I’m currently in a slow 16 team, PPR mock draft with a whole host of the fantasy football twitteratti.  I’ll post the picks and tell you what I think is completely wrong with each one of them, besides my own of course (which are in bold, because I am bold).

1.1 Rubberduck RB Chris Johnson

1.2 @Fantasytaz RB Adrian Peterson

1.3 @fantasysprtsdsh RB Ray Rice

1.4 @realanakin RB Maurice Jones-Drew

1.5 @h2h_Corner WR Andre Johnson

1.6 @FatKat52 RB Frank Gore

1.7 @Chetrazzball RB Steven Jackson

1.8 @RedRum26 WR Larry Fitzgerald

1.9 @Gridironguy RB Michael Turner

1.10 @FSG_BrianJ RB DeAngelo Williams

1.11 @RookieBlitz RB Jamaal Charles

1.12 @FFSpin QB Aaron Rodgers

1.13 @TheTonyCincotta WR Reggie Wayne

1.14 @DanielCondeNY WR Calvin Johnson

1.15 @mschauf63 WR Randy Moss

1.16 @FDC_Mike Clay WR Brandon Marshall

The first round went about like most first rounds go.  Nothing too crazy happened.  Since this is PPR you are going to see more wide receivers go early.  I like Steven Jackson, but I don’t see his upside being any better than 7th overall, which is of course where I drafted him, but I like to at least believe my picks will do better than where I draft them.

The only pick I really worry about is DeAngelo Williams at 10th overall.  He has the talent, but I just see JStew cutting into his production this season and more importantly, into his goal line carries.

Jamaal Charles went early compared to his ADP, but I doubt he would have gotten back to RookieBlitz.

And you know my stance on Aaron Rodgers in the first round.  I ain’t fir it.

2.01 @FDC_Mike Clay RB Rashard Mendenhall

2.02 @mschauf63 WR Roddy White

2.03 @DanielCondeNY QB Drew Brees

2.04 @TheTonyCincotta WR Austin Miles

2.05 @FFSpin RB Ryan Grant

2.06 @RookieBlitz WR Greg Jennings

2.07 @FSG_BrianJ WR DeSean Jackson

2.08 @Gridironguy RB Ryan Matthews

2.09 @RedRum26 RB Pierre Thomas

2.10 @Chetrazzball Shonn Greene

2.11 @FatKat52 WR Sidney Rice

2.12 @h2h_Corner RB LeSean McCoy

2.13 @realanakin WR Hakeem Nicks

2.14 @fantasysprtsdsh WR Marques Colston

2.15 @Fantasytaz WR Michael Crabtree

2.16 Rubberduck QB Peyton Manning

Hakeem Nicks went early, but quite a few members of this group are high on him and his hype machine is in overdrive.  I am also on board, just not quite so early.

I don’t like DeSean Jackson as much as some other wide receivers this season in ppr, but where he went is still reasonable.  Yes, my stinging put downs of others’ picks is not so stingy.

This round followed this year’s fantasy script very closely.  I really can’t see anything that stands out as a steal or bust. My pick of Greene would be a steal in non-ppr leagues, but as it is I think it’s about right, even though I see Greene as a top 10 back with top 5 potential in any format.

So I’m without a top tier wide receiver in a ppr league.  I believe SJax and Greene will be top 10 RBs, but it is a little worrisome to not have a stud wide receiver.  My love of running backs may have leaked over into ppr, but I’m still happy with my picks so far.

  1. Festival Express says:

    You had Turner ranked higher than SJax. Why the switch?

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Festival Express: Because this is a PPR league. Our rankings are for non-PPR. Our PPR rankings will be coming out soon.

  3. Trevor says:

    If these are experts put me in the draft because I have much better rankings than these fools. I don’t care what you think about Nicks I dont think anything earlier than the 4th round in this format makes sense. While there’s not such thing as a guarantee there is alot of risk involved and I trust quite a few players more than him.

    I also though I had nicks to high in my rankings (6th round 14 team) but I guess im not ahead of the curve

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