We move on to rounds three and four of our 16 team Twitter DraftMaster PPR draft or something.  Take a look-see and tell me what you think (as long as it is high praise for me and everything I do). You can check out rounds 1 and 2 by clicking here, or just scroll down a little bit.  Don’t be so lazy!

3.01 @FDC_Mike Clay RB Knowshon Moreno

3.02 @mschauf63 RB Matt Forte

3.03 @DanielCondeNY RD Chris Wells

3.04 @TheTonyCincotta WR Steve Smith (NYG)

3.05 @FFSpin WR Vincent Jackson

3.06 @RookieBlitz WR Steve Smith (CAR)

3.07 @FSG_BrianJ WR Anquan Boldin

3.08 @Gridironguy WR Mike Sims-Walker

3.09 @RedRum26 WR Chad Ochocinco

3.10 @Chetrazzball RB Jahvid Best

3.11 @FatKat52 RB Cedric Benson

3.12 @h2h_Corner RB Felix Jones

3.13 @realanakin TE Antonio Gates

3.14 @fantasysprtsdsh TE Dallas Clark

3.15 @Fantasytaz WR Dwayne Bowe

3.16 Rubberduck RB Joseph Addai

I have been going back and forth on Matt Forte this season, just like every offensive Bear (and usually they are so courteous).  In PPR Forte could completely blow up in Martz’s system, but of course we have to worry about Chet Taylor, who is also very adept at catching passes thrown in his direction.  I like Forte and will be taking him if he falls.  In PPR I think this a reasonable spot for him.

With all the questions surrounding Vincent Jackson, 37th overall is a bit early for me.  I believe this pick was made before the suspension was handed down, but we knew there was going to be a suspension, and there is also the threat of the holdout.  Add to that VJax isn’t the best PPR receiver, even in a full season, and you have trouble.  There is the chance that things will workout, but with 3 games gone for sure, it will be hard to live up to 37th overall.

I am afraid of Addai this season.  Many were last season as well and he still played stud-like, but I see this year as what many thought last year would be.  There is a very good chance that this is Addai’s last season as a Colt and coaches and the front office will want to see if Donald Brown can be the man, which I think he can.

Cedric Benson may be suspended for a few games, but it is all speculative at this point, so I’m not totally against this pick and it could really pay off (if this wasn’t a fake fake football draft).

Yes, I picked another running back.  Jahvid Best is going to be boom or bust, but his boom in PPR could be atomic.  I felt like I couldn’t pass on him and I wasn’t enamored with any wide receivers left on the board.  So I’m punting on receivers and hoping my team can down it at the one.

4.1 Rubberduck RB Ronnie Brown

4.2 @Fantasytaz QB Tony Romo

4.3 @fantasysprtsdsh QB Tom Brady

4.4 @realanakin RB Jonathan Stewart

4.5 @h2h_Corner RB Reggie Bush

4.6 @FatKat52 WR Wes Welker

4.7 @Chetrazzball WR Hines Ward

4.8 @RedRum26 TE Jason Witten

4.9 @Gridironguy TE Jermichael Finley

4.10 @FSG_BrianJ WR Percy Harvin

4.11 @RookieBlitz QB Matt Schaub

4.12 @FFSpin RB Clinton Portis

4.13 @TheTonyCincotta RB Ricky Williams

4.14 @DanielCondeNY TE Vernon Davis

4.15 @mschauf63 RB Justin Forsett

4.16 @FDC_Mike Clay QB Philip Rivers

I almost took Ronnie Brown with my third round pick so I like him 49th overall.  He is a risk, but I still like his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield.

I think his counterpart Ricky Williams went way too early.  The only way he has a season like last year is if Ronnie goes down and even if he does become the every-down back I worry about him staying healthy as the main man again.

I think Reggie Bush’s name in PPR keeps people high on him.  The Saints found a balance that seemed to work for Bush and the team last season and he ended up as the 29th overall running back in PPR scoring and I don’t see his workload changing much.  If it does, it will be a lighter workload because Pierre Thomas has a breakout year.

I will not own Clinton Portis this season.

Wes Welker is too much of a risk for me, but he is a PPR monster when healthy.  If he defies the odds and plays well from week one this would be the steal of the century.

Justin Forsett is my favorite pick of this round.  I was worried about Lynch being traded to Seattle, but it doesn’t look like it will happen now.  Leon Washington seems like he’ll be ready to go, but able to play and able to play at a high level are two different things.

With my first wide receiver I went with old reliable Hines Ward.  Last season he was the 12th overall WR in PPR and I don’t see that changing with Santonio Holmes gone.  He is aging, but hasn’t seemed to slow down.  I like him a lot this season and he’s always fairly easy to get at value.