t catch many passes but he definitely can pound the turf as my RB2 any day in a standard league.  Again, I know I’m dreaming as I see his ADP rising into the second round in Yahoo leagues but dreams aren’t about being reasonable.  Just think about that one you had involving Kate Upton and a pool full of jello pudding.  I mean, seriously, that’s a lot of pudding.  No way you could afford that!

Rd 4: Julio Jones, Projected #32 Pick – I have big thoughts about Julio this year which you’ll be able to see from my later draft picks.  I have hopes of a double digit touchdowns and near 1200 all-purpose yards here.  I have Roddy White and Julio pretty tightly knit together in my rankings so having Julio in the fourth round feels like a steal to me.

Rd 5: Marques Colston, Projected #43 Pick – This was tough as this round had a lot of  value plays at wide receiver and I was in need.  Could’ve gone with Jeremy Maclin at #41 or even Brandon Lloyd at #50 but I chose to stick with my guns as I have Marques in my top ten wide receivers for the season.  Hard to be mad about having two top end targets for Drew Brees to throw to.

Rd 6: Ahmad Bradshaw, Projected #52 Pick – This pick was a value pick.  I would’ve aimed for a wide receiver but because I’m going by rounds I would’ve had to stretch to get one that I was comfortable with.  In Bradshaw, I have a Running Back who should score me 10+ touchdowns as long as he stays healthy.  Nothing wrong with hedging your Running Backs early if you can afford it.  Of course, now I still have that pesky third receiver to deal with but with how deep the position is, I should have no problem finding some value here shortly.

Rd 7: Antonio Brown, Projected #67 Pick – Well, that was quick.  Normally I wouldn’t go after Brown in a standard league because of those touchdown numbers from last season.  However, I think there’s a good chance for improvement on his TDs from last year whether or not Mike Wallace comes back.  TDs are fickle things.  If he posted the same line last year with 7 or 8 touchdowns, he’d be drafted up near where I got Julio.

Rd 8: Matt Ryan, Projected #76 Pick – I’ve been saying all off-season that Matty Ice was being undervalued everywhere and that trend has not really changed.  I have him tiered with Romo and Rivers who are going two rounds ahead of him.  Too many weapons at his disposal this season and they’re really going pass-heavy with their offense in 2012.  You tell me what’s not to like?

Rd 9: Pierre Garcon, Projected #86 Pick – Since Robert Griffin, III is skyrocketing up the draft charts, I have no chance of nabbing him so Pierre would be my consolation piece of the pie.  I have him projected as a WR3 so having him on my bench at this point is a luxury.

Rd 10: Denarius Moore, Projected #96 Pick – Still fleshing out my bench and throwing Denarius on there in case Carson Palmer and him rekindle what they started last year.  Would’ve preferred Darrius Heyward-Bey for that purpose but he was in round nine.  If I haven’t cheated yet, why start now?

Rd 11: Ben Tate, Projected #108 Pick – I’m sure the imaginary Foster owner in my imaginary draft is angry at me right now.  Even if Foster plays a full 16 games, Ben will still get his touches in Houston’s run-first offense, especially if they keep up their winning ways.  Fourth quarters are golden for back-up running backs on winning, run-heavy teams.

Rd 12: Josh Freeman, Projected #116 Pick – I had to take a back up quarterback at some point and felt the best way to approach it was to go with upside.  Palmer and Andy Dalton were available in this round but Freeman does have a top 10 fantasy season at his position under his belt as recently as 2010.  I’m comfortable with Matt so taking the risk with Freeman just makes sense.

Rd 13: Toby Gerhart, Projected #127 Pick – I must really like handcuffs.  This goes back to my sleeper post about Toby and to the fact that you can never count on the health of a Running Back, especially one coming off of season ending surgery on both their MCL and their ACL.  Brent Celek was available in this round but you don’t really need a bye week Tight End in a ten team league.  If all goes according to plan, all my Toby value will be used up by week 5 anyway so I could have an empty roster spot when bye weeks start hitting.

Rd 14: San Francisco Defense, Projected #145 Pick – At this point in the draft, I’m simply picking a defense.  Why not make it the top ranked one?  Again, these are dreams, people, dreams!

Rd 15: Mason Crosby, Projected #207 Pick – Well we all knew these last two rounds would be boring, didn’t we?  He’s a great kicker for a great offense.  Nuff said.

To wrap up, I’m all for the strategy in this small of a league to be taking skill players with my last two picks until you know more.  There’s always a kicker or a defense out on waivers in this type of league that will prove to be useful enough for you to be successful.  Taking a player like Rashad Jennings or Emmanuel Sanders at the tail end of a draft like this makes sense when teams are still dealing with holdouts.  Of course, eventually someone must go to make up for the DEF/K need but I wanted to show a dream draft that is actually rosterable for a season and I feel I’ve done that quite well.  This team makes me feel all warm and gooey inside as it should as it’s my Yahoo Dream Team for a standard 10 team league.

  1. Tony Starks says:

    Just had our RCL draft the other night and can I honestly tell you that I probably had the 10-team Standard Yahoo Draft of My Dreams

    1 (6) Rodgers – thought about Megatron but Mr. Double Down is just too consistent to pass up
    2 (15) DeMarco Murray – Lynch, White + Mathews went right before my pick and I didn’t want to take Graham or Gronk this early
    3 (26) AJ Green – AP, JC, Andre J, Julio J, and Jennings went right before my pick and didn’t want Nicks, Marshall or Welker
    4 (35) S-Jax – hearing he’s revitalized this year
    5 (46) Gates – should be a MONSTER this year
    6 (55) V-Jax – needed a 2nd WR and pickings were getting slim
    7 (66) Matt Ryan – yeh I took Rodgers in the 1st but I loved getting Matty Ice here
    8 (75) Garcon – his big play ability should be a great fit with RG3 at QB
    9 (86) Ridley – was between him and Spiller. Not sure I love this pick
    10 (95) Gerhardt – was between him and Tate. Two picks in a row that I’m not in love with. But does make for great AP insurance
    11 (106) Little – solid 4th WR. Yds and TD potential is what you want in this non-PPR format and he should be good for both
    12 (115) J Rodgers – more of a PPR play but wasn’t overly impressed with the other available options
    13 (126) Pats D – yeh I took them as the 3rd DEF off the board (SF/CHI went a few rounds earlier). LOVE THE UPSIDE HERE
    14 (135) Janikowski
    15 (146) Baldwin – UPSIDE UPSIDE UPSIDE

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      Should be a solid team there. Which Baldwin did you get? Doug or Jon? If pats don’t pan out, streaming is always there. I never mind a backup RB near the end of the draft, as you can tell.

      • Tony Starks says:

        @Sky, I took Jon!! Have been hearing great things about him in camp and although the Chiefs look to be a run-first team this year he’s a great red zone option and the Bowe hold-out situation is still in limbo. Btw, apologies for posting my draft and hopefully that doesn’t start a trend. I know how boring it is looking at other people’s draft results. I’m just psyched for my first year in the RCL and am going to inflict some serious damage to all opponents who get in my way lol

        • Sky

          Sky says:

          Ha, it goes with the territory, re: your draft post. It’s all good!

          Good about Jon, I do like him as well this year. Good luck with your first year in RCLs!

  2. A Hill O' Beans says:

    I’m a little confused because you say you are using their Yahoo Rank and not ADP, but then almost everyone you drafted you took after their Yahoo rank would have had them going (i.e. Graham – Rank 14/Pick 19)? Were you just using the round for their rank and not the actual rank?

    Overall its kind of hard to fault any part of your team, I guess if I could fault anything, and that’s not easy, it’s that you’d have one of the worse starting QBs in your 10 team league, which in this era may cause some problems. But that’s just nitpicking with this team.

    Anyway, I had the #2 Pick in our RCL that just drafted, so I was interested to see the similarities here. We ended up with 5/15 picks the same and I’m pretty happy with my draft:
    1 – Rice
    2 – AP
    3 – R.White
    4 – Vick (Upside)
    5 – Colston
    6 – A.Brown
    7 – Decker (Bench WR / Trade Bait)
    8 – Eli (Vick Insurance)
    9 – D.Brown
    10 – Pettigrew (Last of the decent TEs)
    11 – Gerhart (AP Insurance)
    12 – K.Smith (VALUE)
    13 – N.Washington (Undervalued IMO)
    14 – Seattle (My #2 ranked DEF thanks to their fantastic schedule)
    15 – Crosby (My #1 ranked Kicker)

    How can I not be excited about a Rice/AP backfield? Or a White/Colston/Brown/Decker WR corp? Vick has a huge ceiling, and we won’t talk about his floor cause I’ve also got Eli. Elite K/DEF. The only worry I have is my TE and maybe a bit of RB depth, but neither are that bad IMO. What do you think?

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      I went to ‘players’ in another league I have and went by the ‘projected’. Mayhap that isn’t entirely accurate with where they have players set up overall…

      Yeah, Matt Ryan is my upside play this year. I think he could finish in the top 5. Not going to give a Rodgers/Brees/Brady type of year but their offense this year is geared to sling it.

      Tight End might be hard this year for you in a standard with Pettigrew. I like him but him not being a redzone target will hurt some weeks. I like the Nate pickup. Britt’s situation looks pretty ugly right now and Nate has been good when he’s been a team’s #1 option. It’s good you grabbed Gerhart. Don’t see AP starting the year playing. Overall, it looks like it could be a great team if AP is back and healthy. Kevin Smith really is a nice value play if he can stay healthy. He was good when he played last year. Nice job!

  3. BrewFreeOrDie says:

    Have to agree that I would have no issue with the team you’ve got there. I’m still uncertain why people are so high on Oakland receivers – but I guess if I had to pick one I’d go with DHB. I don’t trust Moore yet, and I just don’t quite see Palmer stumbling his way onto the fountain of youth. I also like the strategy of going RB/TE with 1-2. Kind of depends on which slot you get, but them’s the breaks.

    We just held our annual 12 team draft, standard scoring yahoo, and here’s the team I ended up with, with third pick:

    1 (3) Ray Rice
    2 (22) Andre Johnson
    3 (27) Julio Jones
    4 (46) Darren Sproles
    5 (51) Miles Austin
    6 (70) Matt Ryan
    7 (75) Fred Davis
    8 (94) Stevan Ridley
    9 (99) Ben Tate
    10 (118) Donald Brown
    11 (123) Mike Williams
    12 (142) Brent Celek
    13 (147) Cedric Benson
    14 (166) Christian Ponder
    15 (171) Reuben Randle

    Dropped Benson and Randle for Chicago DEF and Matt Prater. Picks I liked: Miles Austin, Matt Ryan, Donald Brown, Christian Ponder. Not such a fan of: Darren Sproles, Fred Davis, Cedric Benson. I’m fine with them I just think I reached on all 3. Thoughts?

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @BrewFreeOrDie, Depends what Palmer shows up for the OAK receivers. He was a slinger last year and both guys are downfield threats.

      I’m not a huge Andre fan with how deep WR is this year and his health history. Would like him to go cheaper than the second but Miles and Julio should be able to help weather the storm if he goes down. I’m a fan of Fred Davis this year and Celek is a great insurance policy for him.

      I think Mike Williams will give you good value for where he’s going this year. Overall, not bad. You have my QB of my dreams, so I’m on board!

  4. mcbluntsky says:

    keeper league, slotted, keep 3

    cam newton is a no brainer at rd 14

    please pick 2 of these 3

    V-Jax 6th rd
    Jimmy Graham 4th rd
    Percy Harvin 7th rd
    peyton hillis 17th rd
    C.J. Spiller 8th rd
    Roy Helu 9th rd

    thank you

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @mcbluntsky, I’m assuming 10 team and non-PPR. I’d go Graham and Harvin.

  5. mcbluntsky says:

    sorry, this is a 12 team league, .5 ppr, does that change anything?

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      Nah, still the right route in my mind.

  6. S-Quire says:

    I agree, this is close to a dream draft. I do wonder, however, if you took an RB in the 10th and a WR in the 11th, if you might not have been better served. Depends on who would have been available. But of course, any criticism of a 10th or 11th round pick is by definition, nit-picking.

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      Thanks! Gotta nitpick if it’s a dream draft so I hear ya.

  7. RevClyburn says:

    Hey Sky,

    wanted to see if I could duplicate your dream team, so I did a draft on Yahoo, and I got pretty close to doing the very thing you did. Hopefully you like the the people I swapped, the player got picked just before too, they were the next best thing on the board.

    1. Arian Foster (Hou – RB)
    2. Rob Gronkowski (NE – TE)
    3. Marshawn Lynch (Sea – RB)
    4. Marques Colston (NO – WR)
    5. Antonio Gates (SD – TE)
    6. Matt Ryan (Atl – QB)
    7. Pierre Garcon (Was – WR)
    8. Denarius Moore (Oak – WR)
    9. Willis McGahee (Den – RB)
    10. Darrius Heyward-Bey (Oak – WR)
    11. Carson Palmer (Oak – QB)
    12. Ryan Williams (Ari – RB)
    13. LeGarrette Blount (TB – RB)
    14. Dan Bailey (Dal – K)
    15. Matt Prater (Den – K)

    No defense, thinking I won’t even draft one. And seeing as Manning should have the Denver Colts within field goal range often, thought I would just pick up their kicker. Got Palmer and all his options, as a last measure. So how did I make out?

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      Very good value in your RBs late in the draft with Blount and Williams. I personally wouldn’t want to have two tight ends in a ten team standard league so Gates was a draft pick I would’ve rather spent on a WR at that point given how your team shook out but that’s really my only quibble. Interesting DHB went lower than Denarius. Would’ve thought the reverse given the rankings. Solid team, nice work!

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