Let the Saaaaaasage flow! That’s right, it’s the Ditka, Sausage, Quarterbacks and Tight Ends preview show! Discover everything you need to know about QB and TE drafting strategy for 2018 fantasy football right here.

Strong, firm, tight, male, ends are DT’s favorite, and on this week’s show your Superfan hosts just so happen to be profiling a tight end that fits exactly that description: George Kittle. The Ditka lovers also breakdown two of the younger starting quarterbacks in the NFL, Deshaun Watson and Dak Prescott. Find out what to expect from these two yutes for your 2018 fantasy football leagues and beyond.

The guys also touch on a few other QBs and TEs that they disagree on the value for 2018 including: Alex Smith, Andrew Luck, Patrick Mahomes, Evan Engram, Jared Cook, and more.  Along the way your hosts touch on their quarterback and tight end rankings for 2018 redraft leagues, which you can find right here:



Rank DT B_Don
1 Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers
2 Tom Brady Tom Brady
3 Deshaun Watson Russell Wilson
4 Drew Brees Drew Brees
5 Russell Wilson Cam Newton
6 Cam Newton Deshaun Watson
7 Carson Wentz Carson Wentz
8 Ben Roethlisberger Andrew Luck
9 Kirk Cousins Matthew Stafford
10 Alex Smith Ben Roethlisberger
11 Patrick Mahomes Kirk Cousins
12 Andrew Luck Jimmy Garoppolo
13 Marcus Mariota Philip Rivers
14 Matt Ryan Matt Ryan
15 Jimmy Garapolo Marcus Mariota
16 Phillip Rivers Dak Prescott
17 Derek Carr Jared Goff
18 Matthew Stafford Jameis Winston
19 Case Keenum Patrick Mahomes
20 Tyrod Taylor Eli Manning
21 Blake Bortles Alex Smith
22 Jared Goff Derek Carr
23 Dak Prescott Andy Dalton
24 Ryan Tannehill Blake Bortles
25 Jameis Winston Case Keenum
26 Mitch Trubisky Sam Bradford
27 Eli Manning Ryan Tannehill
28 Andy Dalton Tyrod Taylor
29 Joe Flacco Mitch Trubisky
30 Josh McCown Josh McCown
31 Sam Bradford Joe Flacco
32 Josh Rosen Baker Mayfield
33 Josh Allen
34 Lamar Jackson
35 Josh Rosen


Tight Ends

Rank DT B_Don
1 Rob Gronkowski Rob Gronkowski
2 Travis Kelce Travis Kelce
3 Zach Ertz Zach Ertz
4 Evan Engram Greg Olsen
5 Greg Olsen Delanie Walker
6 Jimmy Graham Jimmy Graham
7 Delanie Walker Evan Engram
8 Kyle Rudolph Jack Doyle
9 Jordan Reed Trey Burton
10 Jack Doyle Jordan Reed
11 Jared Cook Kyle Rudolph
12 Trey Burton George Kittle
13 David Njoku Cameron Brate
14 Tyler Eifert David Njoku
15 Mike Gesicki Tyler Eifert
16 Austin Seferian-Jenkins Jared Cook
17 Charles Clay Austin Seferian-Jenkins
18 Cameron Brate Eric Ebron
19 Eric Ebron Charles Clay
20 Ricky Seals-Jones O.J. Howard
21 George Kittle Austin Hooper
22 O.J. Howard Ricky Seals-Jones
23 Hayden Hurst Benjamin Watson
24 Austin Hooper Jesse James
25 Vernon Davis
26 Hayden Hurst
27 Vance McDonald
28 Mike Gesicki
29 Stephen Anderson
30 Antonio Gates
31 Jake Butt
32 Ed Dickson
33 Luke Willson
34 Gerald Everett
35 Adam Shaheen



You can follow the guys on Twitter @DitkaSausagePod and @DonkeyTeeth87. You can also find B_Don’s updated full rankings here.

  1. Chucky says:

    Thoughts on both Carr and Winston? Looks like Famous Jamesis may have learned a lesson with this suspension. I don’t know, maybe at some point he grows up?I think he comes back with a vengeance looking to make up for the 3 games he cost his team and teammates. Could be a top 10 sleeper. He was last year.

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      @Chucky: I think both are nice picks late in your draft. I’m a bit higher on Jameis coming back from injury than Carr. I personally think it’s a little ridiculous that Winston got suspended for something 2 years ago, but such are the times we live in. Jameis has the same concerns he had when he entered the league, but those are balanced by some really nice weapons and his natural ability.

      I’m a little more hesitant on Carr as he regressed in almost everything involved with being a QB last year, but it’s also fair to point out that he was battling through injury the whole season. He lost his red zone security blanket in Crabtree and I”m not sure Jordy has much left in the tank or that Martavis ever gets his head on straight, so, those are my primary concerns on Carr and why he’s a bit further down my list.

      • Chucky says:

        It’s a Super Flex whereas your almost always using a QB as your Flex. Both Winston and Carr appear to me, to be matchup plays behind my #1 Ryan. Carr will be forced to play in Games 1,2,3 because of Winston’s suspension.

        • B_Don

          B_Don says:

          @Chucky: Absolutely a good call in that format. Anyone who will be a starter and has that level of upside can be a nice pickup late given that they both have some negativity surrounding them this draft season. My podcast co-host and I just drafted him 12th round, 135 overall in the Draft With Giants league, best ball format.

        • Donkey Teeth

          Donkey Teeth says:

          @Chucky: I actually have Carr a bit ahead of Jameis. I think him and Amari will have a big year together.

  2. Justin Ralph says:

    Whoever is willing to take Mahomes ahead of all of those guys with proven track records is much braver than me.

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      @Justin Ralph: DT is all in. I’m a bit more cautious on an inexperienced QB with turnover problems.

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      @Justin Ralph: I’m fine dropping Mahomes down in deeper leagues where good QBs can’t be had every week on the wire. In shallower league I think Mahomes is a nice home run play if you wait on QB.

  3. Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

    got a dynasty draft (2 QB half PPR 12 teamer) starting tomorrow, and i’m way behind (do plan to and will read/listen to all razzball info since SB here shortly), where is a good dynasty rankings list around here currently (or somewhere else if not here)? thanks. if no exact list yet exists here (odd if it didn’t though, this is about to be draft season) i could list roster. i’m aware that in 2 QB dynasties QB’s obv go up in value over a standard list, sometimes by a lot. my team in general is RB needy though so my 1st rounder this year will likely be a RB, also i have good QB depth (somewhat, they aren’t all starters), weak RB depth, esp if this burkhead injury is a large thing; a week or so ago it sure LOOKED like i had gained big value owning him still. it’s only a 3 round draft and i have all my picks in the first 34 (10th in each round).

    from what some of the others are telling me you are the juice for this stuff here. i’ll get into the podcasts shortly and your other info (really ALL razz football stuff too) but do you have a “rookies list” (dynasty 1st year player draft ranking essentially). obv for a 2 QB the QB’s are significantly higher in some instances.

  4. B_Don

    B_Don says:

    Hey Joey,

    My co-host and I do a rookie draft at the end of the rookie QB and TE show (https://football.razzball.com/too-much-ditka-sausage-pod-rookie-quarterbacks-and-tight-ends). Here is my draft list before any injuries. I’ll see if I can get them updated in the next couple of days and publish all of my rookie rankings together in a post. It depends where your team is at on the competing now vs rebuilding window how many changes there would be. The 2 QB set up would give them a bump. I think I’d probably slot Rosen and Darnold after Kirk at 14. Mayfield after Wilkins, and Allen pretty much stays where he is as I believe he is much riskier than the rest of the group. We have 3 rookie podcasts (Ditka, Sausage, and Fantasy Sports) I would advise you to check out for your dynasty information as we do deep dives on a lot of guys there.

    1 Saquon Barkley
    2 Derrius Guice
    3 Ronald Jones II
    4 Rashaad Penny
    5 Sony Michel
    6 Royce Freeman
    7 Kerryon Johnson
    8 Nick Chubb
    9 DJ Moore
    10 Calvin Ridley
    11 Courtland Sutton
    12 Michael Gallup
    13 Anthony Miller
    14 Christian Kirk
    15 Jordan Wilkins
    16 James Washington
    17 Tre’Quan Smith
    18 J’Mon Moore
    19 DJ Chark
    20 Antonio Callaway
    21 Nyheim Hines
    22 John Kelly
    23 Chase Edmonds
    24 Sam Darnold
    25 Josh Rosen
    26 Baker Mayfield
    27 Josh Allen
    28 Keke Coutee
    29 Dante Pettis
    30 Hayden Hurst
    31 DaeSean Hamilton
    32 Jordan Lasley
    33 Marquez Valdes-Scantling

    • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

      @B_Don: i was just now loading all 3 podcasts (RB, WR, TE + QB) and noticed there was a WR alone ranking on that one, came back to here to ask about something just like this here, and BOOM nice gift. thanks! dj moore went 1st overall (clock doesn’t start till 2 hours ago, but picks could go early) likely somebody was super WR needy. i’m directly opposite so this is good for me. here’s my roster currently. half PPR 12 team 2 QB dynasty with 5 IDP flexes (any position, so really it’s usually 4 LB’s as their floors are just higher unless playing in a “big play” league which this isn’t. also IDP’s don’t score that heavily when compared to offensive guys here anyway, and due to only starting 4 they are quite easily replaceable)
      QB: rodgers, foles, rodfather, mahomes, lynch
      RB (2): kamara, ingram, burkhead, perine, gallman (we can drop as we slow draft)
      WR (3): k.allen, thielen, jordy, d-jax (TB), edleman, lee
      TE (1): ertz
      2 R/W/T flexes
      K (1) KC kicker
      team D (1) JAX
      IDP flexes (4): r.jones, ogletree, t.smith, trevathan

      notice that even with 5 QB’s my starter depth isn’t great, guys who are backups or might quickly be, so QB’ing is probably where i go after RB. in season i’d tend to likely have 1 or so less QB’s but to end season just in case it pays to have the depth there, plus FA RB were so ugly. last year i went mahomes with my 1st pick (1.12) then got lucky with kamara at end of 2nd round, turned out to be REALLY lucky.

      • B_Don

        B_Don says:

        @Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo: Nice pickup on Kamara last year. It was a lucky grab, but there’s a point in rookie drafts where talent should prevail and Kamara had plenty of that going for him. I understand why somebody would go with DJ Moore as WRs are typically more long term dynasty options, but I think the the top 8 RBs are all worth more than the WRs from this draft. With the injuries, I can see that changing slightly, but I don’t think there’s an elite talent at WR in this draft class.

        • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

          @B_Don: i’m in a completely different dynasty from here, a 20 team full IDP (real life sized IDP, 2 DE, 2 DT, 3 LB, 2 S, 2 CB) wherein i need at least 9 players from real life WAS, and this injury to guice opens up the possibility where i can grab him at pick 20 overall, there was NO chance i’d get him there otherwise. 5 IR slots there. have the TE’s, RB’s, but losing cousins (and it’s not like i want to trade goff or cousins for a.smith) and pryor means i need to nab some good WAS player(s). sounds like he’s worth stashing if he’s 2nd ranked guy this year (and barkley sounds like zeke elliot good area in his draft year, or better with the bell comps)

          • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

            @Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo: and barkley did go 1st overall, i missed the email. it went barkley/moore. from what i’m hearing from you guys barkley seems 1st overall and you’d be silly not to.

            • B_Don

              B_Don says:

              @Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo: Yes, I think Guice could be a really nice player to grab anywhere from end of the 1st to the back end of the 2nd even if you’re in a win now for dynasty purposes. And yes, it would be silly for anyone other than Saquon to go #1 in a dynasty. Even if he got hurt and missed this season, I’d still take him #1 overall in a rookie draft.

              • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

                @B_Don: thanks, i’m done with the RB podcast, getting into the other two, this list will help tremendously, glad i found the dynasty guy round here now. good baseball podcasts too. is jay ok, seems gone since around aug 10th or so.

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      @B_Don: Looks like I’m a little late to this party. Here’s my updated rookie draft list, it’s pretty fluid:
      1 Saquon Barkley
      2 Sony Michel
      3 Kerryon Johnson
      4 Rashad Penny
      5 Royce Freeman
      6 DJ Moore
      7 Nick Chubb
      8 Darius Guice
      9 Courtland Sutton
      10 Anthony Miller
      11 Calvin Ridley
      12 Michael Gallup
      13 James Washington
      14 Antonio Callaway
      15 Ronald Jones
      16 Mike Gesicki
      17 Nyheim Hines
      18 Christian Kirk
      19 DJ Chark
      20 Dallas Goedert
      21 Jordan Wilkins
      22 Chase Edmunds
      23 Tre’Quan Smith
      24 Baker Mayfield
      25 Sam Darnold
      26 Kalen Ballage
      27 Hayden Hurst
      28 John Kelly
      29 Lamar Jackson
      30 Josh Rosen
      31 Dante Pettis
      32 Keke Coutee
      33 Marquez Valdes-Scantling
      34 J’Mon Moore
      35 Ito Smith
      36 Josh Allen

      Good luck!

      • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

        @Donkey Teeth: that’s awesome, TWO lists! great, thanks. found the dynasty GUYS around here.

  5. emart20 says:

    Stafford at 18? Rough, come on man. The dude has finished as a top 10 fantasy quarterback in 6 out of 7 years since 2011. Tied for the most in the league with drew brees.
    They go ahead and draft a stud Center in the first round, add Kerryon Johnson and Blount, and now he regresses to 18? I’m not saying he’s top 3 even but he deserves top 10 minimum given these additions and his track record, and I wouldn’t bat an eye if he finishes top 5. Don’t sleep!!

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      @emart20: Yo Emart! I actually, agree this ranking is a little low. But to clarify, these rankings are more about upside than anything else…they’re made for 12 team leagues where replacement can be found easily rather than deeper leagues where you may want floor (Stafford).

      If I posted an update, Stafford still wouldn’t be top 10 but I’d put him up to 13. I wouldn’t be shocked if he was top 5 either….surprised but not shocked.

      There really isn’t a big difference between #8 and #18 for me. Totally fine starting any of them. Consider the difference between the #7 QB (Stafford) and the #14QB (Keenum) was only about 1 point per game last year.

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