Are you sick of the bye weeks already? For player safety I advocate for two while as a fantasy player zero works. The early games on Sunday were, how do you say, not exciting…Red Zone couldn’t even make them all work as I paused the games around halftime, ran an errand, starting watching again and after a few minutes fast-forwarded (zoom-zoomed is the sound I make when I do it) through way more than I expected to.

There’s no sugarcoating this week, but if someone was selling a coat of sugar, I imagine it’s a 1990s style pullover starter jacket made of blue, purple and pink cotton candy (this Hornets jacket isn’t far off). No major, major injures though a pending suspension is why we have major activity this week. The rest is depth and if the season thus far has shown us anything, loading up on depth now can payoff later. We’re playing with one hundred real (not real) Free Agent Auction Budget dollars, let’s do some bidding!

Gold Medal (No chance for the USMNT getting one of those in 2018)

Alfred Morris ($31) and Darren McFadden ($31) – Better to have them both but I’d rather have neither as no one really knows who is going to start and then what if it’s a timeshare??? So bid what you have to if you really need RB help and unless LeVeon Bell gets hurt (note to self: it never hurts to add James Conner, alright?) there doesn’t appear to be a guy worth adding that will have as much impact as either of these guys, I just wish we knew which one!

Alex Collins ($17) – He’s splitting time with Buck Allen while appearing to be the better pure running back, and with Terrance West’s calf injury continuing that’s one less mouth to feed. Problem is, the Ravens aren’t good.

Silver (Nope, USMNT not getting a Silver in the World Cup)

Orleans Darkwa ($11) – Fantasy team name possibilities are opened up adding him to your squad; He’s had opportunities before and has done squat with them, though coming off a 117 yard day is better than coming off a day (c’mon Giants, play Gallman!) so I’m a little biased, too.

Matt Breida ($11) – He’s a part of the offense even with Hyde, and Hyde isn’t the healthiest of players.

Bennie Folwer ($9) – Saunders is out for week seven and Fowler just saw eight targets though his QB is Semien while the Broncos do have a very promising next four weeks for passing; maybe let’s just get Demaryius back to where he should be and I’ll be happy.

Roger Lewis ($7) – Someone has to catch passes from Eli.

Bronze (You know, the USMNT could maybe win a Bronze in 2030…but not in 2018)*

*All the following are [Insert starter name here] gets hurt or isn’t healthy:

Matt Forte ($2) – It’s Bilal Powell’s show if/when healthy and McGuire is also going to play; as a Bears fan during the Forte years I’m sad for him. No one said he had to sign with the Jets though. That’s his bad.

Samaje Perine ($2) – Rob Kelley should be back. Also Chris Thompson looks better every week, or maybe it was just this week and the 49ers are not great.

Dion Lewis ($2) – How many running backs from the Patriots can we own?

Chris Ivory ($2) – He hasn’t shown much since he’s joined the Jags (least not that I can remember, any Jags fans want to chime in? Wait, I mean, any Chris Ivory fans want to chime in? Because I assume there’s more of them)

Teddy Bridgewater ($2) – Most likely won’t be back until after Week 9, but why not take a chance a few weeks in advance?

$2 Defenses: Here’s where I might even go $3 this week on Buffalo if they were dropped before their bye; they play Tampa then Oakland at home, next on to the Jets then back home versus New Orleans. Set it and forget it for four weeks. I like Philadelphia as well for a few weeks with three straight home games against Washington, San Francisco and Denver. Also the Titans at Cleveland because Cleveland.

Lastly for a buck consider Corey Davis and Mike Williams. Davis may return sooner rather than later (and after their bye) so he’s a guy to keep an eye on, but he was a top ten pick. Williams is also coming off injury but the season isn’t even half over, and they’re high upside guys going into the later weeks. Hopefully you all out there with 1-4 teams pulled out a win this past week; I didn’t in the one I was in, but I’m not giving up; stranger things have happened. Keep on keeping on!



  1. Adam P. says:

    I am a guy that thinks they should add a 2nd bye week. I think it’d help the quality of Thurs night games, if every team had a bye before they played on Thurs, not to mention player safety concerns. Anyway, isn’t Morris at least a little bit ahead of McFadden? I know we haven’t seen much of either, but what little non Zeke action there has been has all gone to Morris so far.

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      @Adam P.: I wish they’d dump the Thursday game. It’s usually bad, the players hate it, I hate having to set my lineups by Thursday morning. I’d still go 2 bye weeks, I’m surprised the NFL doesn’t want that extra week of TV revenue.

      I lean Morris too, but McFadden is Jerry’s guy, so who knows. I do know whichever one I get the other will be the starter.

  2. DT says:

    aaron Rodgers owner doesn’t have any back up QBs…. looking to upgrade my RB in a 2 flex ppr league.

    current team:
    QB – Wilson, Palmer, Luck
    RB – Duke Johnson, Buck Allen, Theo Riddick, Prosise (Waivers in for Darkwa or Dion Lewis)
    WR – Green, Dez, Hopkins, Crowder, Smith-Schuster, Mike Williams
    TE – Kelce

    trying to target Martin or Hyde, but I don’t know if he’d bite on Palmer. Is Wilson for one of those guys a fair trade? Also looking at Thielen, Devante Parker, or Amari to go full on WR. Appreciate your thoughts!

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      @DT: I think Wilson for either is fair, doubtful for palmer. Going with only palmer is a risk tho, and like u said the Aaron Rodgers owner needs a QB and there isn’t much.
      No moving of a WR? I’d rather not move your top two but Hopkins for either RB are offers I’d make.
      Cooper should be cheap and worth the gamble, the others I’d avoid. Let me know what you wind up doing if you have time.

      • DT says:

        @Phil B.: Thanks Phil! Love the insight.

        I guess I was banking on Luck coming back healthy and gambling on Palmer building off this last game. Those are two huge ifs. Also figured Wilson was the only one I could trade in hopes of a decent return.

        I agree that Hopkins’ value is sky high right now but I have a strong favoritism as I took Hopkins relatively late in the draft (proud fantasy owner haha). I guess I could let him go, but do you think Martin or Hyde are equal in value?

        Was thinking of offering Duke Johnson and Wilson for Martin and Cooper? Don’t know if he’d accept but might be a good starting point. If not, then maybe work Hopkins in there for more value. fantasy is stressful haha

        • Phil B.

          Phil B. says:

          @Phil B.: @DT: thanks! I don’t mind spot starting QBs, but there is a good feeling about having the position set, you know? I don’t love Wilson and he has name value, my two favorite factors when trading a guy.

          I think Hopkins for either RB is fair, and they should provide good value. I’d lean slightly to Martin.

          I like the trade initially to start, what would you give up max? What if they counter Hopkins instead of or in addition to Duke? I’d make the trade from your end either way.

  3. Steve Stevenson says:

    1) superflex league, i have cam, luck and bridgewater. It pays to run even the worst QB out in that superflex slot (I won w/ 10+ pts from Hogan there this week). The only starting QB available are beathard, hundley and kizer. In what order are you putting the waiver claims?

    2) shallow dynasty, 6 pt pass TD. I have Dak and Big Ben. There are about 10 starting QB available. Drop roethlisberger for palmer or taylor?

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      @Steve Stevenson: Hundley, beat hard, Kizer. Absolutely need a qb in superflex, I hear that.
      I’d hold Ben and am in league where I’m doing that over palmer and Taylor. I could see dropping him for palmer if you really want to

  4. Brent

    The Fantasy Dick says:

    Waive Ellington for McFadden on a RB needy team? I have Mckinnon, mcguire, mack, breida, david johnson

    or get Darkwa?



    • Brent

      The Fantasy Dick says:

      @The Fantasy Dick: At some point I just want to start McKinnon, McGuire and McFadden at RB, RB, Flex…Lol and Josh McCown at QB

      • Mordacious Levator says:

        @The Fantasy Dick: dump mcguire/ellington for mcglass and mcguire. mcguire used less than forte even with powell out. that’s only getting worse, not better.

        • Phil B.

          Phil B. says:

          @Mordacious Levator: thanks brother for jumping in, I got caught up last night. Easily dump Ellington and id dump McGuire for darkwa too

  5. JP Morgan says:

    Hey man someone dropped Martavis B in my league where I have #1 waiver claim should I burn it to add him or do you think it is a wasted waiver claim. I like being on top but Martavis seems like such a big name in a 12 man league.

    Thanks bro..

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      @JP Morgan: did you? Unless he gets traded, I’m not a fan. Big Ben doesn’t seem to like him that much either

      • goodfold2 says:

        @Phil B.: he did in previous years though.

        • Phil B.

          Phil B. says:

          @goodfold2: not really, AB gets his, Bryant no where near, and it was a couple seasons ago when he was last decent. Ben’s too old now for me to have confidence in him getting Bryant the ball a lot.

  6. toneDEAF! says:

    I was offered Amari Cooper & McCaffrey for my Howard. What do you think? 10-team Non-ppr.

    QB: Alex smith
    WR: Keenan allen
    WR: Baldwin
    WR: Hilton
    RB: Ajayi
    RB: Howard
    TE: Brate
    Flex: Doug Martin

    BN: Luck
    BN: Watkins
    BN: Buck Allen
    BN: Decker
    BN: D’onta Foreman
    BN: Collins


    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      @toneDEAF!: nah, I like your team. Cooper looks wrong and u have good depth at WR. If it was a keeper than yeah, but if not pass

  7. anonubous99 says:

    So I have Roger Lewis but I do not want to start him. I may not have to depending if Diggs is healthy enough to play this week.

    .5 PPR 10 team league

    If Diggs is out, should I drop James white or Ameer Abdullah for another WR on the wire?

    Best available on wire:
    -B Fowler
    -C Beasley
    -R Anderson
    -A Humphries
    -T Gabriel
    -K Britt
    -K Stills
    -Z Jones
    -M Goodwin

    Sorry, I know the list is long…but is it worth dropping one of my bench rbs for a shot in the dark WR? I am deep in RB as I have Alvin Kamura and Demarco Murray as my bench.

    Thanks a bunch! You guys are the best.

    • anonubous99 says:

      @anonubous99: I forgot to mention, L Treadwell is also available.

      • Phil B.

        Phil B. says:

        @anonubous99: I’d hold Abdullah, but works dump white for a WR. I’d go fowler first, the rest are in the same boat for me. There’s some pluses with each guy, but nothing that separates them. I like fowler more with Sanders injury. I have Goodwin, beasley, stills and Gabriel on some teams, other guys I don’t own, if that helps.

  8. Justin says:

    Trade Brandon Cooks for Doug Martin? Thanks!

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      @Justin: if you need RB help then yes, that is a fair deal to me.

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