In DA words of DA Coach, “If God had wanted man to play soccer, he wouldn’t have given us arms.”

With those words of inspiration, it’s no wonder DA COACH has done such amazing things. He won the 2018 World Cup without ever stepping on the field or knowing how to play soccer. He once drank the entire city of Chicago out of green beer simply because he wanted to remove all signs of Packer colors from the city. When DA COACH reads fake news, it becomes reality. If you look at DA STACHE directly, some say it has the power to take a piece of your soul. And DA COACH is still, to this day, able to pass the Baltimore Orioles trade physical. DA Coach would rank fantasy football players for us, but it wouldn’t be fair to have all of the rankings in the exact order they will finish the season.

Seeing as I can only dream of reaching DA COACH’s level, here’s my first run at standard scoring fantasy football rankings for the season. You can see other Razzball rankings from Zach and MB‘s rankings. Or if PPR is more your thing, Zach’s and MB’s PPR rankings.

  1. Barker says:

    12 team keeper keep 3 – keep player in rd they were drafted player moves up a rd for each year kept free agents kept in rd 12
    Qb and q/w/r/t flex so basically a 2 qb league

    Kamara 15 th rd
    Mariota 7th rd
    Luck 2nd rd
    Evan engram 12th rd
    Josh gordon 12th rd
    Jay ajayi 12th rd
    Devante parker 8th rd
    Smith schuster 12th rd

    I am thinking kamara ajayi mariota
    Mariota might be a 6th rd pick as he was part of a trade and not sure how the rds will be worked out but i dont think that makes much difference

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      @Barker: Kamara is a lock obviously. I’d go with Gordon as my second. His potential upside from at 12th round value. And then it is down to Ajayi and Mariota for me. You know your league. If it’s going to be difficult to secure a QB, then maybe lean toward Mariota, but in the proverbial vacuum, I’d keep Ajayi.

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