Two weeks ago I detailed my elaborate self-quarantine plans in the top 40 dynasty running backs post. Unfortunately, we’ve finally reached the tipping point here in the United States. Now I’m in day 3 of self-quarantine, doing my part to help “flatten the curve” and protect our healthcare system. But don’t even think about asking for any of my lotion stockpile, you should’ve taken heed to my warning two weeks back. I have countless hours of dynasty rosterbation ahead. On a related note, can someone please explain why people are buying up all the toilet paper, yet baby wipes are still fully stocked? Are people unfamiliar with the miracle of baby wipes? Anyway, while you’re bored in isolation, take a look at all of our dynasty and rookie rankings for 2020 fantasy football. I went over the top 20 dynasty wide receivers last week, now on to the top 40 dynasty wide receivers for 2020 fantasy football:

21. Allen Robinson – Readers last week convinced me I’ve snubbed ARob. I have some sick Bears fan anti-Bear bias going on. So much self-loathing, so much self-lotioning. Robinson was WR8 in PPR last year in a weak Bears offense and he’s only 26 this coming season. He deserved a spot in the top 20 dynasty wide receivers, I’ll remedy my many errors in the next update of the overall top 2oo.

22. Calvin Ridley – I ranked Julio Jones #9 in the top 20 dynasty wide receivers. As long as Julio is down by the schoolyard, Ridley will continue to produce solid WR2 numbers. 

23. Juju Smith-Schuster – You like JuJu a lot more than me, I get it. And maybe you’re right. But I wrote up my JuJu Smith-Schuster Dynasty Outlook back in January explaining this ranking. Can we still be friends with benefits?

24. Deebo Samuel – I love Deebo. Top notch name, plus a dynamic talent in both the pass and run game. He’d be a bit higher on the list if I didn’t think his upside is a little capped in the run first Shanahan offense. 

25. Terry McLaurin – I wrote about Chin Sack Terry in my Terry McLaurin Dynasty Outlook a few weeks back.

26. D.J. Chark – I’m a big fan of Charknado but he sputtered down the stretch in 2019 with zero touchdowns and only 212 receiving yards after week 11. Fortunately he has Uncle Rico Minshew at his service, ready to throw the pigskin over the mountain.

27. Jarvis Landry – I moved the Landryman up since my winter ranks. My concern was a lot of his production may have been due to OBJ drawing heavy coverage, but signs are starting to point to Beckham back in Cleveland in 2020. Landry is still only 26.

28. Marquise Brown – Hollywood’s star is shining brighter than cousin Antonio these days, but he’s still a tough one to rank. He’s only 22 and already flashed big upside in an electric offense. He’s also had issues staying healthy and might end up a career boom or bust fantasy option.

29. Justin Jefferson – Our boy Boof has a thing for Justin Jefferson. In his top 15 rookie wide receivers post combine, Boof moved Jefferson all the way up to his #2 receiver in this draft class saying, “…he showed up [to the combine] over a 26 BMI which was a nice surprise. Then he put on a show running a 4.43 for the scouts. That time put him on the map as one of the “biggest winners” in Indy and now it appears  a first round pick is almost a lock. He checks all the metrics boxes and the film side compliments his versatility, citing that he can win from multiple positions and formations. We knew he was crafty and got open, but we know if needed he can take it to the house.” You might say it was Boof at first sight.

30. Mike Williams – We don’t know who the new Chargers quarterback will be in 2020 but we do know he’ll have a prettier throwing motion than Philly Rivers. Williams has easy WR1 upside and he’s still only 25 this year.

31. Robert Woods – Bob Woods was tickled by the regression fairies in 2019, falling from seven touchdowns back down to only two. Expect a rebound for the 28 year old in 2020. 

32. Adam Thielen – I’ll be honest, I had a tough time ranking this whole group of twenty. I wouldn’t be surprised if any of these guys are top 20 receivers next year. When healthy, Thielen is great. It could be a perfect time for contenders to buy-low, just remember he tends to be an early season stud who fades in the second half. Try to capitalize on the sell window.

33. T.Y. Hilton – Up until 2018, T.Y. had only missed two games in his entire career. Now he’s 30 and has missed 8 games the past two seasons. There’s still upside, but health has become a major concern and he no longer has an elite QB. UPDATE 3/23/20: Philip Rivers has signed with the Colts and will be shot putting the ball Hilton’s way in 2020. Tough to be too excited about Rivers but he’s an upgrade over Brissett nonetheless. Moving T.Y. up three spots.

34. Jalen Reagor – Boof originally had Reagor ranked as his #2 rookie WR but moved him down to #4 after Jefferson’s great combine. Here’s what Boof had to say about Reagor, “After a spectacular sophomore season Reagor came crashing down in 2019 as the TCU offense took a step back as a whole. He still managed to have a 29% market share as a junior and had almost twice as many receiving yards as the next in line. He will impress in all the events and most people seem to be confident he’ll be off the board before the 3rd round. That combined with the bonus of punt return expertise make Reagor a tantalizing fantasy prospect.” Don’t get in the way of Boof when he’s boofing. 

35. Tyler Boyd – A lot of people will have Boyd a bit higher with Joe Burrow likely coming into town. While he finished the season strong, much of his production the past two seasons has come due to shear volume with A.J. Green and even Auden Tate on the shelf. I’m not fully on board the Boyd train yet. 

36. A.J. Green – I really expected A.J. Green to leave Cincy, but it now sounds like there’s a decent chance he’s back. Wherever he’s at, he should be fresh after a full year’s vacation!

37. Michael Gallup – This could be a criminal under ranking of a youngster in a great offense with a new head coach coming into town. Unfortunately that new coach is Mike McCarthy. I think Gallup is plenty talented, I just don’t see the super-elite upside that others see in him.

38. DeVante Parker – I wrote about how I used to like to play with fire and meth in my DeVante Parker Dynasty Outlook back in early February.

39. Christian Kirk – I expected a bigger step forward from Captain Kirk last year. Maybe I was a year early, a lot will depend on the sophomore growth of Kyler Murray and the Cardinals offense as a whole. UPDATE 3/16/20: The arrival of DeAndre Hopkins in Arizona clouds Kirk’s outlook slightly. While he’ll still have a significant role, it’s become a crowded receiving room with Larry Legend back, Andy Isabella on the rise and KeeSean Johnson lurking too. Moving Kirk down 5 spots.

40. Curtis Samuel – The Panthers have brought in NCAA coach of the year, Matt Rhule from Baylor. Great college coaches don’t always translate well to the NFL (see Chip Kelly), but over the past six years this guy has turned around two college programs (Baylor and Temple) in impressive fashion. A healthy Cam Newton would also help. But don’t hold your breath. Unless someone just coughed near you. UPDATE 3/24/20: Robby Anderson has signed with the Panthers which isn’t great for Samuel’s target share. On the plus side, Teddy Bridgewater is also coming to town which is at least a minor upgrade from Kyle Allen. Samuel will move down 5-10 spots in my next update.

Be safe out there folks!