The most logical place to begin my position player ranking is the premier position in the NFL, Quarterback. I have already listed the six players from this position group, if you are interested in reading my thoughts on any of those players, I refer you to my top 10 for 2022 fantasy football dynasty leagues, top 25 for 2022 fantasy football dynasty leagues, top 40 for 2022 fantasy football dynasty leagues. If you roster any of the top six, I think you have an advantage over most of the teams in your league. Prescott would have placed in my top 50 and can offer a similar advantage. After Prescott, there is a gulf in skill, production, and reliability.


Format: Rank. Player Name | Age | Team 

1. Patrick Mahomes | 26 | Chiefs – Went over him in the top 10 for 2022 fantasy football dynasty leagues.

2. Justin Herbert | 23 | Chargers – Went over him in the top 10 for 2022 fantasy football dynasty leagues.

3. Josh Allen | 25 | Bills – Went over him in the top 10 for 2022 fantasy football dynasty leagues.

4. Lamar Jackson | 24 | Ravens – Went over him in the top 25 for 2022 fantasy football dynasty leagues.

5. Joe Burrow | 25 | Bengals – Went over him in the top 40 for 2022 fantasy football dynasty leagues.

6. Kyler Murray | 24 | Cardinals – Went over him in the top 40 for 2022 fantasy football dynasty leagues.

7. Dak Prescott | 28 | Cowboys – Prescott regularly offers top 10 to top 5 fantasy production at his position. Dak is under contract for the next three seasons, and Dallas has surrounded him with playmakers. His rushing game is probably a thing of the past, but Dak is a safe bet to keep your fantasy team in title contention for the next few years.

8. Russell Wilson | 33 | Seahawks – In 2021 we may have finally seen a little Rustel begin to show on Wilson. Russell’s oxidation should come as no surprise after spending a decade in sodden Seattle. Everything is up in the air for the Seahawks this offseason. An offseason flight to a new team, one that plays their home games in a dome, would bring about an atmospheric change in Russell Wilson.

9. Deshaun Watson | 26 | Texans – If Watson gets to play in 2022, he’d bounce up at least two spots on this list, and place him in the top 40. Into boom or bust players? Deshaun Watson is the fuse to spark.

10. Matthew Stafford | 33 | Rams – An awesome arm talent with a great offensive mind for a head coach, and plenty of playmakers surrounding him, Stafford put up great numbers in 2021. Stafford finished 3rd in yards passing (4,886) and 2nd in TDs (41), but the turnover bug continued to bite this former Georgia Bulldog (17 INTs and 8 Fumbles). Turnovers mitigate some of his production, but he’s a solid buy at the 10th overall QB. 2022 is the final year of his current contract, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rams restructure that deal in the offseason.

11. Aaron Rodgers | 38 | Packers – Age is the only reason Rodgers isn’t at the top of the list. It feels weird ranking the two favorites for MVP at 11 and 12 for their positions, but Rodgers or Brady, or both could retire tomorrow, and you’d be left scrambling.

12. Tom Brady | 44 | Buccaneers – If you take Tom Brady you get a top 5 player at his position for one to… hell, I don’t know how many years.

13. Jalen Hurts | 23 | Eagles – Philadelphia head coach Nick Sirianni has found the best way to feature Jalen Hurts abilities, which led to a solid season of fantasy production (ranked just outside the top 10 in standard scoring among QBs) and a playoff berth for the Eagles. Hurts has improved his game, but the same old questions remain about turnovers and limitations in the passing game. Do the Eagles stay the course with Hurts and use free agency and the draft to address other positions, or do they blow this thing up and start fresh with a new QB? I lean towards the former, but wouldn’t fault Philly if they chose the latter.

14. Mac Jones | 23 | Patriots – Can the ‘Return of Mac” do it “Once Again”? Maybe, but if I had him on my team, Jones would be on the trade block. His success in 2021 indicates he is better than his fellow 2021 first-round draftmates, but I don’t buy it, and I’d trade him for any one of them.

15. Trevor Lawrence | 22 | Jaguars – “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent…” Chaz Palmenteri, A Bronx Tale. 2021 was a wasted year for the uber-talented Lawrence. I have dubbed the 2021 season in Jacksonville, “The wallow in Meyer”. I’m giving Trevor and all other Jaguars players a mulligan in 2021. Let’s hope a new coach can turn things around for Trevor.

16. Derek Carr | 30 | Raiders– It’s weird for a Pirate to share his name with an automobile, right? Carr is a great leader, and he sets the tone for the team and sets the expectations for his teammates. The captain of the Jolly Rodger set a career-high in passing yards 4,804 in 2021, good for 5th in the league. He also set a career-high in sacks taken (40), which seems like a lot, but it’s much better than his older brother David, who had seasons of 41, 49, 68, and 76 sacks taken – Good lord, 76 sacks! All of this is to say, Carr was looking to throw the ball downfield more in 2021 and it worked well. Does 2021 represent a new normal, or will Carr revert to his previous seven-year standard of mediocrity 3,500 to 4,000 yards passing and 20 to 30 TDs? Derek Carr is one of my favorite players in the NFL. He seems like a high-character leader who leaves it all on the field, but I’d be trying to trade him now in any dynasty league.

18. Justin Fields | 22 | Bears – Looks a little mechanical, but all the tools are here. The most important interview question for new Chicago Bears head coach applicants: “What can you do with Justin Fields?” Fantasy managers hope the Bears find someone who can get the most out of this upper echelon talent.

19. Kirk Cousins | 33 | Vikings– The confusing case of Kirk Cousins is a great value pick. Captain Kirk has passed for over 4,000 yards in six of his last seven seasons, and his three-year average is 30 Touchdowns and a 69% completion. That represents great production for a player in this range.

20. Trey Lance | 21 | 49ersTrey Lance ranks in the middle of the pack on this list, but I don’t expect to see him in the middle next year. Current QB1 Jimmy Garoppolo will be in the final year of his contract, so it would be understandable for the team to have a quick hook with the middling Jimmy G. Lance will get his chance in 2022, and what does with it will decide where he places on this list next year. I wanna believe. I love the tape, but there is just so little of it. The former North Dakota State star has only played in 24 games in the past four seasons, so it’s faith over the trust with Trey.

21. Ryan Tannehill | 33 | Titans – His passing stats have settled in around 3,750 yards per year with 20-30 TDs. Tannehill has been able to add seven rushing TDs each of the past two seasons, so that’s a positive development. You’re probably not going to win a fantasy title with Ryan, a middling QB in a run-fist offense, but Tannehill makes a great QB2 in Superflex leagues or a top-tier backup.

22. Baker Mayfield | 26 | Browns – Could be a great buying opportunity. Coming off an injury to his non-throwing shoulder.

23. Tua Tagovailoa | 23 | Dolphins – I’m beginning to feel major Matt Leinart vibes here. A likable lefty from a college powerhouse surrounded by the best coaches and skill players known to man, who goes to the NFL and struggles against evenly matched, or better teams. The Dolphins altered their offense to fit Tua’s abilities in 2021 – short passes and a ton of RPO, but the results were mediocre at best. Brian Flores is a good football coach who didn’t think he could win big with Tua, he might be on to something…

24. Zach Wilson | 22 | Jets – The fair-haired boy from BYU came to New York ready for the spotlight, just not ready for the stadium lights. Wilson was advertised as the next Patrick Mahomes, and he looks great in commercials, but like many ads, the promises were misleading. The Jets would be wise to build a strong running game to support Zach rather than ask him to be their savior. Watch for Wilson settle in a bit during his sophomore season and reduce that gaudy turnover total (16 in only 13 games).

25. Jimmy Garoppolo | 30 | 49ersKirk Cousins with more turnovers, or Ryan Tannehill with less consistency? However you look at him, Jimmy G is a mediocre QB on a run-first offense. He’s in no position to demand a trade, and Garoppolo will be a placeholder in San Francisco at best. His limited ceiling and proclivity for turnovers will likely lead to a future of holding the clipboard (I guess tablet now).

26. Taysom Hill | 31 | Saints – Not sure about this ranking. Hard to see a player with his power-running style last a full season at QB. The potential for injury withstanding, Hill’s rushing, and red zone abilities make him an intriguing option.

27. Carson Wentz | 29 | Colts – What an ugly finish to the season, and he is getting buried by the media. This may be an unpopular take, but Carson Wentz will probably stay in Indy. I can’t imagine there is another team willing to take on his contract. Frank Reich has hitched his wagon to the wrong Colt, and the two of them are wasting a great Runningback, O-line, and Defense. I think Frank Reich is a quality coach, but he will have to channel the ghost of Anne Sullivan to fix Carson Wentz.

28. Jared Goff | 27 | Lions – Goff showed a lot of heart this season in Detroit. It can’t feel good to have your former boss crap on you in the media after he jettisoned you to one of the worst teams in football. Goff doesn’t deserve that guff. But going to Jared wasn’t terrible for the Lions, he ranked 20th in passing yards and TDs. Detroit will likely select his replacement in the 2022 draft. Goff looks like a solid “bridge to the future” type of QB. He will certainly have plenty of experiences to share as a mentor: former 1st pick of the draft, 2x Pro-Bowler, and he even has Super Bowl experience.

29. Daniel Jones | 24 | Giants – Mechanical, but talented. Fantasy Managers appreciate the rushing dimension, but the passing game needs to take a quantum leap.

30. Jameis Winston | 28 | Saints– Winston has arguably the strongest arm in football. Accuracy and decision-making have been an issue in the past. Great work ethic and is a solid team leader; Jamies might get one more shot at fame.

31. Davis Mills | 23 | Texans – Seems to be settling nicely. Davis was the number 1 pro-style QB, a 5-star recruit. 6, 5″ 225lbs with a rocket arm and the smarts to into Stanford, this kid has all the tools. Mills put up better numbers than Zach Wilson in the same amount of games (13), and he improved throughout the season, and only threw two interceptions in his last 5 games. If you took him in the 3rd round of your 2021 dynasty draft (like I did), I hope you didn’t drop him (like I did).

32. Sam Darnold | 24 | Panthers – Played well before the injury. Darnold is still young, but he’s been mostly bad in a significant sample size.

33. Tyler Huntley | 23 | Ravens – I liked what I saw from Huntley in 2021. He had a great training camp/preseason and filled in admirably when Lamar Jackson was out. I will wait until after the draft to add rookies to this list, but an interesting thought experiment: where would Huntley rank with the rookie QBs? Would Baltimore trade him for a 2nd round pick?

34. Jordan Love | 23 | Packers – Buying opportunity. Might want to do a price check in your leagues, seems like you might be able to add him for 75cents on the dollar.

35. Drew Lock | 25 | Broncos – I expect Denver to add another QB, so Lock will have lurk in the new guy’s shadow. Don’t count him out though, Drew is a gunslinger with a quick release. A risk-taker might be a good thing with this receiving corp.

36. Teddy Bridgewater | 29 | Broncos – Teddy Two-Gloves is a reliable player and a good leader. He has fought the injury bug his entire career. If he can stay healthy for a season, he may reach his best outcome, but what is that? Top 15? Top 20? There’s just not a lot to get excited about here.

37. Taylor Heinicke | 28 | Football Team – I have been a huge Heinicke fan in the past, but I was surprised by his propensity for turnovers this season. Heinicke fumbled the ball seven times in 2021 and threw 15 interceptions. He also threw away what was likely his best shot to become an NFL starting Quarterback. “Strikes and gutters, man…” – The Dude, The Big Lebowski

38. Matt Ryan | 36 | Falcons – It’s been a great run Ryan in Atlanta, and it feels like we are reaching the end. Matt has two years left on his contract, but at this point in his career he possesses minimal mobility, and he’s lost some zip on his throws. The lifelong bird (former Boston College Eagle) played through a nasty foot injury in 2021, so better health in 2022 might provide better production. With Cordarrelle Patterson, Kyle Pitts, Russell Gage, and maybe Calvin Ridley on his side the weapons are in place for a big season. I expect Atlanta to acquire Ryan’s replacement in the offseason, when that replacement takes place, is up to him.

39. Gardner Minshew | 25 | Eagles – Something something mustache, mustache something, Mullett. It’s fun! Minshew is a QB who throws the ball with good anticipation and a quick release. I don’t know that any NFL team gives him a legitimate chance to be their starter, but this is a 25-year-old who has already thrown for 40 TDs and nearly 6,000 yards; so Garnder got as good a shot as any.

40. Ben Roethlisberger | 39 | Steelers – Not much left in the tank, but his 2021 season was fun to watch. Big Ben regularly put it all together for a handful of important plays in each game, giving his team just enough to sneak into the playoffs. He will likely retire, but I’ll keep him on the list until that’s announced. Love him or hate him, Ben Roethlisberger is a great football player who belongs in the Hall of Fame.

41. Marcus Mariota | 28 | Raiders – Dual-threat sleeper. Former 2nd overall selection in the draft. Former Pro-bowler (alternate, but hey, it counts), former playoff game-winner. Marcus was ranked the 50th overall player by his peers in 2017. There’s a lot to like here. Better health and new opportunity might have Mariota back in the top 100.

42. Mitch Trubisky | 27 | Bills – Trubisky was the happiest backup in the NFL this season. One season in Buffalo seems to have given Mitch a new outlook on football. He’s still a talented player with a decent NFL record 34-23. But, if he’s happy as a backup, the NFL may oblige.

43. Mike White | 26 | Jets – Mercurial Mike was spinning it and looked good in a late October win against the Cincinnati Bengals. The former backup stepped in for the injured Zach Wilson and ripped a playoff defense for 405 yards passing, and three TDs, on his way to an 82% completion, and a 107.9 QB Rating. He finished the season in November, throwing four interceptions in a 45-17 blowout loss to Buffalo. White has the arm strength and might make more of a second opportunity with better health, and a modicum of consistency.

44. Mason Rudolph | 26 | Steelers – The projected starter if Roethlisberger retires. Mason will likely be replaced in the offseason, or at least face new competition. I don’t expect this Rudolph to lead the Steelers sleigh on the next snowy night.

45. Kyle Trask | 23 | Buccaneers – The backup to a 44-year-old starter is always of intrigue, even if that 44-year-old happens to be the greatest of all time.

46. Jacob Eason | 24 | Seahawks – Great measurables and arm strength. Wins have been sparse throughout his career.

47. Jacoby Brissett | 29 | Dolphins – Big-time arm that opens more of the passing playbook in Miami, but accuracy and turnovers have been an issue.

48. Sam Ehlinger | 23 | Colts – Indianapolis likes Sam Ehlinger, Indianapolis does not like Carson Wentz. Sam runs like a Bull. He has been called the right-handed Tim Tebow, but Ehlinger is a better passer than Tebow. Who knows how this Colt QB situation plays out, but Ehlinger is on an affordable rookie contract, so he should be there regardless, and he might get a chance to play.

49. Tyrod Taylor| 32 | Texans – Taylor and Dalton are a couple of players who have done it in the past and might perform well again if given the chance. They will likely begin the season as backups, and either one is capable of a plus .500 stint.

50. Andy Dalton | 34 | Bears – See above


Rookie QBs of interest:

I’ll dig into these players after they have signed NFL contracts. The talent pool of Quarterbacks is not as deep as the cavernous 2021 class, but there are some big fish in 2022’s pond. Carson Strong is a big lanky statue back there, but watching his tape, it looks like he is making all the audibles, hot routes, and protection checks at the line scrimmage – a skill that will serve him well in NFL. Bailey Zappe is another interesting player; check out his statistics. The level of competition he faced is in question, but 5,967 yards passing and 62 TDs in 2021 is something fantasy managers should notice.

Kenny Pickett
Carson Strong
Matt Corral
Bailey Zappe
Malik Willis
Desmond Ridder
Sam Howell

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Aubrey Plaza's Pillow
Aubrey Plaza's Pillow
6 months ago

i thought SEA already was a dome, as it’s regularly mentioned as th the loudest stadium, which would seem hard to be if not a dome compared to other spots that are domes. KC’s often quoted as a top one too i guess and they aren’t a dome for sure.

Aubrey Plaza's Pillow
Aubrey Plaza's Pillow
6 months ago

also, am i the only one who was shocked to see carr was 30 already (31 in not long if that season ending rotoworld blurb about him is right, where i saw this first), didn’t think he was that old.

6 months ago

I’m kinda shocked that I didn’t see Kellon Mond-Minn on this list? Wasn’t he a 3rd or 4th rd draft pick this year? The guy can throw the ball (accurately) and has some legs to go with it..Chris Simms had him ranked as his 4th best overall rookie QB this year behind Lawrence, Wilson, Jones! And Simms has made a believer out of me the past 5yrs or so in his QB/WR rookie evaluations!

The Harrow
The Harrow
6 months ago
Reply to  Derek

if eason is being ranked i’d agree mond should be in here.