Week 9 was an eye opener just like every week of the season. Nothing ever goes as you plan. I’m looking at you Darrius, Willis, Timmy, Beanie, Miles, Reggie and the whole Peanuts gang. But we move on and hope we make the correct choices from here on out! Or at least more correct than those other dudes and ladies in our leagues. Here’s a look at some of the news from Sunday.

Aaron Rodgers: There really are no words for how good he is. Well, there are, but they’re kind of boring. I’ll give you his stats and we’ll just warm ourselves in their glow. 21/26 for 247 yards and 4 touchdowns. Oh, and 8 rushing attempts for 52 yards.

Roy Helu: Helu got the start this week and caught a whopping 14 receptions on 17 targets. That’s a goodly amount to be sure. He ended up with 105 receiving yards and 41 rushing yards and a lost fumble. The Redskins offense is painful, but I’m crossing my fingers that Helu has won the job. Shanahan says that Torain will just come in to spell Helu. I’d drop Torain. Tashard Choice was too hurt to play in this game and still has to learn the offense so I’m not going to worry about him just yet.

DeMarco Murray: The Seahawks rush defense has been very stout this season, but they had yet to meet the juggernaut known as DeMarco Murray. He lit them up for 186 total yards, 139 on the ground. It will be almost impossible for Felix Jones to win back much of a position. Last week it looked like it would be a committee when Felix came back but now I’m thinking Jones will be the third down back at best.

Frank Gore: He topped 100 yards rushing for the 5th straight game. I hear that’s not the easiest thing to do. As long as the 49ers continue to play tough defense, which I think they will, Gore should continue to have opportunities to run. This team is as old school as it gets.

Tim Tebow: Yep, I was wrong about him this week. I was worried he might get yanked mid-game, but of course he runs for 126 yards and throws 2 touchdowns. As long as he’s got some job security he’s a worthy fantasy start most weeks. But the true MVP of that game is just below here.

Willis McGahee: 20 rushes for 163 yards and 2 touchdowns when it wasn’t even certain he would play? Isn’t that always the way? McGahee was running with a purpose and the Raiders were trying to kill Tim Tebow instead of playing with any kind of discipline whatsoever.  I’d sell high on Willy if possible, but he will continue to get opportunities so don’t give him away.

Miles Austin: After a nice reception he pulled up lame with that same old hammy. That thing is starting to piss me off. With hamstrings it’s hard to have a real timetable for a return, but I sure wouldn’t expect him back next week. Laurent Robinson will be worth a pickup if he’s out there.

Jordy Nelson: He’s Rodgers go to guy when he wants to stretch the field and that showed this week once again with 5 receptions for 105 yards and a touchdown. He’s the #2 receiver in Green Bay and when you almost never run the ball that’s a good place to be.

Julio Jones: Thank you Mr. Jones. He finally got off the touchdown snide and in a big way with 50 and 80 yard touchdowns. The Colts are just painfully poor in pass defense and with Turner and White around Jones isn’t going to go off every week, but he’s impressive and will continue to put up good numbers.

Carson Palmer: He hurt his real team by throwing 3 interceptions but helped his fake teams by throwing for 332 yards and 3 TDs. He made some horrid throws and some amazing throws. Does that sound familiar Cincinnati? He has a lot of weapons around him and I think he’s very much worth picking up as a backup.

Jacoby Ford: Darrius Heyward-Bey was relegated to one target all game while Jacoby Ford took his place and had 105 yards and a touchdown. the reason for this demotion is unclear and what will happen next week is also unclear. Denarius Moore was also targeted a ton, 12 times to be exact, and that clouds the situation even more. I’ll be searching for some clarity this week.

Brandon Marshall: It was good to see Marshall get into the end zone! I was high on him this preseason and for the most part he has done well, but just like last season is having trouble getting into the end zone. He’s on pace for over 1,200 yards and 90 receptions and hopefully can find a few more touchdowns out there in the wilds of Miami.

Marshawn Lynch: I’ve been pretty hard on Marshawn (kind of like how his face is on me when I’m subjected to it) but the dude has stepped up of late. He’s been inconsistent and sometimes downright awful but he’s also had some nice games including this one in Dallas against what was supposed to be a good run defense. He rushed for 135 yards and a touchdown which I didn’t believe he was capable of doing. I was wrong.

Ben Tate: Damn, this dude can run. If only that scrub Arian Foster would get lost! They both ran for over 100 yards and a had a touchdown. Can’t say I love that Tate is getting so much work, but he just continues to do well when he is called upon and is worth owning.

Reggie Bush: Like Lynch I’ve also been drinking whatever kind of Gatorade they sell to people who don’t like Reggie Bush. But I’m going to continue to drink it because he has just not shown the ability to be Dr. Deman. But until Daniel Thomas can stop sucking he’ll be the guy to start in that backfield.

Vincent Jackson: Jackson went touchdown crazy against the Packers with 3 to go along with his 141 yards receiving. He led all players today with 32 points in standard scoring and wide receivers just don’t do that very often. No more buying low sadly.

Vincent Brown: The other Vincent on the team also had a decent game with 4 receptions for 79 yards. This was a shootout with Rivers throwing 46 times so don’t expect those numbers every week, but he did play ahead of Patrick Crayton and if Floyd can’t stay on the field he may have some value.

A.J. Green: Green’s touchdown streak ended at three games but the dude is just a bad ass and Andy Dalton continues to get him the ball. I suggested on Twitter the other day that I would trade AJ straight up for Vincent Jackson if there were any takers and I still agree with that, but only because VJax is in an elite offense. A.J. Green is an elite receiver in a balanced offense with a good defense which means he’s not gong to get 10 targets very often.  Green is going to continue to put up good numbers and even though he has a tough schedule coming up he has the ability to beat just about any corner one on one.

Greg Salas: Gotta love Salas! Danny Amendola who? 7 receptions for 59 yards and . . . he breaks his friggin fibula. Austin Pettis relieved him and had 4 receptions. He’s next in line for some PPR love.

Chris Johnson: He started off the game with a couple 20+ yard plays and ended up with 110 total yards. I can’t say I was overly impressed.  He still seems hesitant at times and doesn’t have that burst we were used to but he did make people miss and he remains the lead back and that’s worthwhile.  And this game was a step in the right direction.

  1. Van Haggard says:

    Doc, I have the JETS defense. Are they pretty much a set-and-forget option or should I play matchups on their tougher opponents (Pats next)? Thanks

  2. Nick says:

    @Doc: Dump DHB for T Smith or J Ford? I was also thinking of dumping Ringer for the other WR avaiable above b/c in a 10team I need big time players….what do you think, move both DHB & Ringer?

  3. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Doc:best ppr WR p/u for ROS?….Ford,Breaston,Robinson or Damian Williams?

  4. surfmonger says:

    VJax and Julio didn’t just win my game, they gave me me the high score this week. if only I had a QB, I might have had a chance to post high score for the league this season (bonus bucks).

    I’m holding onto Schaub and Freeman. Freeman appears to be more consistent but lower ceiling. DO you like any of these guys ROS? Palmer, Tebow, Dalton, Moore? Tebow and Palmer appear to have descent matchups ROS. If there are doubts, I could carry 3QBs for a week or two to be safe.

  5. DrunkWisconsin says:

    Need some help — So I have brees and newton, and am tied for #1 in my league. There is one team who really wants Brees in , and I want to make a trade. So who is better to have for the remained of the season — Frank Gore, MJD, or Steve Smith. I am worried ab having steve smith and cam newton…which makes me want MJD or Gore. I am concerned with Gore’s injury issues (of the past), which then makes me think MJD. Any thoughts?

  6. Jon says:

    Before Sunday I traded Murray and Harvin for Miles. Feelsbadman.jpg

  7. stumanji says:

    Trade Matty Ice and Jermichael for Brees?

    I also have Jimmy Graham (wk 11 bye), but feel like I could sell high on Ryan after big game. You like Brees as a big upgrade at QB for the ROS, or is this a sign of things to come for Ryan? Backup QB is Tebow (vs Jets on Brees’ wk 11 bye).

  8. amscalone says:

    Have had Rodgers for three years, can’t keep him after this year. Need to either trade him before the deadline, or lose him back to the draft. If I can get the Brees owner, who doesn’t need to trade or lose him, to swap straight up, do I do it?


  9. Anthony says:

    @Doc: With Miles Austin going down again with a hamstring injury my WRS arent looking too good. Right now I have David NElson, Mike Williams, Austin ( who will prolly sit a week or 2 ). With that being said i think im going to try and trade for a WR. Mcgahee just had a huge game and im going to try sell high on him. Out of these WRS who would u target if selling high on mcgahee:

    Victor Cruz, Colsten, Roddy White

  10. Julio Jones and Marshawn Lynch look like dreadlock zombies.

  11. Thomas Pynchon says:


    I am in solid standing in my league but with how things in are FFB I don’t want to remain idle. Looking for an elite WR for the play-offs WKs 14-16) Thinking of selling high on Decker + Helu to an owner of Andre Johnson who needs to win now. Is this a good deal or am I giving too much? Thoughts?

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Anthony: I think you could get White fairly cheap after Julio’s big game and he’s still getting plenty of targets.

    @amscalone: YEah, it makes sense. Wouldn’t want to give him to a contender for this season if I could help it though.

    @stumanji: YEah, I’d do that.

    @Jon: That’s sad.

    @DrunkWisconsin: Well, Gore has some ankle issues after yesterday’s game, MJD has no offense to support him, Smith is the best bet, but I agree that it could set you up for a poor game.

    @surfmonger: I’d probably lean Tebow. His upside is too good in easy matchups.

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: Leaning Robinson.

    @Nick: I’d drop DHB for Ford and keep Ringer over Smith.

  13. gs says:

    Pleasant Monday Doc,

    I’d like to pick your brain a little if I may…but not in weird way…unless you’re cool with it…nevermind…

    I’d like to hear your opinion regarding CJ. I watched the Titans game very closely this weekend, and couldn’t help but notice the obvious issue with CJ…Hasselbeck (IMO). I know that establishing a throwing game stretches the field and alleviates pressure in the box. I think Hasselbeck is a great QB and a great addition to the Titans, but he was constantly looking down-field instead of dumping the ball off to CJ into the second-tier. When Vince Young was at the helm, he was constantly looking to find CJ on a majority of his play-action passes, which given CJ’s speed and elusiveness is generally the best way to exploit his talents. I’m not sure if this is a coaching/play-call issue or what, but CJ has never been a downhill, head-on runner.

    I could be totally off here, so please feel free to set me straight if you no-likey!


  14. anthony! says:

    Hey Doc,

    Some guy is offering me jason witten for julio jones, I have owen daniels and I don’t know if I should it or not. Its a standard league non ppr
    He has gronkowski and miles austin is out for a bit so witten might get more looks.
    I have arian lesean beanie daniel thomas n battle, my recievers are welker calvin desean for now, julio jones and harvin
    Should I pull the trigger? Or should I offer desean instead?
    Or just leave my team as it is.
    Thanks a lot.

  15. Jack says:

    In a 14 team league and need a decent RB2. Right now I’ve got an injured Ingram on the sideline and have been trying to piece together whatever scraps I can find on the waiver wire. Just got offered Reggie Bush for Fred Davis. I have Vernon Davis as my other TE. Would you pull the trigger on this one?

  16. stumanji says:

    Hillis owner all over me for Ogbonnaya, but only offering poopy guys like LT and Decker who I don’t want/need. Would you trade Og for Michael Bush?

  17. stumanji says:

    Hillis already declared OUT vs St. Louis wk 10.

  18. Joe says:

    Trying to trade for Fitzgerald in a .5 PPR keeper league where it’s almost certain Fitz’s owner won’t keep him. We start 3 WR, 2 RB and a UTIL. Right now I have Foster/AP as RBs, Welker/S. Rice/Dez at WR and use J. Stewart as my UTIL most weeks. I have Helu who I am thinking I can use as my UTIL going forward. Try to deal Stewart/Rice/draft pick for Fitz or don’t rely on Shanahan that much?

  19. Randy says:

    Nate Washington or Damian Williams ROS?

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Randy: Williams

    @Joe: How many keepers?

    @stumanji: Yeah!!! Ogbo!!!! I mean ugh. I’d probably take Bush there though. OG is crud.

    @Chicago Mike: Don’t feel good about any of them really. Any chance Jacksonville is available?

    @Jack: It’s not horrible. I’d give it a shot.

    @anthony!: I like it for your team.

    @gs: I can’t say I’ve watched every play, but he does have 41 passing targets through 8 games and all last season he had 56. I think they are trying to get him in space.

  21. Joe says:

    @Doc: We can keep 0, 1, or 2 players. You lose the round they were drafted or if they were held already then you lose a first round. I’ll keep AP and Foster so that’s my round 1 and 2 picks. Fitzgerald would be a first round pick for his owner so there’s no way he holds him as he’s probably gonna have a top 3 pick and has some better keepers. I just wanted a better third WR to try and win this season (I’ll be 8-1 and have the highest scoring team by a good margin).

  22. Alex says:

    Nice to have Julio Jones back. He paid big dividends for me this week!

  23. elwood blues says:

    well, I bet against Tebow, and lost with the Oakland Defense.. I won’t be starting the Raiders against the Bolts.
    Doc, which D/ST do you like this week.
    Giants (at SF)
    STL (at Cle)
    Cle (at STL)
    Was (at Mia)
    or Jax (at Indy)
    In that order?

  24. Colin says:

    Doc can you make sense of the DHB debacle? How is he the best WR they have for 4-5 weeks then not used at all yesterday? Does Hue feel he doesn’t have to play Al Davis’ golden boy now that he’s passed on? I can’t think of any other logical reason why he would be benched.

  25. Scott says:

    Tough call but pick either j. Baldwin or jacoby ford off waivers this week? Standard league..thanks!!

  26. Rocky says:

    Would you trade Mendenhall, A. Brown, and Gates for Fred Jackson? I have Gronkowski as my other TE, and Forte, Murray, and D. thomas as other rb’s. My wr’s are Andre J, Julio Jones, Crabtree, and Little. I am curious if Fred is that much of an upgrade over Mendy.

  27. Fernando says:

    Hi Doc. My leagues playoffs are wk 14-16. Gore (arz, pit, sea) S. Jax (sea, cin, pit). Ive got depth (Peterson, Bradshaw, Murray, Battle, D. Thomas). Although, they have been good this season, I’m concerned about playoff match-ups. So, should I shop them and see what I get offered?
    Also, what do you think about MJD and Mendehall playoff value wk 14-16? Another opponent said he would part with either.

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