You gotta groove. You gotta sway. You gotta flow. It takes a certain amount of swagger (or just Latin hips?) to really pull off the salsa dance like we see above. And yet, spread the word to the masses, we finally got to see that beautiful salsa dance again on Sunday! Welcome back Victor Cruz! Thank you for letting us glimpse the joy, the beauty and the underrated nature of the salsa dance after you played your first game in 700 calendar days and scored a TD in the process. With you complimenting Odell Beckham Jr. and the sterling rookie Shepard (that was fun), the Giants passing attack should be among the best in the league. And would ya look at that, Cruz is widely unowned in leagues as of the Tuesday morning after Week 1.

Why do I highlight Cruz? Well, you can read that below you overzealous, impatient person who chooses to read fantasy football material instead of work! Ok, I applaud you for the priorities. As for the fantasy football priorities of what you’re about to read, keep in mind that you shouldn’t overreact to what happened this past Sunday. It’s Week freaking 1. Do you really think Todd Gurley won’t eclipse 1000 yards rushing this year and won’t score any TDs? Or how about Carlos Hyde rushing for 15+ TDs? Maybe you think Dez Bryant catches less than 45 balls even if he plays 16 games? Haha, what about Matt Stafford throwing for more than 5000 yards again? Well, that may actually happen. Point is, if you’re looking for a boost, experienced an injury, or are simply feeling trigger-happy (chill out) you can find a few names after just one week of football that present enough upside to be worthy of a look in your waiver wire. So, here’s how you work the wire for Week 2…

Note: The threshold for appearing as one of the targets is <25% ownership on either Yahoo or ESPN.

  • Victor Cruz, WR – NYG (ESPN 19.7%, Yahoo 19%) – This will most likely be your only opportunity to see Cruz highlighted here, and with one more solid game, your only opportunity to grab him. If you’re hesitant to grab him you have every right to be; he’s coming off the most difficult injury in football to return from. However, the fact that he waited 700 days between games tells me that he didn’t rush back. And that’s a good thing. Eli has plenty of rapport with Cruz from years past, and having OBJ on the opposite side of the field should do nothing but help him get open. On his TD catch Eli didn’t check all the way across the field and then end up finding Cruz…he targeted him. He won’t be a revitalized WR1 like three years ago, but he could easily provide top 30 numbers, especially in good matchups.
  • Eli Rogers, WR – PIT (ESPN 12.3%, Yahoo 8%) – Sure, no one doesn’t look as good as they could when playing next to Antonio Brown (wait…more on him below), but Rogers was really impressive in the Steelers Monday night win over the Redskins. The rookie was the second best receiving option for Ben Roethlisberger, ahead of Sammie Coates and Markus Wheaton. I’d imagine that WR2 in PIT will be more of a revolving door than a cemented expectation, but I love what I saw in Rogers and in that offense. As the season progresses should get even better, and if his targets continue adding up to the second option in PIT Rogers will definitely be worth the add. Get on him early.
  • Jamison Crowder, WR  WAS (ESPN 2.5%, Yahoo 3%) – One of the more surprising stats from 2015 was the final tally of receptions by rookies. We all know how great Amari Cooper was (and is), but second on the list was the Duke product Crowder. As the, arguable, second option in any given game Crowder should see plenty of targets throughout the season. He’s a really tough receiver that plays well across the middle of the field. After a 6/58/0 line in Week 1 Crowder showed what may become a floor for him. The Redskins are not good, and will likely be playing from behind often. Add that to the fact that the DC Grudens (I see you, Joe House!) will air it out as much as possible (wouldn’t you with Matt Jones as your lead back?) Crowder is a sneaky good PPR/.5PPR option that gets no love. He’s the Theo Riddick of WR: great floor, minimized ceiling, really reliable.
  • Marshawn Lynch, RB – SEA (ESPN 10.7%, Yahoo 13%) – There he is! If you’re savvy enough to catch the spelling of the article title you figured out this was coming. Lynch indicated this past week that he’s pondering a return to football sometime in 2016 and may not be done after all. Well, go ahead and invest in some skittles and go get those damn cleats off the wires because now is your opportunity to add Beast Mode. As soon as news breaks that he is coming back (if he does. Oh, please, do it Marshawn!) this ownership % will skyrocket. Get ahead of the crowd and add him to your bench. Why? Because you could add a potential RB1 to your bench. Or, you could just stick with Shane Vereen or Darren Proles. Or a second DEF or second TE. That’s easy. Hold my diiiiiiiiiii’!!!!
  • Chris Thompson, RB – WAS (ESPN 8.2%, Yahoo 3%) – The path to Thompson getting 20 touches per game is really easy to spot. Matt Jones a) loves to get hurt and b) just isn’t that good. On only 6 touches Monday night Thompson showed his value with two big catches and four rushes, including one in the end zone that resulted in Washington’s lone touchdown. If he is already getting some red zone carries, and owns 3rd down packages in WAS already, he’s a potential breakout player that’s largely unowned. In PPR/.5PPR formats it’s easier to roster him right now, but soon he could be an option in all leagues due to that offense and the other horses in that stable.
  • Jesse James, TE – PIT (ESPN 10.4%, Yahoo 21%) – Will Jesse James win you a Championship? Um, no. He’s no Jordan Reed. but he just might win you a week. When a plethora of TE all finished with similar numbers, you can almost take your pick, however, the shrewd owner will look deeper into history to determine future potential. Big Ben loves throwing to his TE, as we saw from under appreciated Heath Miller for 10 years, and James was used in all kinds of packages Monday night. He didn’t blow anyone away with his stats (5/31/0) but showed he’ll get enough volume to carry a decent floor. Mix that with his size, and the fact that he’s the only healthy TE on that roster, and you have a great replacement for Rob Gronkowski while he waits for Tom Brady to return before making his season debut, as well. Haha, I mean, do you blame him?

And for good measure, Antonio Brown is still the greatest receiver on the planet. Even more so that this happened (in case you didn’t see it in Jay’s post this morning).


Eat your heart out Hingle McCringleberry. Yep, that’s a lot of Monday night highlights, but that’s who’s sitting on the wire. Good luck in Week 2 working it as Thursday approaches! DROP THOSE COMMENTS!



  1. William Hung says:

    [email protected] – Been waiting for this ALL DAY!

    I’ve been talking to Jay about how disappointing my bench was in Week 1. It was expected that my rookies Coleman and Boyd not go gangbusters like Will Fuller, but I also got nothing out of Matt Jones and Torrey Smith.

    My entire bench is: Torrey Smith, Corey Coleman, Tyler Boyd, Matt Jones, and Dion Lewis

    Should I target to drop Torrey Smith for Victor Cruz and Tyler Boyd for Eli Rogers?

    I’m also tempted to sit tight and watch for any panic drops.

    Just a reminder of the rest of my WRs and RBs: AJ Green, Cobb, A-Rob, Woodhead, Foster, and Bernard. I’m in a .5 PPR league

    • @William Hung: Haha, yeah! Love that you were anticipating it. I hope it’s helpful! Boyd for Rogers isn’t a bad choice, because you’re really just looking for the biggest possible boom on your bench. Rogers has an easy path to putting up great numbers. Boyd does, too, but LaFell’s strong play, and Eifert coming back soon, could limit his just a smidge.

      I wouldn’t drop Torrey just yet. It was a bad Week 1, but he should become the #1 option in San Fran. And if, in my hopes, Kaep ever takes the reins back the deep ball could open back up, making Smith even more attractive.

      • William Hung says:

        @[email protected]: But is Victor Cruz a better gamble in this case? Or let me phrase it this way, is Cruz’s potential/injury risk a better play than what I’m anticipating from Boyd or Torrey Smith. Cruz as the #3 option might be better than Smith as a #1 in a terrible passing offense… just not sure how to gauge this comparison.

        The thing about Smith is that he has CAR, SEA, DAL, and ARI all coming up on the schedule. Brutal stretch with the exception of Dallas. If I hang on to Smith, I’m committed to him for the next 4 weeks cause the “tough matchup” excuse is in play.

        It’s all moot if someone takes Cruz since I’m not using a waiver – my league doesn’t do weekly resets, and I’m currently #3.

        • @William Hung: I get your point. The name is rather have is Cruz, but don’t just dump Torrey because of one bad week is my point. However, for all names listed I wouldn’t burn your waiver yet if you can help it.

          • William Hung says:

            @[email protected]: Def not burning the waiver priority this week. But your comment on Cruz is interesting – if I want him, the time is now since one more good game and his bandwagon is going to fill up again. Maybe that’s the route I go if he’s available tomorrow morning. His name value alone is a decent trade chip as long as he’s healthy.

  2. Adam says:

    C Michael or Melvin Gordon ROS?
    JOrdan Matthews or D Moncrief ROS?

    • @Adam: Melvin Gordon (not positive Michael maintains the carries) and Jordan Matthews (easier path to higher volume, and he’s the clear #1 option.)

  3. chris says:

    14 team PPR, drop ajayi for chris thompson? Also if you would how much FAAB$ is thomspon worth if you have any idea

    • chris says:

      @chris: $100 budget BTW

      • @chris: Yes, I would definitely make the switch for Thompson. Ajayi may have a slightly higher ceiling, but in PPR formats that’s mitigated a little. I’d spend no more than $5-6 for him, though, because Ajayi could still bring good value WHEN Arian gets hurt.

        • William Hung says:

          @[email protected]: I’m hoping the dude who owns Ajayi drops him since he’s in the dog house. As a Foster owner, I need this handcuff.

  4. Mel

    Littlecf24 says:

    [email protected]! Love being in your RCL even with the early season loss.

    2 Qs for another league though.

    Deandre Wash or Beast Mode stash?

    Also, offered Flacco Maclin and Leveon for my Tyrod Yeldon and Jordy (Evans and AJ my 1/2 punch). Do I go for gold with Leveon when my rbs are weak?

    Thanks man!

    • @Littlecf24: Yeah! Glad you’re with me! And yes, I’d do that trade. I have Maclin over Yeldon. Flacco/Tyrod who cares. But I have LeVeon over Jordy coming into the year, and this gives you a tremendous big three with Lev, AJ and Evans.

  5. Jedimasters says:

    Please rank these WW WRs:

    Tyrell Williams
    Nelson Agholor
    Brandon Lafell

    Thank you.

  6. Wacha wacha says:

    Must drop one of c Michael or D Henry in 10 team league. Who would you drop?

    Also as a gronk owner is M Bennet the best te to own in case he can’t go out would you prefer D Allen or ebron?


    • @Wacha wacha: If I’m dropping either of those guys I’m choosing Michael. Henry’s upside (especially for later in the season) is much higher, imo.

      I’d go with either Allen or Bennett, but they’re both in the same plane. Take your pick based on matchup. I personally like Allen just a tad bit higher.

  7. Badonkagronk! says:

    I play in a league that awards 1 point per 10 kr or pr yards which has made players like abdullah, locket, and J landry super valuable in past seasons.

    What’s your take on the new kickoff rule so far? Alot of people have speculated it could lead to more kick returns. Do you think good returners like abdullah or locket finish with more all purpose yards or will opposing teams just kick it out of the end zone?

    • @Badonkagronk!: I don’t think the rule alone will determine what teams do. If they believe their coverage units can stop a return before the 20 then they’ll strategically kick it a little higher but less deep. Other teams will just boom it near the uprights each time. I don’t know that I’d negate any of the return yard possibilities for the top options in that cat, like the guys you mentioned. That’s a big addition to their value, and a great opportunity to manipulate the standard rankings people use for value, because they typically don’t account for the addition of those points.

  8. Joe says:

    Lost Keenan Allen , but WW has some decent options. Would you please rank: Will Fuller, Tajae Sharpe and Sanu. Thanks for the help.

    • @Joe: Man. They’re all in a similar tier. I’d go Sanu (safest), Sharpe (Could emerge as #1), Fuller (Nuk gets the bulk).

  9. Ron says:

    Reed or Snead in .25PPR?

    • @Ron: Jordan Reed? If it’s Jordan Reed or Snead, you choose Jordan Reed. That was Snead’s ceiling, and more unlikely he continues this all year than what Reed provides with a better floor. Don’t overreact from one game. If you drafted just FIVE DAYS AGO you would have chosen Reed 5-7 rounds higher than Willie Snead. Love Snead as the #2 in NO, but not more than the only other TE that you could argue to supplant Gronk.

  10. Impending doom says:

    Aggie or Funchess…keeper forever? Thanks

    • @Impending doom: I’ll just spell out my own impending doom of judgment…Who’s Aggie? Agholor? If Agholor, the answer is Funchess. If not Agholor, the answer is still Funchess, haha.

  11. DT says:

    10 team ppr league. drop matt jones or duke Johnson jr for Riddick, james white, snead, or shepard? have OBJ, Jordy, C.J., gio, g. tate, sanders, and a. foster.

    • @DT: Full PPR I’d rather have Snead, Shepard, Riddick and White than Matt Jones. Duke’s on the same plane as those other guys. Given your options, if you’re dropping a RB I’d prob pick up a RB since OBJ, Jordy, Tate and Sanders is a formidable group already, but Foster as your RB3 could turn sideways fast.

  12. BelmarPhil says:

    Fuller, Cruz, Rogers or Tyrell Williams available on the wire. Non ppr. Who would you roll with? I would be dropping Torey Smith for one of these cats. Thanks

    • @BelmarPhil: Non-PPR, I’d probably go with Cruz. I trust Eli’s ability to find him in the redone more than Fuller or Roger as rookies, and Tyrell Williams as a relative unknown just five days ago. However, if you’re dropping Torrey for him, I may hold off. Smith still carries the greatest upside in that offense, and potentially the greatest threat to score TDs of all five players listed.

  13. G says:

    So my league rosters 3WR, 2RB, and a Flex. It’s PPR

    My WRs are AJ Green, Landry, Diggs, Tavon Austin and recently lost Allen.

    My RBs are Ingram, Woodhead, Ryan Mathews, Riddick Simms

    I want to upgrade at WR with loss of Allen and having extra RBs. I was offered Moncrief for Riddick but wondering if should hold onto Riddick with his big first week and heavy involvement. Should I take it? Or should I aim higher for Wr? Which RB would you try to sell?

    • William Hung says:

      @G: I’d do that deal. Even with the big week, I’d expect Simms to outplay Riddick ROS

    • @G: I’d hold tight. I like Moncrief, and the value you’d be adding would be an upgrade over Riddick, but with your team construction you need to hold onto the RB depth more than you do the WR depth. Your top 3 WR are incredible, and the only way you play Austin is on a bye week. However, Riddick could enter your starting lineup in a full PPR (or Sims with a Martin injury) quicker since all three of the RB ahead of him have injury histories. So, here’s what I’d do…

      Hold off on selling Riddick for Moncrief (even though Moncrief is the better overall value). Ride AJ, Landry and Diggs until the bye weeks start. Until then try picking up the hot hand in place of Allen or Austin in hopes of landing a great bye week replacement (or a drop-off from Diggs). This also give you more time to potentially gain equity from the performance of your RB to sell for a much better WR later.

      Can you pick up Jamison Crowder or Kamar Aiken? Both of them should receive plenty of volume to bring a good floor to play on those bye weeks.

  14. Psh says:

    In a keeper league, I have Freeman for $3 and Sammy Watkins for $5, I thought I had great values heading into the draft but now I just wish I had my $8 back…

    That said, what would you do with these two?

    I know “don’t over react” but I think devonta’s job is pretty much gone. Sure he’ll split time and maybe be 50:50 split ROS but I think there may be some who pay up for him thinking they’re buying low. Plus he’s $3 in a keeper where rb1 go for $60… Too bad he’s a rb4 this year

    I was thinking:
    $3 Freeman, $6 forsett, $10 Stefon digs for $48 dez Bryant, $17 jeremy Langford, $6 Charles sims.
    What do you think on that trade?

    Also shooting for the stars and thinking $3 Freeman, $10 Stefon digs for $1 David Johnson

    Watkins seems to already have a lost season with this foot thing but hard to sell an injured player, esp someone with a laundry list like him

    • @Psh: Alright, first…Freeman’s not an RB4 this year. Haha, that’s too harsh on one week. The Bucs front 7 is solid, and Freeman still got the most touches. Being only $3 I wouldn’t sell him if you can keep him for further years. Think about the market: if RB1 goes for $60, you’re holding onto at least $50 worth of value in one player. It’s too good. His job isn’t gone. And even if it’s 50/50 he’s a Flex play AT WORST. And that’s really worth $3.

      Now,if you can get DJ for $1, yes…do that move. But the other trade you mentioned, no sir. You’re giving up too much value with the $ amounts. I’m worried that come season’s end Diggs may be really close to Dez’s production and Freeman’s the best RB option of this listed.

      Watkins injury is worrisome, but don’t panic yet. He’s coming off the injury from the offseason and may need to round into form…like the entire Bills offense needs to do. His ceiling is massive, and at $5, again, it’s a market value thing.

  15. Psh says:

    I can’t imagine anyone wanting freeman or watkins even in a keeper league right now (can only keep them next year and that’s it) but what’s fair trade value right now? I want to dump both. Sure they’re “Good values” but one lost his job after week one and the other is always hurt

    • @Psh: Read above, but Freeman hasn’t lost his job. It’s probably just unfair to have expected him to be in a 90:10 timeshare (which is how 2015 ended). I can’t really gauge who you go after because I don’t know the other $ values, but if you can get someone on a similar ranking from just five days ago near the same $ amount, go for it. They’re not worth selling for $.60 no the dollar, though.

      • psh says:

        @[email protected]: not sure if you’ll get back to this but other “values” in his range i’d consider to be thomas rawls or dez bryant type players. I think id be thrilled to have those 2, granted devonta is a better “keeper” price but I really think that inflates his value (people think they can keep him for $1) when he might lose his job outright. plus i saw that he was limited in practice today and is questionable to play sunday….

        all signs say jump. i think value in my league right now is freeman can get me rawls, dez, AP? (probably not), …. idk who do you think his value lays around? i can’t gauge it well.

  16. goodfold2 says:

    you can’t say somebody played ahead of wheaton, wheaton sat out.

  17. Old dirty says:

    Im in a 1/2 point ppr . The Keenan Allen owner wants Travis Benjamin from me …he is in need of a wr2
    I have
    Qb – Wilson
    Rb – ware, freeman
    Wr – brown, Evans
    Te – Julius Thomas
    Bench – k Benjamin, Shepard , t Benjamin , eifert , sims, Jennings

    He’s offered fleener . He also has Jeremy hill and ryan Mathews. Any ideas on what to counter offer him to try and get one of those rbs ? He wouldn’t take t Benjamin for ryan Mathews


    • @Old dirty: With the WR crop you have I’d do Benjamin for Jeremy Hill. That’s a big upgrade in value since there’s no guarantee TBen becomes what Keenan Allen was. That’s taking advantage of someone that seems desperate. Fleener’s not enough of an upgrade of Thomas to make a trade. Shoot higher if you want a TE boost.

  18. Old dirty says:

    Any reason to hold onto 2 qbs ? I have Stafford and rivers . If I drop rivers , I can get t. Coleman

    1/2 point ppr

    I also have:
    Qb – stafford
    Rb – r Mathews , wood head
    Wr – odb, deZ
    Te – Reed
    Flex – d. Thomas, Floyd
    bench – sims. Michael , John brown , Charles

    • @Old dirty: Not a huge reason to hold onto the QB, but know that you might be dropping a QB that ends up better than Stafford. Rivers has great upside; he put up solid numbers last season without Allen, too. You could use the RB help, but I wouldn’t overreact to Coleman quite yet. I’d rather trade one of your WR (Dez or DT) to get a RB upgrade and move Mathews to your bench.

  19. Blaster says:

    Lose Derrick Henry for Tevin Coleman?

    • @Blaster: No. Not yet. I hold Henry’s ceiling as higher than Coleman’s, and believe the value of Freeman still over Murray. I really believe second half Henry could put up some huge numbers.

  20. William Hung says:

    [email protected]: I dropped Boyd for Cruz without using my waiver, but someone in my league dropped Zach Ertz.

    Here is my bench now: Torrey Smith, Corey Coleman, Cruz, Gio Bernard / Matt Jones, Charles Sims, Dion Lewis

    Who would you drop for Ertz? I have the #2 priority so i’m confident I can get him.

      • William Hung says:

        @[email protected]: No I have Olsen, but I figure Ertz is better than my bench options. So don’t use a waiver – if he becomes a FA, who should I drop?

        • @William Hung: No one. You don’t need him with Olsen on your team. Let his injury heal up and your roster play out.

          • William Hung says:

            @[email protected]: Interesting thought – I was thinking he’d be a good trade chip and bye week filler since he’s supposed to be back before Week 7 when Olsen has his bye.

            • @William Hung: He would be, but not enough to sit on your bench for 6 weeks. You’re never sliding him into the Flex, so fill the bench with flex spots and high upside plays, then come bye week drop the coldest option for a TE fill in.

  21. Josh-NYC says:

    Ahh jumping from the baseball side to the football side of razz.

    I currently have devontae Booker.. Do you like Jay ajayi or Kenneth Dixon over him?

    I’m in a 12 team h2h 0.5 PPR league


    • @Josh-NYC: Yeah man! I’m gonna join JB on the basketball side too! I’d hold onto Booker bet those two right now. He had a bad Week 1, but the other two aren’t going to take your league by storm in the next few weeks either. Watch Ajayi close for Foster injuries, and Dixon around Week 7. For now, Booker.

      • William Hung says:

        @[email protected]: What’s your scouting report on Dixon? Is he worth a look in 12 team .5 PPR formats? Since my RBs are a bit on the weaker side to start the year, I’ve gotta find value

        • @William Hung: I wouldn’t add him yet. In dynasty formats I love him, but I want to see the Ravens depth chart in the backfield sort out a little further as the weeks continue before making a decision on him for this year. Keep an eye on him, though.

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