So the country is mostly reopened now. New Orleans has even reached “phase 2” of their reopening, and as you can see in my sub-tweeted image below, folks are really getting out there. The guy in the back right is particularly out there if you know what I mean—don’t look!

Did you look? I told you not to! So there’s lots going on in the Big Easy lately. First we had the whole Drew Brees BLM saga, then protesters toppled a slave owner statue and now Dick’s taking full advantage of phase 2. But in the midst of all this craziness we find one rock: Michael Thomas. The guy just keeps getting better, with receiving yardage totals exceeding 1,100 in 2016, 1,200 in 2017, 1,400 in 2018 and 1,700 in 2019. 2,100 yards in 2020 is logically the next stop. Should be easy enough for Thomas to demolish Megatron’s single season record by 140 yards, right?. Anyway, here’s my top 20 wide receivers for 2020 PPR fantasy football:

Tier 1

1. Michael Thomas – I went over Thomas in my top 10 for 2020 fantasy football.

2020 Projection: 115 receptions, 1,335 receiving yards, 8 touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 296.5 / 19.8 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 239 / 15.9 ppg | Standard Pts: 181.5 / 12.1 ppg

Tier 2

2. Davante Adams – I went over Adams in my top 20 for 2020 fantasy football

2020 Projection: 95 receptions, 1,140 receiving yards, 9 touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 263 / 18.8 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 215.5 / 15.4 ppg | Standard Pts: 168 / 12 ppg

3. Chris Godwin – I went over Godwin in my top 20 for 2020 fantasy football.

2020 Projection: 85 receptions, 1,275 yards, 8 touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 260.5 / 18.6 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 218 / 15.6 ppg | Standard Pts: 175.5 / 12.5 ppg

Tier 3

4. DeAndre Hopkins – I went over Hopkins in my top 20 for 2020 fantasy football.

2020 Projection: 90 receptions, 1,100 receiving yards, 8 touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 248 / 16.5 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 203 / 13.5 ppg | Standard Pts: 158 / 10.5 ppg

5. Julio Jones – I went over Jones in my top 20 for 2020 fantasy football.

2020 Projection: 85 receptions, 1,235 receiving yards, 6 touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 244.5 / 17.5 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 202 / 14.4 ppg | Standard Pts: 159.5 / 11.4 ppg

6. Tyreek Hill – So this is probably controversial since Reek is a consensus top 20 pick and top 4 wide receiver. I admit he has the upside of #1 overall fantasy player and I could easily eat crow here. But these are PPR rankings and I’ll be surprised if Hill catches over 80 passes with second year man Mecole Hardman on the rise, Travis Kelce still in his prime and a slew of other options for Mahomes to spread it out to. I’m also wondering if Hill might miss a couple games per season from here on out. Anyway, feel free to bump Tyreek up a couple spots in standard and big play premium leagues. Or if you just like to swing for the fences.

2020 Projection: 70 receptions, 1,050 receiving yards, 40 rushing yards, 9 touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 233 /16.2 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 198 / 13.7 ppg | Standard Pts: 163 / 11.2 ppg

7. Cooper Kupp – Two O’s One Kupp seems perennially undervalued. My projections actually place him above Hopkins, Julio and Hill, but I couldn’t quite make that leap; the two above feel like sure things. But Kupp was the #4 receiver in all formats last year and that includes a putrid three game stretch where he totaled just 9 catches for 88 yards and 0 touchdowns. Goff and the Rams offense is due for a bounce back too. The more I think about it, the more I want to drink from the Kupp.

2020 Projection: 90 receptions, 1,100 receiving yards, 40 rushing yards, 9 touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 254 / 16.9 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 209 / 13.9 ppg | Standard Pts: 164 / 10.9 ppg

8. Odell Beckham Jr. – In his first year in a new offense, with a QB more concerned about chugging beer than playing football and a nagging season-long core muscle injury, OBJ still managed to grind out another 1,000 yard receiving season. With a rededicated Mayfield (hopefully) and a fully healthy Beckham (maybe) in his second season in the Browns offense, there could be fireworks on the horizon. That or Odell could demand a trade and pout on the sidelines all year. My guess is the former, but there will always be pouty risk involved with this diva.

2020 Projection: 85 receptions, 1,200 receiving yards, 20 rushing yards, 8 touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 255 / 17 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 212.5 / 14.2 ppg | Standard Pts: 170 / 11.3 ppg

9. D.J. Moore – 2019 was a huge breakout season for Moore in spite of subpar QB play. He was the #16 WR with only 4 touchdowns; a couple more would’ve vaulted him into the top 10. Beware, there’s some risk with college guru Matt Rhule coming in at head coach, but Teddy Bridgewater is a nice upgrade over Kyle Allen and I’m excited to see what Rhule has in store. There’s a chance Moore takes the leap into elite PPR wide receiver territory.

2020 Projection: 90 receptions, 1,200 receiving yards, 80 rushing yards, 5 touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 248 / 16.5 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 203 / 13.5 ppg | Standard Pts: 158 / 10.5 ppg

Tier 4

10. Kenny Golladay – The big question on Kenny G isn’t whether he can sing. The guy’s been putting out soothing jazz melodies for decades. *checks note* Guess that’s a different Kenny G. My big question is whether Matthew Stafford’s back issues are behind him. Consensus is yes based on the reader outrage at Stafford’s omission from my top 20 quarterback rankings. But one back injury often turns into chronic back issues due to compensation or whatever. Yeah, I’m not a doctor but I do play one on YouTube. The nice thing about Golladay is that we already know he can produce with mediocre QB play, so the question isn’t so much whether he’ll but good but rather whether he’ll be great.

2020 Projection: 70 receptions, 1,150 receiving yards, 9 touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 239 / 15.9 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 204 / 13.6 ppg | Standard Pts: 169 / 11.3 ppg




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2 years ago

Hope all is going good Donkey?! Another night of no sleep, maybe it’s the late night cold brews, damn you coffee. Might as well throw in my two cents, even though you didn’t ask for it.

From week 9 through the end of the season, Cooper Kupp really saw a drastic reduction in targets. A total of 47 (5.8 per game) compared to the 87 (10.9 per game) he saw in the first half of the season. Less then four catches in half those games, with no more then 65 yards in only two of those games, he was VERY touchdown dependent.

I Can’t talk about one LA Rams wide receiver and not talk about the other, Robert Woods. Who in one less game, had nine more total targets, averaged more catches and receiving yards per game. Also add in that like Kupp, he had a three games total with eight targets, four catches for 69 yards combined. We can’t forget the added rushing bonus he provides his fantasy teams. The last two years (both with the Rams), he has carried the ball at least 17 times, gained no less then 115 yards and scored a rushing touchdown each season.

Thanks for another late night read, look forward to the next, hope you have a good day.

2 years ago
Reply to  Dase

Some more added goodness when it comes to Robert Woods, that I thought I added last night but obviously didn’t.

His second half of last year (seven games), he averaged 11.3 targets (with no less then nine in any of those games and at least 11 in four of them). His first half, eight games, he still averaged a healthy 7.5 targets per game, that includes those three games, he had a total of eight targets. One last note is he only scored two receiving touchdowns last year. Yet, he finished with over 15 fantasy points per game and that was 13th best among all WRs, only 1.5 points per game behind Kupp.

2 years ago

Hey guys,

Sorry if this is not right place to post this. Not sure where dynasty advice/talk is posted these days.

I have team in 12 team dynasty league. I currently have the 1.02,1.11 and 2.02 picks in rookie draft.

My team desparately needs some rb help.

Current rbs are basically David Johnson, David Montgomery and Ronald Jones
Current wrs are basically Davante Adams, Chris Godwin, Stefon Diggs and Deebo Samuel

I am wondering if I should consider trying to swap the 1.02 pick for either the 1.04 and 1.07 picks or 1.05 and 1.06 picks. Guess with 1.02 pick I could get either Jonathan Taylor or Edwards-Helaire.

Any thoughts if you think it would be better just to keep the 1.02 pick or try and trade down for perhaps 2 slightly later picks. If I trade down would u try for the 1.04/1.07 or 1.05/1.06?


2 years ago
Reply to  Donkey Teeth

Thanks Donkey.

If Taylor not there, then would pick be Edwards-Hellaire?

Initially I was thinking if I could trade down from 1.02 and get 2 picks says 1.05 and 1.06 which one owner has then maybe I could get Dobbins or Swift (most likely Swift) and perhaps either Lamb or Jeudy. But I see that having Taylor might be better than a lesser rookie rb and Lamb or Jeudy.

I was thinking about receivers at 1.11 and 2.02 but will have to see if Vaughn still around or not.

2 years ago
Reply to  Donkey Teeth

Thanks Donkey for help.

Only problem with our league is there is no trading while draft underway. Have to make trades before draft happens.

Think it is sounding like perhaps keep what I have and perhaps hope Taylor there at #2. If not, then decide on CEH or Dobbins I suppose.

2 years ago
Reply to  Earl

I’d go with the 1.04/1.07. Should still get one of the top RBs at 1.44 and could grab another, or a top WR at 1.07. I don’t think there’s as much separation among the top backs as others do though.

2 years ago
Reply to  B_Don


2 years ago
Reply to  B_Don

Thanks B_Don.

I am wondering how you and others would rank top 10 rookies? I believe most have following (in some order) as top 10:


Also, u do not see that much difference between top 2 rbs and say Dobbins or Swift especially longer term?