So a couple days ago you checked out my updated Kerryon Johnson rankings, I mean my updated dynasty running back rankings, and you avoided smashing your computer in disgust? I’m impressed! Now just wait til you see how high I’ve ranked Kerryon in my updated dynasty wide receiver rankings. I can’t help it, I love Johnsons. And football players with the last name Johnson. Alright, enough Johnson talk (no such thing), here’s my updated top 20 wide receivers for 2020 PPR dynasty football leagues:

Originally posted 3/7/20

Tier 1

1. Michael Thomas – Thomas now has three 100+ reception seasons and a 92 catch season in his first four years as a professional. There’s no more stable asset in all of dynasty football. UPDATE 4/25/20: As if there was any doubt, Brees is back for 2020 and 2021.The Saints have brought in a great back up and maybe starter of the future with Jameis Winston to boot. Emmanuel Sanders is also coming to town, he’ll take some of Thomas’s crazy target share but might also draw a little defensive pressure away.

Tier 2

2. DeAndre Hopkins – The presence of DeShaun Watson in Houston gives Hopkins a legitimate case for the number one spot against Thomas. Watson’s rookie deal is up after the 2022 season but all signs point to an eventual extension. UPDATE 3/16/20: Hopkins was just traded to the Arizona Cardinals. I gave you my thoughts on that blockbuster deal here. Short term its a slight downgrade for Hopkins fantasy value but he remains my #2 dynasty receiver.

3. Tyreek Hill – There’s an argument for Tyreek in the top tier, especially with Mahomes slinging the rock. I dock him just a smidgen for character concerns. As a explosive home run threat he also carries a premium in standard leagues but gets docked a little in PPR (reminder these are PPR rankings). 

4. Davante Adams – Might be a little buy-low window here after Adams battled turf toe all year and caught only 5 touchdowns after catching 12, 10 and 13 over the previous three seasons. A-A-Ron is under contract for 4 more seasons and he loves to target Davante. Hopefully his toe is finally turf-free.

5. Chris Godwin – The GodWiener came out of his shell in 2019 for 1,300 yards and 9 touchdowns. He’s only 24 this year, but note 2021 free agency is looming. UPDATE 3/20/20: With Brady’s arrival Godwin may naturally slide into more of the Edelman role. I think it’s still a slight downgrade in the short term, but not enough to move him for the purposes of my dynasty rankings.

6. Mike Evans – Six NFL seasons, six 1,000 yard receiving seasons. How’s that for consistency? Cross your fingers Jameis resigns, then eat your fingers. UPDATE 3/20/20: Tom Brady just signed with the Bucs. It’s strange to think that Brady is actually a fantasy downgrade from Jameis for this loaded receiver core but at this stage the GOAT is more game manager than gunslinger. That said, I’m only moving Evans down on spot, fading Brady has never been the most profitable endeavor.

7. Odell Beckham Jr – Another potential buy-low candidate after battling thru a painful sports hernia injury all season. Beckham only turns 27 this year and it sounds like he’ll remain in Cleveland at least one more year, so hopefully Baker drinks a little less beer this offseason.

Tier 3

8. Amari Cooper – This ranking assumes Cooper and Prescott will both be in Dallas longterm. It’s no guarantee, but I think Jerry finds a way to make it happen with the new CBA. Since landing in Jerryland, Amari has posted a per game average of 5.28 receptions and 76 yards with 14 touchdowns in 25 games.

9. Julio Jones – Julio’s getting up there in age, turning 31 this year, but his health and consistency over the past 6 years has been nothing short of incredible. His six year average is now 15.33 games played, 103 receptions and 1,565 yards. I wanted to dock him more since he’s practically a boomer, but kept moving him back up to this area.

Tier 4

10. Kenny Golladay – Babytron flies under the radar a bit up in Detroit but he’s now posted back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons and he caught 11 touchdowns in 2019. Kenny G’s tunes are about to go mainstream. 

11. D.J. Moore – Even with Kyle Allen at the helm for most of the year, Moore broke out for 1,175 yards and 4 touchdowns, really coming on strong in the second half. He’ll only be 23 this year, just imagine if he gets the real Cam back or another good QB. UPDATE 4/25/20: Teddy Bridgewater will be the Panthers QB in 2020, at least a slight upgrade over Kyle Allen. I’m excited to see the Carolina offense under college offensive guru Matt Rhule.

12. Courtland SuttonDrew Lock’s first five starts were encouraging last year and he targeted Sutton heavily in those five games to the tune of 40 targets. The 24 year old Sutton has the size and skill to become an elite WR1.

13. D.K. Metcalf – D.K. and D.T. sitting in a tree . . . it’s true, I love Metcalf. He’s an absolute freak and came on strong down the stretch culminating in his 7 catch, 160 yard, 1 touchdown playoff performance in Philadelphia. So much culmination.

14. A.J. Brown – Deciding between Metcalf and Brown is like deciding between pizza or ice cream. Can’t I just have both? Brown is the pizza, he hit the spot first with four monster games down the stretch in 2019. But right now I have a taste for ice cream. UPDATE 4/25/20: Ryan Tannehill has resigned with the Titans. He show great rapport with AJB in the second half last season. Giddy up.

Tier 5

15. Cooper Kupp Jared Goff’s favorite target is a PPR stud and he’s finally getting the mainstream respect he deserves. Only concern is his pending 2021 free-agency, but odds are the Rams lock him up long-term. UPDATE 4/10/20: Brandin Cooks was just dealt to the Texans for a 2nd round pick. I don’t think Cooks was impacting Kupp’s target share all that much, but I moved him up ahead of Lockett and Diggs.

16. Stefon Diggs –  He never seems to stay healthy for a full season, but also never seems to miss more than a couple games. He’s been a frustrating boom or bust play but maybe this is the year Diggs really breaks out at age 27. The talent is undeniable. UPDATE 3/16/20: Diggs was shipped out to Buffalo in exchange for four draft picks. I gave you my thoughts on that deal here. I think a change of scenery could be just want the doctor ordered so I’m moving Diggs up three spots.

17. Jerry Jeudy – B_Don gave you his Jerry Jeudy 2020 NFL draft preview a few weeks back. There’s a great divide in the fantasy community. Jeudy or Lamb? I have them close enough that it’ll likely come down to landing spot for me. Regardless, expect both to have very fruitful careers. UPDATE 4/27/20: Jeudy has been drafted in the first round by the Broncos. The only question in Denver at this point is whether or not Drew Lock is the real deal. I think he is the real deal. As far as Jeudy’s concerned, there will be lots of competition for targets with Sutton and Fant, but Judge Jerry might just be the most talented of the group.

18. CeeDee Lamb – Alfred aka Boof wrote this about Lamb when he ranked him #1 in his pre-combine rookie WR rankings, “Likely to show up 6’2″ and 195 pounds, his body type is rarely seen in an elite NFL wideout. That’s not to say he can’t be awesome, but like with many prospects, there are warts. In the end, his spectacular production and high draft status ensure he’ll be a top pick for rookie drafts as well. I don’t feel the need to “zig” here, and will fall in line with many other rankers with Lamb as my WR1.” Lamb remained #1 in Boof’s post-combine rookie WR rankings as well. UPDATE 4/27/20: Lamb has been drafted in the first round by the Cowboys. The fantasy world’s initial reaction to Lamb in Dallas was negative since there’s already two good receivers demanding targets down in Jerryland. But it should remain a great offense for years to come and Gallup will be a free-agent after 2021. Lamb could leap Amari as the #1 option in the Cowboy’s passing game by year two, I’m buying.

19. Tyler Lockett–  Thru nine weeks Lockett was on pace for 105 catches for 1,360 yards and 10 touchdowns before being derailed by a leg injury in week 10. That would’ve put him at 3rd in the league in yardage and tied for 2nd in touchdowns.

20. Allen Robinson – Readers last week convinced me I’ve snubbed ARob. I have some sick Bears fan anti-Bear bias going on. So much self-loathing, so much self-lotioning. Robinson was WR8 in PPR last year in a weak Bears offense and he’s only 26 this coming season. He deserved a spot in the top 20 dynasty wide receivers, I’ll remedy my many errors in the next update of the overall top 2oo. UPDATE 4/27/20: Bumping Robinson up one spot, but also bumping him up a tier. He still has his work cut out for him chasing the errant throws of Trubisky and/or Foles. 



  1. Jolt In Flow says:

    DT, thanks for this.

    You were absolutely correct in your initial assessment of Robinson. There’s hardly a bigger non-Chicago/non-Jax fan of his than I am.

    But I expect about an 830 Yard season, 78 receptions, and 8 TDs. Pretty good numbers, just not top 20.

    I hope I’m wrong for AR’s sake since I want him to fly, but I expect what you see above.

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Thanks, Jolt!

  2. DiRl says:

    Would I be insane to trade Michael Thomas for Mahomes? The only reason I am thinking this is because I lost Luck as my QB last year.

    • DiRo says:

      I should also add that I have OBJ and Godwin as my top WRs

      • Earl says:

        Maybe u already tried that but why not try and flip OBJ for Mahomes but not sure that would fly.

        Not sure I would give up Thomas for Mahomes but admit that is a tough one for sure.

      • Jolt In Flow says:

        Can’t trade Thomas. Not for Mahomes straight up.

        You can replicate Mohomes’ points with other QBs in just about every type of fantasy league, but Thomas is so markedly better than the next best WR, that you need to ask for more if you decide to trade Thomas for Mahomes.

        As DT pointed out, you’ve got at least 2 good years left with Thomas (Brees signed 2 year extension).

      • Ben says:

        Don’t do it unless you’re in SF

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      This is the two QB league, right? If so, I want Mahomes…

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